The anatomy of a box

The Principal

An Electronic Box is globally a battery for the Electronic Cigarette with good autonomy and enough power to function all materials of vape: Clearomisers, Atomisers, and Drippers. Reserved previously for connoisseurs, there does exist today boxes of all sizes which are varied in power, addressing a wide range of vapers.

The hatch allows you to access the lodgings for the accumulator/s. The insertion of the accumulators is indicated (+ or -). The hatch can be magnetic, can have a screw thread or on a hinge. We distinguish the boxes with integrated batteries. The battery is in the box and is recharged via USB. And the boxes with accumulators. The purchase of accumulators (type 18650, even 26650) are necessary, a specific charger is recommended. The box has a removeable hatch which allows you to insert the accumulator/s The screw Thread is a standard “510” Connection. This connection allows you to screw materials of vape on the market: Clearomisers, Atomiser, Drippers. The switch allows you to switch the box on and off, regulate the settings (power, mode of vape etc...). Certain boxes like the electro-mecas for example, have only one switch button. The outlet is generally female, Micro USB. The outlet can have 3 functions depending on the type of box. All boxes do not have the same function. The recharge of the battery. The “passthrough” function which allows the vaper to have the box connected, which allows you economise the battery. Finally, the USB outlet allows you to download the necessary updates in function with the Electronic chipset. The boxes with accumulators have discreet openings in their shell which assures the ventilation of electric circuits. This aeration has security in case of dysfunction of the accumulator and degassing. Most of the Electronic Boxes have a screen which displays the information for the functioning of the box and interaction of the Clearomiser/Atomiser: The power of the box, the value of the coils. The latest generation of screens, display in colour with tactile technology.

Do you want a box ?

Do you need a small box with an integrated battery to vape in all circumstances?
We recommend :
Do you need an all-day box? Simple to use and Compact
We recommend :
Do you need a box with several accumulators to have more watts and a longer vape.
We recommend :
Do you need a box with several accumulators to have more watts and a longer vape.
We recommend :
  • 24,90 € Rigel Mini Box Smok

    Rigel Mini Box Smok

    A light, simple and performant electronic cigarette for vaping with all atomisers. Functions with an 18650 battery
    4.63/5 134 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 19,99 € GTX One Box Vaporesso

    GTX One Box Vaporesso

    A small compact mod in 2000 mAh rechargeable via USB-C; an output power of 40W and very simple you use.
    4.69/5 140 Reviews
    • Colour
  • Best seller 26,90 € iStick T80 - Eleaf

    iStick T80 - Eleaf

    The new Istick Box! Compact, ergonomic, elegant and of quality. Output power of 80W.
    4.64/5 735 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 28,90 € iStick Pico 25 Box Eleaf

    iStick Pico 25 Box Eleaf

    New Design, Output Power of 85 Watts / 50 Amperes. Possibility to adapt atomisers of 25mm in diameter
    4.78/5 811 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 27,90 € iStick TC 40W kit

    iStick TC 40W kit

    Introducing the Istick TC 40W , the brand new Istick box ! More power (40 W) Longer battery life (2600...
    4.67/5 931 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 27,90 € iStick TC 40W

    iStick TC 40W

    Introducing the Istick TC 40W , the brand new Istick boxwith a USB-C connection ! More power (40 W)...
    4.66/5 1721 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 34,90 € iStick Pico 2 Box

    iStick Pico 2 Box

    A simple and elegant electronic box which functions with the 18650 battery and has 75 watts output power.
    4.69/5 65 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 25,80 €  iStick Pico Plus Box Eleaf

    iStick Pico Plus Box Eleaf

    The famous Pico box in a modern version. Output power of 75 watts, compact and functions with the 18650 battery.
    4.74/5 112 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 39,90 € Limax Box Innokin

    Limax Box Innokin

    A very compact electronic cigarette, equipped with a battery up to 3000 mAh and 60 watts output power.
    4.53/5 15 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 269,00 € Pipeline Pro XS Dicodes

    Pipeline Pro XS Dicodes

    A high end mod with the Dicodes chipset, 40 watts, functions with the 18500 battery.
    5/5 1 Reviews
    • Colour Black
    Out of stock
  • 229,00 € Pipeline Pro Eighty

