Find here the best Electronic Cigarette to stop smoking at a reasonable price. We propose you to use the filter below which will indicate the best Electronic Cigarette suited for your profile. You can also consult our complete guide dedicated to the e cigarette by clicking on the following button: Learn more

resistance :
Element for heating the liquid contained in the tank. This is a consumable that must be changed regularly.
tank :
A watertight compartment which is often transparent and volumetric to hold the e-liquid depending on the variety of models.
drip-tip :
Tip or Drip Tip is a piece which is in contact with the mouth. It’s form and texture plays a part in the comfort of the vape and temperature of the vape when inhaling.
battery :
The battery is a device which feeds electric energy to the coils of your Electronic Cigarette.
switch :
This button needs to be pressed on to activate the electronic cigarette for the inspiration of vape. The pressure of the button provokes the heating of the coil to generate the vape.
base :
This is a piece which connects the battery to the atomiser which is generally integrated in the adjustable air ring: The Airflow.
Fireplace :
Central element of the clearomizer, the chimney is located above the resistance. It allows to direct the steam created by the heating of the latter until drip-tip.
Top-cap :
Room to connect the clearomizer and the drip-tip. On some models, this part also allows the filling of the tank.

An electronic cigarette is made to vaporise an e liquid containing nicotine to reproduce the sensation of tobacco cigarette.

The functioning is very simple: the battery delivers energy to heat the coil integrated in the clearomiser to transform the e liquid into vapor.

The vaporisation mechanism is controlled by the vaper in function with his/her nicotine dependency.

  • The Pods
    • Intuitive
    • Discreet
    • Practical
  • The Tubes
    • Simple
    • Compact
    • Economic
  • The Boxes
    • Autonomy
    • Performance
    • Evolving

Tobacco Info Service: indicates on their website “the electronic cigarette may help to stop or reduce the use of tobacco”.

A recent study demonstrates that the electronic cigarette is twice as efficient than classic nicotine substitutes (gum, patches…) for tobacco cessation.

French Health Service have confirmed that the electronic cigarette hasrnhelped at least 700 000 French people to completely stop smoking.

According the Tobacco Info Service “if you completely stop smoking by using the electronic cigarette, you can reduce the risk of developingrnserious illnesses, such as cancer”.

Part of the reason for the reducing the risk is that the vapor of thernelectronic cigarette does not contain any extremely toxic substances linked to the combustion of a cigarette.

A study by the British Ministry of Health has demonstrated that thernelectronic cigarette is at least 95% less harmful than a conventionalrncigarette.

Vaping is less expensive than smoking

On average, a person who smoke a packet of cigarettes per day can economize 250€ per month by passing to electronic cigarette.

To estimate your future economies, take the test below

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To begin with find an electronic cigarette which is more adapted to your smoking profile. We recommend that you use the filter above.

To avoid running out of battery, we recommend that you purchase a second kit or a second battery.

The coil of an electronic cigarette has a limited duration of life (2 to 3 weeks), it is advised to purchase supplementary coils.

Soak the coil: after the first filling of the reservoir, it is imperative to wait at least 12 minutes before vaping, so the coil is soaked with e liquid.

Adopt the right inspiration technique: the aspiration must be soft and longrn(3 to 4 seconds per puff) than a conventional cigarette.

Regular Vape: the vape delivers the nicotine less effectively than tobacco cigarette. It is completely normal and is recommended, to vape more thanrnsmoking.

Completely stop smoking, must remain the principal objective, even when you smoke a little, the health risks remain very important.

To succeed, sometimes the electronic cigarette may not be enough and may sometimes be necessary to complement its use with a nicotine substitute (patch, gum…).

We recommend in any case to consult a tobaccologist who can help you take control of your dependency and consult treatment adapted to your profile.

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The Electronic Cigarette, what is it?

The Electronic cigarette reproduces the sensations of a traditional cigarette. It is composed of a battery and a permanent clearomiser to welcome the e-liquid destined for vapers. While the aspiration, the e-liquid, mixed with the air inspire, it is diffused under the form of vape reproducing smoke like a cigarette.

For the small, medium or large smokers we propose complete kits, simple and accessible. Just simply add e-liquid of your choice for it to work.

Le Petit Vapoteur explains in this Electronic Cigarette Guide all the elements to take into account to know which Electronic Cigarette to choose and list all the advantages.

Depending on the regulation of the AfSSAPS we remind you that the Electronic Cigarette is not a medicament, it is not sold to stop smoking and is prohibited for under 18’s.

What are the advantages of the Electronic Cigarette?

  • No combustion, so no tar, uniquely for the aromatized vape with taste and the nicotine dosage of your choice.
  • Very economic: Your budget is divided by a minimum of 5
  • Forget ashtrays, lighters, Tobacco Odours
  • You can keep the same the same gestures, the same sensations rather than a Tobacco Cigarette.

