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add an aroma to prepare your recipe (warning you are not logged in so you can't save your recipe)

how to create a recipe

Do you wish to create your own DIY recipe? Let everyone discover this recipe after months of testing? Refine an existing recipe for your preference? You have come to the right place. Here is a tool which will simplify the task and allow you to save your mixture. It is also possible to share with the community to benefit as many people as possible. Once you have created your DIY recipe, you can access the calculator to prepare your formula.
Step 1: To start your recipe, all you need to do is choose your aroma. Simple or complex, they are both possible. The search allows you to access the entire catalogue available on the Le Petit Vapoteur website. It is possible to add up to 8 aromas or additives for your recipe. For each “ingredient” you will obtain a predefined percentage depending on the dosage base of the aroma. Do not panic, if the aroma is not available on the website, this one will remain in your recipe regardless.
Step 2: Once you have added your aromas and/or additives, you can adjust the dosage in percentage for each of them. It is possible that you may not obtain the best result the first time, this is the lot of all chemists unfortunately. We recommend that you avoid a total dosa superior to 30%, the result may be disgusting when you vape and you may lose aromas.
Final Step You can finally find your aromas, adjust the dosage for each, and there are 2 possibilities: First, if you are satisfied with your DIY recipe, you can directly register it by clicking on the “Add to my notebook”.
Some fields are proposed so you can personalise your recipe.
  • Name of your DIY recipe
  • The original PG/VG used or (recommended) for the recipe
  • Recommended maturation time for optimal flavours
  • A description to inspire you or explain your choice/experience.
  • An image which corresponds to your DIY recipe.

The type of flavours are predefined in function of the different aromas added to your recipe, you will not need to worry about it. To finish this addition to your notebook, it is possible to directly share your recipe with the community. Second possibility, directly prepare your recipe so you can test it. Nothing too complex, you will find here a classic DIY calculator with a modified result to integrate each aroma chosen.
Three data’s are modifiable with the calculator:
  • The desired quantity in total for your DIY preparation.
  • The PG/VG ratio adapted to your electronic cigarette.
  • The desired rate of nicotine for your e liquid

You will find the different volumes for each component of your DIY e liquid, calculated in function of the precedent settings chosen.
And it's finished, all you need to do is taste your new preparation. Note: when you register your recipe, you can directly share it with the community or leave it private. Rest assured that it is possible to prepare your recipe once it has been registered. Sharing is also available a posteriori. Each shared recipe can be noted and it is also possible to leave a comment to discuss with vapers who have tested it.