    Pipeline Pro Eighty

    An Electronic Mod, top of the range, simple 18650 battery, compact, 80 Watt output power and numerous functions
    4.92/5 26 Reviews
    • Colour
    Out of stock
  • 390,00 € Pipeline Pro Eighty DLC

    Pipeline Pro Eighty DLC

    An electronic mod, top of the range with the Diamond like Carbon finish. Simple 18650 battery.
    5/5 4 Reviews
    • Choice Black
    Out of stock
  • 449,00 € Dani 21700 DLC Dicodes

    Dani 21700 DLC Dicodes

    A limited edition of a high-end mod from Germany by Dicodes, with a DLC finish also known as ‘cool coal”.
    5/5 4 Reviews
    • Choice DLC
    Out of stock
  • 299,00 € Pipeline Pro Side Dicodes

    Pipeline Pro Side Dicodes

    A high-end mod with a 25mm connection, 80W which functions with a 18650 battery.
    5/5 11 Reviews
    • Colour
    Out of stock
  • New colors 42,90 € Coolfire Z80 Box Innokin

    Coolfire Z80 Box Innokin

    An efficient box for all types of vape. Functions with the 18650 battery, maximum output power of 80 watts.
    4.67/5 57 Reviews
    • Choice
  • 34,90 €  Zelos X Box Aspire

    Zelos X Box Aspire

    A simple 18650 battery box, powerful and light with a large screen and maximum output power of 80 watts.
    4.68/5 31 Reviews
    • Colour
  • New colors 249,00 €  Pipeline Pro S Box Dicodes

    Pipeline Pro S Box Dicodes

    A top of the range electronic mod, 18650 battery. Compact with an output power of 80 watts and USB- connection.
    4.93/5 15 Reviews
    • Choice
    Out of stock
  • discover New colors 44,90 € Thelema Solo 100W Box Lost Vape

    Thelema Solo 100W Box Lost Vape

    A superb mod compatible with the 21700 and 18650 battery. For atomisers up to 26mm in diameter.
    4.86/5 113 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 49,90 € Thelema Solo Discovery Pack

    Thelema Solo Discovery Pack

    The Thelema Solo compact pod accompanied with the 21700 4000 mAh by Vape Power.
    4.87/5 47 Reviews
    • Choice
    • Colour Pink Survivor
  • 39,90 € Limax Box Innokin

    Limax Box Innokin

    A very compact electronic cigarette, equipped with a battery up to 3000 mAh and 60 watts output power.
    4.53/5 15 Reviews
    • Colour
  • Shop's favorite 29,90 € Gen 80S Box Vaporesso

    Gen 80S Box Vaporesso

    A Gen mod, elegant, compact, robust, and very light. Functions with the 18650 battery. Output power of 80 watts.
    4.68/5 79 Reviews
    • Colour
  • Shop's favorite New colors 44,90 € Aegis Max100 Box Geek Vape

    Aegis Max100 Box Geek Vape

    A strong box, shockproof, waterproof, compatible 21700. Output power of 100 watts.
    4.62/5 138 Reviews
    • Colour
  • Limited quantity 44,90 € Reuleaux RX G Box Wismec

    Reuleaux RX G Box Wismec

    An electronic mod with an innovating and illuminating design. Output power of 100 watts, functions with the 18650...
    4.37/5 67 Reviews
    • Choice
  • Team Choice 49,90 € Thelema Quest LPV Discovery Pack

    Thelema Quest LPV Discovery Pack

    A pack to discover the Thelema Quest LPV Edition with 2 x 18650 2500 mAh Vape Power batteries.
    5/5 3 Reviews
    • Choice LPV
  • 39,90 € Warhammer BP Mods Box

    Warhammer BP Mods Box

    A compact electronic mod, 60 watts for the atomisers 24 mm in diameter.
    5/5 17 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 84,90 € Odin V2 Mini Box - Vaperz Cloud x Dovpo x Vaping Bogan

    Odin V2 Mini Box - Vaperz Cloud x Dovpo x...