How to know which Electronic Cigarette to choose?

When you pass over to the Electronic Cigarette, which model to choose. The market of Electronic Cigarette proposes a multitude of models, an offer especially rich, we lose track of time choosing. We   propose the Electronic Cigarette guide to help you choose easily which electronic cigarette to choose.

1. Which model to avoid for starting.



The first reflex when stopping the cigarette is to replace it with an electronic dispositive which resembles (same shape, same size), in short terms we can replace the cigarette with the same thing…..


An understanding reflex which must be avoided. The electronic dispositive is the first generation imitating the form of a traditional cigarette, the cigalikes produce the same vapor, delivering a sufficient quantity of nicotine and the same sensation with the passage of vape in the throat is almost inexistent just like the autonomy of the autonomy of the battery. The same, the choice of aromas are limited. To resume, the electronic cigarette type cigalike does not permit you to stop smoking. The tobacco industry has understood the models of this type in the Tobacco outlets. However, you must not forget the notion of this behavior even if does not permit you stop smoking, it can be served as the clincher to discover other models more efficient.


Conversely we see very often beginners orientated towards the reserved material initiated like a repairable atomiser, permanent type dripper which renders the best flavours associated with a powerful box which has multitude of functions and settings. If the confirmed user can choose the type of association, it is however necessary to not skip any steps or the risk of discouragement.


2. Which E-cigarette to choose for beginners?


 Now we know which model to avoid, which e-cigarette to choose to begin with?


It is preferable to begin with the privileged e-cigarette rechargeable model. The rechargeable e-cigarettes are a simple apparatus constituted of a clearomiser which is a reservoir in where we find the vaporisation system (you fill yourself the reservoir with e-liquid) and a permanent battery to heat and vaporise the e-liquid.


The utilisation of the clearomiser procures a <hit> (sensation in the throat) close to an ordinary cigarette. The clearomiser accepts a large number of e-liquids and the reservoir is generally superior of 2ml assuring good autonomy. The clearomisers last generation are equipped with airflow rings allowing you to regulate the debit of air in aspiration and a filling system of simplified e-liquid.


The battery when it has a lot of autonomy and power like cigalikes allowing to reproduce permanent sensations of the cigarette and deliver with efficiency of nicotine for a long time. It is equipped with a Pass Through function allowing a vape of long charge. The time of charge is however a lot shorter even for batteries in a format box. This latest is spread to detriment tube formats and is rare to find in the hands of vapers. This infatuation explains the large autonomy of the batteries, a rapid recharge and increased power. The boxes have gained in compact and in comfort for the utilisation, and is advised for large smokers. 

 3. Which criteria’s to take in account to know which E-cigarette to choose?

 When we search to know which electronic cigarette to choose for the first time, the choice can be at first sight, to be complexed. In front of the number of important models the electronic cigarettes on the market, the smoker wishes to pass over to vape to stop smoking can be found a little bit lost with choice.

 Here is a rapid Electronic Cigarette Guide to help you.

 The cigarette electronic which corresponds better to your preferences is the one which has sufficient autonomy to hold for a complete day without having to recharge the battery, simple to use and gives you the sensation of smoking with a real sensation in the throat (the hit) bringing you the pleasure when vaping and appreciating the taste of the liquids.

To find which electronic cigarette to choose amongst our models, you should take in account your compartment of a previous smoker and target your motivations.


  1. Your consummation of Cigarettes:
  • Occasional Smoker: you smoke at least a dozen cigarettes per day, most often in the evening to accompany your drink but do not feel the need to be dependent
  • Moderate Smoker: If you smoke regularly between 10 to 20 cigarettes per day, you always have a cigarette packet in your hand, you are dependent but you can go without with for a few hours.  
  • Tireless Smoker: You smoke on regular basis, more than 20 cigarettes per day. You have a cigarette in your mouth constantly and the idea of not having a cigarette is just unimaginable.
  • If you do not smoke, we strongly advise you not to use an Electronic Cigarette.
  1. Your Objective:


  • Totally replace the traditional cigarette with the Electronic cigarette and preserve the fun pleasure and sensations:
  • If settings are not your thing you can find a material which is simple as possible.
  • If settings do not bother you and you are ready to ameliorate the render and discover different styles of vape.
  • Stop completely, the Electronic Cigarette is not only a transition, you can diminish your consummation of the cigarette, the Electronic Cigarette helps you in moments of difficulty. 
  • Diminish your consummation of the cigarette
  • Test your restricted budget


 4. Choose your E-Liquid and Rate of Nicotine:


Vaping an e-liquid which pleases you with a nicotine dosage corresponding to your needs is indispensable to easily help the passage of the traditional cigarette to the Electronic Cigarette. By consequence, the choice of your e-liquid is also important as the choice of your Electronic Cigarette. A good dosage of nicotine is necessary to overcome the sensations lacking of tobacco.

