Aroma Brand Fresh and Sweet

Consuming fruits is very important and also for vaping aswell. The Fresh and Sweet from the French manufacturer Aromea, you will discover a large selection of fruity aromas. Each Fresh and Sweet is real cocktail which offers juicy fruits and beautiful sensation of freshness. Mango, Apple, Blackcurrant, or even Lemon you will find a flavour which will complete your taste buds. 


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The Fresh and Sweet has been created by Aromea who wish to propose a collection of Fresh and Fruity aromas. Conditioned in a 30ml bottle, you can mix your aroma in a base of your choice, or with one or more nicotine boosters depending on your preference. Choose from a number of recipes. The Appear offers a perfect association of Apple and Pear. With the Limon you can benefit with a mixture of Lemon and Lime. The Berriez will satisfy lovers of Red Fruits. The Blackberry is a mixture of Blue and Red Berries. The Blackman proposes a delicious mixture of Mango and Black Grape. With the Strawi Concentrate, you can appreciate the surprising marriage between Strawberry and Kiwi. Melon and Watermelon can be found in the form of the concentrate Watermelon. The Mangry finds the perfect balance between Sweet Mango and Acidic Raspberry.