    A compact box, simple 21700 battery. Output power 100 W and 27 mm connection.
    4.14/5 7 Reviews
    • Colour Satin Blue
  • 44,90 € Armour S Box Vaporesso

    Armour S Box Vaporesso

    An ultra robust box, simple battery. Compatible 21700 and 18650. Output power of 100 watts.
    4.89/5 18 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 339,00 € Pipeline Pro 21 Side Dicodes

    Pipeline Pro 21 Side Dicodes

    A high end mod, compatible 21700 with a 25 mm connection and 80 W power.
    Waiting for your comments!
    • Colour Black
    Out of stock
  • 45,90 € Centaurus M100 Box  Lost Vape

    Centaurus M100 Box Lost Vape

    The Centaurus box with a wheel switch, single 18650 battery and 100 watts output power.
    4.45/5 11 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 43,90 €  Huracan EX Box Aspire

    Huracan EX Box Aspire

    A compatible 18650 box, robust and performant. An output power of 100 watts, 28 mm diameter connection.
    5/5 6 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 99,95 € Pipeline Box Pipeline x Arcana

    Pipeline Box Pipeline x Arcana

    A high end and compact mod, compatible 18650 and 60 watts. 23 mm in diameter.
    Waiting for your comments!
    • Colour
    Out of stock
  • 169,95 € Pipeline DNA60 Box Pipeline x Arcana

    Pipeline DNA60 Box Pipeline x Arcana

    A high end and compact mod with the DNA60 chipset, 18650 compatible and 60 watts output power.
    4/5 1 Reviews
    • Colour Black
    Out of stock
  • New 49,90 € dotBox 100W dotMod

    dotBox 100W dotMod

    A dotMod box compatible with the 21700 batteries for atomisers with a diameter of 25 mm. 100 watt power.
    4/5 2 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 59,90 € Revolto Box Aspire

    Revolto Box Aspire

    A 18650 double battery box and 220 watts in power. 26 mm connection.
    Waiting for your comments!
    • Colour
  • 29,90 € Rigel Box  Smok

    Rigel Box Smok

    A powerful and light mod with an agreeable hold in the hand. Two 18650 double battery and 230W output power.
    4.6/5 195 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 74,90 € Titan PWM V1.5 300W Box Steam Crave

    Titan PWM V1.5 300W Box Steam Crave

    A mod out of the norm which functions with 2 or 4 x 18650 batteries in varied voltage. Connection 41mm maximum.
    4.79/5 138 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 92,90 € DotBox 220W Dotmod

    DotBox 220W Dotmod

    A light box in anodized alu which functions with 2 x 18650 batteries, ergonomic and design.
    4.68/5 80 Reviews
    • Colour
  • Shop's favorite 29,90 € iStick Power 2 Box Eleaf

    iStick Power 2 Box Eleaf

    An electronic box of 80 watts of power and battery of 5000 mAh, rechargeable in USB-C.
    4.64/5 423 Reviews
    • Colour
  • Best seller New colors 51,90 € Aegis Legend 2 Box Geek Vape

    Aegis Legend 2 Box Geek Vape

    Waterproof and powerful mod, 200 watts, 2 x 18650 batteries. Resistive to shocks and dust. USB-C connection.
    4.76/5 356 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 49,90 € Profile Squonk Box Wotofo

    Profile Squonk Box Wotofo

    An electronic mod which can be used in BF or even with 2 x 18650 batteries. Power of 80 or 200 watts.
    4.35/5 23 Reviews
    • Colour
  • New colors 45,90 € Target 200 Box Vaporesso

    Target 200 Box Vaporesso

    A modern mod, compact and powerful. Function with 2 x 18650 batteries. Powerful 220 watts.
    4.72/5 74 Reviews
    • Colour
  • Shop's favorite New colors 39,90 € Gen 200 Box Vaporesso

    Gen 200 Box Vaporesso

    A 18650 double battery mod, ultra light and robust with an output power of 220 watts.
    4.85/5 129 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 399,00 € XOne XVault Box

    XOne XVault Box

    A 1865 double battery, high-end mod. Chipset and XBoard potentiometer, output power of 200 watts max.
    5/5 1 Reviews
    • Choice Grey Silver Phoenix Red
  • 66,90 € Aegis Touch T200 Box Geek Vape

    Aegis Touch T200 Box Geek Vape

    A waterproof mod, 18650 double battery and large tactile screen. Output power of 200 watts.
    4.68/5 68 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 57,90 € Aegis L200 Classic Box Geekvape

    Aegis L200 Classic Box Geekvape

    A robust and solid mod which functions with the 2 x 21700 batteries. 200 watts.
    4.87/5 55 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 59,90 € Hell200 Box Hellvape