The rate of nicotine does not only depend on your dependence, but equally on the type of material used. More performant your material is, more the quantity of nicotine is delivered with each aspiration is important.

To know how to choose your e-liquid, we invite you to consult our E-Liquid Guide.

 5. Advise for starting the Electronic Cigarette


  • To start well, you must choose an Electronic Cigarette kit which will allow you to vape a complete day without having to recharge.
  • A good dosage of e-liquid in nicotine is necessary to overcome the lacking sensations of Tobacco.
  • Do not wait to find the taste of a real cigarette, the sensations are comparable, but the pleasure becomes superior if you find your all day liquid (e-liquid vaped regularly) correct in nicotine dosage.
  • The manner to take each pull is different. Contrary to the general aspiration which are short and intense of a cigarette, the aspirations must be long (3 to 4 seconds) and more soft with an electronic cigarette. During the length of the pull you must press on the activation button of the battery.
  • It is advised to always have replacement coils. This is the part which is consumable of the electronic cigarette which must be changed regularly. When the coil is at end of life (used), the sensations and quantity of the vape is diminished.
  • With the installation of the new coil, it is necessary to wait a few minutes after the filling of the tank with e-liquid before pressing on the activation button of the battery so there is no risk of a burnt taste.
  • Do not feel guilty if you have the impression of vaping for a long time during the first few days, this is the consequence of lower efficiency from the electronic cigarette which delivers the nicotine.
  • Be careful not to lower the intake of the nicotine to quickly as there is risk of suffering from nicotine.
  • The pleasure is a crucial element in vape, do not hesitate to test many e-liquids and to change regularly.

 Which Electronic Cigarette to choose for which profile?

All the electronic cigarette kits presented on our website are constituted of reliable products, acclaimed by consumers. We advise for their efficiency and simple utilisation.

If you wish to know, which e-cigarette to choose? Read the Electronic Cigarette Guide.

  • If you are an occasional smoker (less than 10 cigarettes per day), or if for you the electronic cigarette is just a transition to stop completely, and you are in search of simple material which is performant without any settings, the ideal model is the eGo AIO or the version with e-liquids Discovery Pack eGo AIO.
  • If you are a moderate smoker (from 10 to 20 cigarettes per day) or a heavy smoker and you are in search of material which is simple to use, good autonomy and reproduces perfectly the sensations of a cigarette we advise for you the  Istick Nautilus Kit for a timeless reference which shows proof. This kit also exists in the e-liquid pack  Discovery Istick Kit.
  • For intermediate or heavy smokers, regulations are not an issue, we advise the  evic VTC mini cubis kit, an electronic cigarette with perfection, autonomy, polyvalent and evolving which allows you to discover all styles of vape.
  • For intermediate or heavy smokers who are in search for production of vape and a hit more important than the traditional cigarette, we advise you the Discovery Istick Pico Kit.

Now you know which Electronic Cigarette to choose.


How does the Electronic Cigarette work?

The electronic cigarette is an association of a battery and clearomiser, itself is composed with a reservoir and vaporisation system: the coil.

  • The battery is a dispositive element in electrical energy for the coil of your electronic cigarette. Two important points are to take into account is the choice of your electronic cigarette kit: the autonomy of the battery and power, which means the capacity of vape produced. For more details, see the  Battery Guide.
  • The clearomiser is composed of a reservoir, a coil (composed of resistive wires and cotton fiber) and a drip tip. The wick of the coil transported by the capillarity of e-liquid contained in the tank up to the resistive wires. The pressure of the activation button of the battery provokes the heating of the resistive wires and vaporises the e-liquid in contact. The vapor produced rises up to the drip tip and is inhaled by the user. The size of the tank, which means the autonomy of e-liquid is crucial to take into account the choice of your electronic cigarette. For more details, see the Clearomiser Guide. The value and the type of coil influences the quantity of vape produced. The coil is consumable which regularly changes (in average 1 coil has a long life of 15 days).


Why pass over to the Electronic Cigarette?


Because you are smoker and you wish to liberate from the addiction of tobacco and the cigarette. If you do not smoke, do not vape.

A recent study realized by the Financial Auditors Ernst & Young on the market of the Electronic Cigarette have highlighted that the 1st motivation of smokers is Health Protection. 51% of vapers using the Electronic Cigarette because it is less harmful than the traditional cigarette. 49% because the Electronic Cigarette helps reduce the consummation of the cigarette. The price is also the motivation particular in this country or the tobacco is heavily taxed.


