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Enter into the mysterious laboratoire of the Beurk Research and discover a collection of complete craziness! The Beurk Research E Liquids are made by crazy scientists. Savour the 40ml E Liquid,ready to boost, conditioned in a 60ml bottle so you can add nicotine boosters depending on your preference. The Beurk Research is dosed in aromas so you can add up to 6mg in nicotine without diluting the recipe. Come and explore this crazy universe. Warning: there is the risk you will lose your head. 

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Your Beurk Research E Liquid is created by a French Manufacturer completely out of this world. The recipes remain nonetheless very tasty. You can discover the 4 fruity and gourmet products, available in 40ml of e liquid, conditioned in a 60ml bottle so you can add nicotine boosters if needed. Get to know the Double Enigma, an e liquid composed of Vanilla, Peanut Butter and Popcorn. The Lemon Tart, as the name indicates, bite into this savoury Lemon Meringue dessert. Are you more Blueberries? Taste the Mountain Pie prepared by Beurk. A perfect mixture of between sweet berries and biscuit. And to finish, the Vaurien. This e liquid by Beurk Research badly carries it's name (The Scoundrel). In effect it does offer superb flavours of Classic, softenend with perfumed notes of Vanilla, Chesnut and Caramel.