    Hell200 Box Hellvape

    A box in light alu, 2 x 18650 batteries and output power of 200W. 28mm diameter connection.
    4.11/5 9 Reviews
    • Colour
  • Shop's favorite New colors 59,90 € Centaurus M200 Box Lost Vape

    Centaurus M200 Box Lost Vape

    A double 18650 mod with a thunderous design by Lost Vape. For all atomisers with a diameter of 26 mm.
    4.88/5 66 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 82,90 € Aegis L200 Classic Discovery Pack

    Aegis L200 Classic Discovery Pack

    A pack with the Aegis L200 Classic by Geek Vape, 2 x 21700 Vape Power batteries and C2 E-Cig Power charger.
    5/5 5 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 45,90 € Thelema Quest LPV Edition Box

    Thelema Quest LPV Edition Box

    The Thelema Quest box has an LPV design, a double battery mod (18650) for an output power of 200 watts.
    4.5/5 4 Reviews
    • Colour LPV Color
  • 47,90 € Z200 Geek Vape Box

    Z200 Geek Vape Box

    A beautiful strong box, 2 x 18650 batteries. 2.4-inch coloured screen, smart mode and 200 watt output power.
    4.88/5 26 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 49,90 € Pulse V3 BF Box Vandy Vape

    Pulse V3 BF Box Vandy Vape

    A BF light mod, compact and 21700 compatible. New BF bottle in 7.8 ml. Output power of 95 watts.
    4.61/5 28 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 99,90 € Hadron 220W Box Steam Crave

    Hadron 220W Box Steam Crave

    Powerful box for double 21700 batteries and 220 watts, Yihi SX490 chipset. Compatible with the 18650 batteries.
    4.6/5 5 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 57,90 € Armour Max Box Vaporesso

    Armour Max Box Vaporesso

    A strong and reinforced box, double battery 21700 and output power of 220W. 28 mm in connection.
    4.89/5 9 Reviews
    • Colour
  • New colors 129,90 € Hammer of God 400 Box Vaperz Cloud

    Hammer of God 400 Box Vaperz Cloud

    An overpowering mod for a maximum of 400 watts, 4 x 18650 batteries for atomisers 40 mm maximum.
    5/5 5 Reviews
    • Colour
    Out of stock
  • 34,90 € Erato 230 Box Smoktech

    Erato 230 Box Smoktech

    A strong box, double battery 21700 or 18650 for good autonomy. 30 mm connection maximum.
    4.77/5 13 Reviews
    • Colour
  • 139,90 € Hammer of God 400 Shinobi Box Vaperz Cloud

    Hammer of God 400 Shinobi Box Vaperz Cloud

    A 4 battery box by Vaperz Cloud in the Shinobi version. Powerful with 400 watts !
    5/5 3 Reviews
    • Colour
    Out of stock
  • discover 39,90 € Centaurus P200 Box Lost Vape

    Centaurus P200 Box Lost Vape

    An electronic mod with a potentiometer, 200 watts power, double battery 18650.
    5/5 4 Reviews
    • Colour
  • discover 54,90 € Aegis Legend 3 Box Geekvape

    Aegis Legend 3 Box Geekvape

    A 18650 double battery box, 18650 double battery with 200 watts. Auto mod unlock.
    4.4/5 5 Reviews
    • Colour
Learn more

Why buy an Electronic Cigarette Box?

The need for an electronic box depends on if you wish to vaporise for a long time, so therefore to have autonomy is very important and to have more power for more vapor. The box offers the advantage of a good hold in the hand and fast recharge.

For amateurs of settings, the electronic box can offer different modes of vape, allowing you to use different systems of vaporisation: Temperature Control, TCR, Bypass, etc. The boxes have evolved over time and have become much easier to master. They are no longer reserved for connoisseurs and have become very popular.

A real 4 x 4 of vape, the electronic mod box allows your clearomiser to express all of its potential.  Le Petit Vapoteur propose a complete range, with various designs so you can differentiate the boxes and place on value your atomiser.

Which Electronic Box to choose?

When you want to replace a battery with an electronic box, the question is asked on the required model. The market proposes a multitude of electronic boxes and models. An offer which is quite rich where you can lose track of time. We propose a small Guide to the electronic box and electronic mod boxes, so you will be able to easily find Which Mod Box or Electronic Box to choose!