The Electronic Cigarette, is it more harmful than tobacco?


Contrary to the cigarette, with the electronic cigarette there is no production of tar or combustion.  Gold, is the combustion which is responsible for toxicity in the traditional cigarette. According to the Public Health England, the electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than the traditional cigarette, contrary to what the OMS in 2014 confirmed.

We do not know what is in the Electronic Cigarette?

It is a misconception which concerns the composition of the liquids. We know perfectly what the electronic cigarette is and the liquid for the electronic cigarette. The law imposed in France is accurate labeling for the e-liquids. The manufacturers and sellers have a complete description for each product on their website. In the store, it is simple enough to question the salesperson.

What is the advantage of the Electronic Cigarette for my health?

The vaper after a few days finds his/her breath, their appetite, their taste and the skin is less grey. The chronic respiratory infections are diminished. However, e-liquids with nicotine remain an outcast for pregnant women.

What are the advantages of the electronic cigarette compared to other nicotine substitutes?

According to experts, doctors and addiction specialists, the electronic cigarette is the more efficient than other drug substitutes for long withdrawals. (CF. Damages and Risks Reduced report in April 2016 published by the French Federation of Addictology. Even better, the use of the Electronic cigarette is observed as a way to decrease significantly the nicotine. If worse, it is considered by certain experts like a complementary way for long withdrawals.

Is the Electronic Cigarette harmful to my surroundings?

The subject is still in debate; a number of studies show that the lack of nicotine in vape exhaled by consumers contrary to the traditional cigarette.

Is the Electronic Cigarette means of withdrawal than the traditional cigarette?

More and more studies show the efficiently the risk reduced (cf. Damages and Risks Reduced report in April 2016 published by the French Federation of Addictology). With the electronic cigarette there is no combustion, nicotine or other products§. The risks are reduced by 95% according to certain experts. Finally, a number of vapers have witnessed the reduction or completely stop the traditional cigarette after changing over to the electronic cigarette.

Which Electronic Cigarette should I buy to begin with?

The model which corresponds to your preferences and which gives you the sensation of smoking with a real cigarette sensation in the throat (the hit) all bringing together the pleasure of vape and appreciating the taste of e-liquids.

If you wish to know in full detail how to find which e-cigarette to choose? Take our advice or take the test of this Electronic Cigarette Guide and you will know which e-cigarette to choose in function with the profile and your preferences.

Do I need a box to begin with?

It exists on the market, small boxes which we call mini boxes. Certain are adapted for beginners: Mini Volt, Istick, Evic VTC mini etc.. These boxes are simple to use, with good autonomy and does not need encyclopedia knowledge, reading the user’s guide however does remains essential. Sometimes for the Istick Pico, the purchase of a pair of batteries and a charger can be useful. The mini box is often considered like a second purchase for vapers who wish to have advanced material. For example, with the mini box the power is adjustable which better suits certain vapers.


Why are there "Large" Electronic Cigarettes? 

There are mods which are models with an important battery autonomy for vaping a long time and with an increase power to produce a lot of vape (cloud). The material is not destined for public beginners, as it demands and requires a solid understanding of coils and utilisation of batteries. There are mod boxes and mod tubulars which do exists. The mod boxes which are small in size more adapted for beginners. 

Can i use my Electronic Cigarette anywhere? 

It was banned in January 2016 to vape in the workplace and other public places, in which the regulations stipulate, for example: Public Transport. The legislation is still rather vague about this subject. 

I am a beginner and want to produce alot of Cloud (Vape), which Electronic Cigarette to choose? 

You are a beginner but you wish to produce have alot of cloud (vape) starting from now and wondering which Electronic Cigarette to choose? Our Electronic Cigarette Guide proposes you, for the material, a box disposing of 70watts, a clearomiser with good aeration (Airflow) and a coil inferior or equal to 0.50 Ohms, for example the Istick Pico Discovery Pack. Add an E-Liquid with a high rate of Vegetable Glycerine (VG > to 50%), this is enough to produce alot of cloud (vape).

The Electronic Cigarette, is it more expensive than Tobacco?

The answer depends of the frequent utilisation of the Electronic Cigarette. In effect after purchasing the electronic cigarette you must consider the factors such as the purchase of liquids and resistors that will wear out when vaping. The quantity of liquid and the speed of the coil used depends on the utilisation of the electronic cigarette. If your consummation of e-liquid is high (around 10ml/per day) it is possible for you to produce your own liquid. We call this DIY (Do It Yourself) which costs you alot less and very simple to do. It is also possible for you construct you own coils with material we call "Reconstructable" or "Repairable". This method can also help you economise, however this requires some knowledge of basic techniques.