1.The Electronic Box Family:

Generally, in the rectangular form, the name of the box, there exists a large choice of models in all shapes, sizes and forms. Above the esthetics, the boxes differentiate by the source of energy: An electronic box can contain a built-in-battery or even 1 or more replaceable batteries.

 The electronic boxes can be categorised in 4 families:

  • Small, simple and economy box

In this category, we find the mini boxes, ultra-compact and simple to use with an output power which does not generally surpass 40 Watts. An output power of 40 watts allows the utilisation of reconstructable clearomisers and atomisers with coils inclusive of 0.50 ohms and above. The electronic box recharges with the USB Cable (generally supplied). It is most often with the smaller models that we can vape for many hours using the Classic Vape. Simple to use, the mini box is perfectly convenient for followers of the Classic Vape (between 10 to 20 W). On the other hand, the autonomy can be braked for the daily utilisation in Sub-ohm (between 30 to 40W).

  • Simple but powerful box:

In this category, we find the larger boxes with a built-in-battery or with 1 Battery. These types of boxes are of good choice as they dispose more output power and autonomy. These electronic boxes are polyvalent. They practice all modes of vape (Power/TC/TCR) and accept in total, clearomisers and reconstructable material. With an output power around 70 Watts and an autonomy level superior of 3000 mAh, they can be easily used with sub-ohm material (<1.0 Ohms). Of course, they offer a number of functions, whilst the box remains simple to use. It is perfectly convenient for vapers in search of autonomy and a polyvalent vape.

  • Powerful Box for more vapor and a longer vape:

This type of vape demands good batteries and a lot of energy. A box imposing double batteries (or more) is an appropriate choice which allows the vaper to vape longer. It disposes of a number of functions which imperatively requires the vaper to read the instructions/notice. Therefore, a vape in classic (VW, Watts, Power) this type of Mod electronic box does not impose any technical difficulties. The Electro Meca boxes (generally without a screen) requires competence of reconstructable material (atomisers and drippers).

  •  Bottom Feeder boxes

The “Bottom Feeder” material is constituted of a box and atomiser, type dripper. The particularity of the box is that it contains a flexible vial for e-liquid which is effectuated by the pressure of the hand, feeding the dripper connected to the box. This technique used, feeding of e-liquid avoids de-mounting the dripper so it can be nourished with e-liquid. If all atomisers and clearomisers could function perfectly with a BF Box, they can only supply e-liquid to the BF drippers with a BF connection.


2.  Which Electronic Box is for you?

YOUR electronic box should be a battery which meets your needs in power and autonomy. Everything depends on your needs and what you expect. As well as the frequency of daily vape determines the need for autonomy. More you vape, more you will need autonomy. The autonomy, expressed in mAh (milliampere-hour), determines the time during the use of your mod electronic box, before the need to recharge or replace the battery.

Your <type of vape> is also a very important factor. Following the system of vaporisation used, your need for power will be very different. Certain clearomisers express the potential of 80 Watts when for others no more than 10 to 15 Watts are necessary. The power of the electronic box is expressed in Watts. More the box has watts, more the box has increased output power. If in any case you use a clearomisers with a coil inferior of 1 ohm (we are talking vape in sub ohm) for more vapor, you will need power. This power needs energy so if you do wish to vape for a longtime, you will need an electronic box with good autonomy.

Your type of vape:

  • Classic Vape: I am searching for a good sensation in the throat and privileged for a good render of flavours rather than large production of vape. I vape in indirect inhaling (the vape for the moment remains in the mouth before rejoining the lungs) I vape using a coil in the clearomiser superior of 1.0 Ohm with an output power between 10 to 30 Watts.
  • Sub Ohm Vape: I am searching for a large production of vape. I vape oftenly in direct inhaling (the vapor passes directly into the lungs) with a clearomiser dotted of a coil inferior of 1.0 Ohm and an output power between 30 to 70 Watts.
  • Intense Vape: I vape for a longtime in direct inhaling using a reconstructable clearomiser dotted with a homemade coil close enough to 0 than 1.0 ohm with an output power superior of 70 Watts.

Your frequency of utilisation:

  • Occasional Vaper: I vape on certain occasions (nights out, breaks, etc...) to replace the lack of nicotine.
  • Moderate Vaper: I vape all day with indirect inhaling (from the mouth to mungs) and sometimes direct inhaling (direct to the lungs).
  • Heavy Vaper: I vape all day in an intense manner, mainly in direct inhaling.

  You are looking for:

  • A Box which is easy to use
  • Discretion
  • In priority, autonomy for an all-day vape, in complete serenity without having to recharge
  • Power for utilisation in sub ohm
  • A fully configurable box

Recommended boxes for occasional vapers

I am an occasional vaper: I vape only on certain occasions (nights out, breaks etc...). I privilege a good sensation in the throat rather than large production of vape. I need an electronic box which is compact and simple. The mini boxes with a built-in-battery can be satisfactory. Very simple with a reduced size and very discreet. They are compatible as a whole with all clearomisers and entirely protected. They can be recharged via the USB cable. In this category we find numerous brands and models: Target Mini by Vaporesso, Reuleaux RX Mini by Wismec, the Istick TC by Eleaf aswell as the IPower Nano (the most smallest!).

Recommended boxes for moderate vapers

I am a moderate vaper: I vape all day in indirect inhaling (mouth to lungs) and sometimes direct (directly to the lungs). I need an electronic box which charges rapidly and in search of a box which is polyvalent and has good autonomy. The boxes with a battery are the well-known boxes which have proven in terms of reliability and efficiency. The size is reduced and the hold in the hand is fast and intuitive. Amongst the great names we find the box  Alien AL85 by Smoktech,Pico  by Eleaf (the Pico Mega model with a 26650 battery and more autonomy), the  Evic VTwo Mini box by Joyetech, the Petite Box by Vaponaute and the Nebula by Vaporesso.

Recommended boxes for heavy vapers

I am a heavy vaper: I frequently vape in direct inhaling (direct vape to lungs). I like to create vapor, the need for power and autonomy for sub ohm and cloud chasing. The boxes with multi batteries are indicated for this use. In this category, boxes with multi batteries, the double batteries (18650) are well known with: Alien 220W Box by Smoktech, Tarot Pro by Vaporesso. Wismec propose an electronic mod box, triple batteries which can transform to double batteries: The Reuleaux RX 2/3. For boxes with great autonomy we find the Lux  with two batteries (26650) by Ijoy and the Reuleaux RX 300 with 4 batteries by Wismec. There does exists a new generation of double battery and tactile screen box : the G-Priv by Smoktech, Minikin  V2 by Asmodus, Tesla Touch by Teslacigs. All the boxes have battery protection secures them and requires the use of unmatched and good condition batteries.

Recommended boxes for expert vapers

I am an expert vaper: I love to try all types of vape, set my boxes and create my own coils. I am searching a mod electronic expert box. In this category, we find the models with DNA or Dicodes chipsets which are fully configurable. The following are ideal for the vaper which likes control and personalisation  of extreme boxes: Therion DNA, Tuglyfe DNA200, from the range Pipeline Pro by Dicodes, the range SX Mini by Yihi. We can equally find the top of the range electro meca models without a screen, which gives a powerful vape. These boxes are protected, but require control of reconstructable material: Tesla Invader 3 by Teslacigs, the boxes Surric by Surric Vapes and Viking Vap V2 by Viking Vapes.

 What is an Electronic Box composed of?

The Box:

The form and the size of the box varies in function of the model. The boxes are oftenly fabricated in Stainless Steel but we can find Zinc Alloys or recommended Aluminium, for lightness. The clothing of the electronic box can equally be varied (silicone, carbon fiber).

The Connection:

The connection of the electronic box or the mod electronic box allows you to vise your clearomiser or reconstructable material (atomiser, dipper). The connection of the boxes has a standard screw thread for the perfect compatibility with all material. We talk of the <510 connection>. The manufactures have chosen material with excellent conductivity to ameliorate the connectivity. A connection can be Gold Plated or in Silver. It can equally be in Copper. The connection can also be spring mounted to fit the clearomiser/atomiser pin.

The Battery:

We distinguish the boxes with built-in-batteries. The battery in the box is recharged via USB, also boxes with batteries. The purchase of batteries (18650, 26650) are necessary, a specific charger is equally recommended. The box possesses of a sliding hatch which allows the insertion of the battery/batteries.

The Switches:

The switches allow you to start the box and regulate the settings (power, vape mode, etc...). Certain boxes like the electro mecas for example, do not have a start switch.

The Screen:

Most of the electronic boxes have screens which show all the necessary functions of the box by interacting with the clearomiser/atomiser: The power of the box, the value of the coil. The latest generation of screens appear in colour and tactile technology.

The Aeration:

The boxes with batteries have discreet openings in the shell which assures ventilation in the electronic circuits. This aeration is equally secured in case of any dysfunction with the battery and degassing.

The USB Catch:

The catch is equally a female micro USB catch. The catch can have 3 functions depending on the type of electronic box. All the boxes do not have this function. The re-charging of the battery. The <Pass-through> function allows you to vape with the box connected. This is what allows the economisation of the battery. Finally, the USB catch also serves as the downloading of updates from the electronic chip of the box.

The Chipset:

The chipset is the electronic circuit of the box. This is the electronic part of the box which handles the functioning: power, modes but also the display of the screen. There exist numerous types of chipsets proposing the base functions such as DNA, which are more sophisticated.

Which information is displayed on the screen of the Electronic Box?

The screen of the box or electronic mod provides the information utile, even essential for the user. The disposition of information varies depending on the model of the box even if the displayed data is the same.

The Power:

The power is expressed in Watts. This is very important data as each coil has a range of utilisation (for example, 15 to 30 Watts), which must not be surcharged. Power which is too high for the coil can degrade the render of flavour of e-liquid or even damage the coil. This range is often indicated on the coils. In the case of a reconstructable coil, the utilisation of a coil calculator can be useful.

 The Ohm-meter:

The Ohm-meter shows the value of the coil in Ω (ohm). Certain boxes display “coil” for “resistance”. In this case the atomiser which has many coils (dual coils, quad coils), the electronic box displays the total value. The Ohm-meter indicates the state of the coils during the vape. This undergoes the temperature variations and electric charge; the value can be more or less varied.

The Level of Batteries:

The level of the batteries indicates the remaining charge of the battery. In the case where a box or electronic mod has many batteries, the charging level of each battery is indicated. This level allows you to know when the battery must be recharged.

The Volt-meter:

It indicates the voltage used by each battery in real time This voltage is expressed in Volts. The voltage allows you to know the quantity of the current used by the battery whilst being used in vape.

The Vape Modes:

Indicated with the type of vape that will be used for vaping: *Watts, *VW, *W for the Classic vape with coils in Kanthal, Nichrome, SS316L. The Temperature Control is used with coils in Nickel 200-Ni, Titane-Ti, SS316L-SS, Bypass, on certain boxes use the coils in Kanthal, Nichrome and SS316L.

The Temperature:

The Temperature utilised uniquely with the Temperature Control Mode. It expresses °C or in °F. In the Temperature Control mode, the temperature is regulated between 100°C and 315°F in function with the quantity of vapor in which you wish to obtain when vaping.


Is it necessary to have a powerful Electronic Box?

The necessity to have a powerful electronic box depends on your preferences. For a classic vape in indirect inhaling (the vape remains in the mouth and then passes to the lungs), the increased watts are unessential. Vaping between 15 to 40 Watts can be enough. You can produce a lot of vapor, if your motivated with the clearomisers and coils in sub ohm (at least 0.50 ohms) which accompanies the e-liquid with a good rate of VG (50%). A box with an output power of 70 Watts can be convenient for this type of vape. A very powerful box or mod electronic box is oftenly reserved for an expert in vape.


What is the difference between a mod box with batteries and a box without batteries?

Most of the boxes need one or more batteries in order for it to function. Accu is diminutive for accumulator. The boxes function in majority with one or more types of battery (18650 or 26650). These are specific rechargeable batteries for vaping material, but also for the model, video cameras, laptops, etc... A box without a battery has a built-in-battery. It generally has one or more Li-po batteries which are rechargeable via USB. A box with a battery, it is simple enough to replace if there is not enough energy for vaping. A box without a battery, it needs to recharge itself using a USB cable. If the box is equipped with the pass-through function it is possible to continue vaping while recharging.

Is there a risk using an Electronic Mod Box?

A large majority of electronic boxes have protections which avoid incidents: battery polarity inversion, overheating of coils, short-circuits, etc... The mechanical mods require control of reconstructable material and coils. In all cases, the electronic mod box, meca, electro meca, the utilisation requires the use of batteries in a good state, and unmatched batteries for a box which needs more than 1 battery. All the boxes have openings which allow the aeration component in case of any degassing of a defective battery. Batteries in a bad state must be avoided for when or using a box.

Which battery for my electronic box?

To assure good functioning of your electronic box, your battery should have an Ampere of at least 20A of continued discharge current. The chemical IMR batteries (Lithium-Manganese) and INR (Lithium-Manganese cobalt) are more appropriate for boxes of all different types. In this case an electronic box with one or more batteries, must be identical, with the same features and characteristics (chemical and discharge current) to assure the normal functioning of the box. Different batteries can cause the instability of the electronic box. Finally, the batteries must be in a good state and recharged using a battery charger proven for this effect. It is better to conserve the batteries in a good state to assure the appropriate charge. 

Can we recharge a box with batteries using a USB catch?

Uniquely, if the utilisation notice of the electronic mod box indicates this. Using a battery charger is much more rapid and efficient.

Can we recharge a box with batteries using a USB catch?

Uniquely, if the utilisation notice of the electronic mod box indicates this. Using a battery charger is much more rapid and efficient.

Can we vape when the box is connected to the USB Cable?

Here, we talk of the pass-through function, if the electronic mod box allows you to vape when connected to an output current source. If the pass-through function is not indicated on the notice of the box, it is strongly advised not to vape when the box is connected to an output source.

I would like to vape using reconstructable material, which box should I choose?

All type of boxes. It is however necessary to check that the coils are not inferior than 0.10 ohms if you vape using the VW mode.

The vape modes of a box, what are they?

A box can function in many ways. We talk of the Vape Modes. We distinguish the Power mode (also known as Varied Watts) mostly well-known. The Bypass mode simulates in function with the mechanical mod. The Temperature Control and TCR mode are used with coils in Nickel 200, Titane and Stainless Steel.

The Temperature Control, what does that include?

The Temperature Control allows the vaper to avoid any problems with the dry-hit. The dry-hit, if the wick of the coil has no liquid. The coil continues to heat and produces a burnt taste in the mouth. With the Temperature Control, the electronic box diminishes and the current is interrupted. In function with the model of the box, we can read on the screen “no liquid”, “protection”, “protection time”, etc... The box is therefore programmed to limit the power in function of the coil temperature.

The TCR, what is this?

The mode “Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. The TCR measures the resistance of the coil depending on the temperature. The Coefficient measures in PPM/°C. More the TCR is increased, better the precision of the coil. This mode functions with wires in Nife, Nickel 200, Titane, or Stainless Steel. Globally, this mode is equivalent to the Temperature Control ameliorating the personalised settings.

Can I use the Temperature Control mode with any type of coil?

The Temperature Control, on a majority of boxes is uniquely effectuated with coils, therefore in Nickel 200, Titane and Stainless Steel wires. The box should be in Ni, Ti, or SS in function of the coil and the utilised wire. All boxes on the market do not practice the Temperature Control in Kanthal A1 and Nichrome.

What is the firmware and chipset?

The firmware is a programmer which is integrated in the electronic mod box. It is this which handles the display of the screen and power settings, the Temperature Control mode and TCR mode. The chipset is the electronic circuit which contains the firmware and most often, the screen.

The different chipsets: Generally, each box has the brand chipset, but there does also exist many high-quality chipsets, which we can find with different boxes. For example, the DNA of the manufacturer Evolv has a chipset reputed for the most customizable and polyvalent.

Why effectuate the upgrades or upgrade?

The upgrades of the boxes allow you to modify the function programmer. The update or updates proposed on the manufacturers website do add supplementary functions for the box: Smart, customisation etc... Or even increase the power of the electronic box.

I would like to vape with coils in Clapton and other large coil assemblies. What type of box would I use?

The coils prepared with large wires, type Clapton, Alien, Fused, Stapple and others required for more energy when heating rather than a simple coil such as Kanthal for example. It is therefore the autonomy of the electronic box which consequently diminishes. A box with numerous batteries is therefore privileged to this type of utilisation. Concerning the reconstructable coils, it is important to respect the capacity of the electronic box to accept low based coils in ohm. A large majority of electro boxes and electro mecas do not accept coils under 0.10 ohms In VW and Bypass mode. There is a limit which must not be over stepped (under 0.10 ohm) there is a risk with the fragility of the box and the battery / batteries. In Temperature Control mode, the coils are accepted in 0.50 ohms but must not be under. In all cases, it is essential to refer to the notice to know the capacity of the Electronic Mod Box.