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Find here the best Electronic Cigarette to stop smoking at a reasonable price. We propose you to use the filter below which will indicate the best Electronic Cigarette suited for your profile. You can also consult our complete guide dedicated to the e cigarette by clicking on the following button: Learn more

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resistance :
Element for heating the liquid contained in the tank. This is a consumable that must be changed regularly.
tank :
A watertight compartment which is often transparent and volumetric to hold the e-liquid depending on the variety of models.
drip-tip :
Tip or Drip Tip is a piece which is in contact with the mouth. It’s form and texture plays a part in the comfort of the vape and temperature of the vape when inhaling.
battery :
The battery is a device which feeds electric energy to the coils of your Electronic Cigarette.
switch :
This button needs to be pressed on to activate the electronic cigarette for the inspiration of vape. The pressure of the button provokes the heating of the coil to generate the vape.
base :
This is a piece which connects the battery to the atomiser which is generally integrated in the adjustable air ring: The Airflow.
Fireplace :
Central element of the clearomizer, the chimney is located above the resistance. It allows to direct the steam created by the heating of the latter until drip-tip.
Top-cap :
Room to connect the clearomizer and the drip-tip. On some models, this part also allows the filling of the tank.

An electronic cigarette is made to vaporise an e liquid containing nicotine to reproduce the sensation of tobacco cigarette.

The functioning is very simple: the battery delivers energy to heat the coil integrated in the clearomiser to transform the e liquid into vapor.

The vaporisation mechanism is controlled by the vaper in function with his/her nicotine dependency.

  • The Pods
    • Intuitive
    • Discreet
    • Practical
  • The Tubes
    • Simple
    • Compact
    • Economic
  • The Boxes
    • Autonomy
    • Performance
    • Evolving

Tobacco Info Service: indicates on their website “the electronic cigarette may help to stop or reduce the use of tobacco”.

A recent study demonstrates that the electronic cigarette is twice as efficient than classic nicotine substitutes (gum, patches…) for tobacco cessation.

French Health Service have confirmed that the electronic cigarette hasrnhelped at least 700 000 French people to completely stop smoking.

According the Tobacco Info Service “if you completely stop smoking by using the electronic cigarette, you can reduce the risk of developingrnserious illnesses, such as cancer”.

Part of the reason for the reducing the risk is that the vapor of thernelectronic cigarette does not contain any extremely toxic substances linked to the combustion of a cigarette.

A study by the British Ministry of Health has demonstrated that thernelectronic cigarette is at least 95% less harmful than a conventionalrncigarette.

Vaping is less expensive than smoking

On average, a person who smoke a packet of cigarettes per day can economize 250€ per month by passing to electronic cigarette.

To estimate your future economies, take the test below

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To begin with find an electronic cigarette which is more adapted to your smoking profile. We recommend that you use the filter above.

To avoid running out of battery, we recommend that you purchase a second kit or a second battery.

The coil of an electronic cigarette has a limited duration of life (2 to 3 weeks), it is advised to purchase supplementary coils.

Soak the coil: after the first filling of the reservoir, it is imperative to wait at least 12 minutes before vaping, so the coil is soaked with e liquid.

Adopt the right inspiration technique: the aspiration must be soft and longrn(3 to 4 seconds per puff) than a conventional cigarette.

Regular Vape: the vape delivers the nicotine less effectively than tobacco cigarette. It is completely normal and is recommended, to vape more thanrnsmoking.

Completely stop smoking, must remain the principal objective, even when you smoke a little, the health risks remain very important.

To succeed, sometimes the electronic cigarette may not be enough and may sometimes be necessary to complement its use with a nicotine substitute (patch, gum…).

We recommend in any case to consult a tobaccologist who can help you take control of your dependency and consult treatment adapted to your profile.

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Why choose an electronic cigarette to stop smoking?

The Electronic Cigarette has become in space of a few years, has become the most used and the most efficient way to stop smoking. The success and functioning allows you to reproduce the sensations obtained with the classic cigarette.

To help you with your smoking cessation, Le Petit Vapoteur, leader on the market of the e-cigarette, have created a complete guide destined to give you maximum information about products, to find the Electronic Cigarette which corresponds to your needs. You have all the cards to hand to say goodbye to tobacco.

The electronic cigarette, what is it? 

Composed of a battery and a clearomiser, an e cigarette made to vaporise an e liquid which contains nicotine. The deliverance of nicotine allows you to complete the lack linked to smoking cessation, like the substitutes that you can find at your pharmacy (patches, gum…)

Although the origin of the Electronic Cigarette are debated, the paternity is attributed to Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacists who brought out the 1st prototype in 2001. Therefore, the device has been recovered, developed and ameliorated by several manufacturers.

Today, there exists several types of Electronic Cigarettes convenient for all different types of profiles, beginners in vape to more experienced. The principal function remains always the same: a battery which supplies the electricity, a coil which heats the e liquid to produce vapor

What are the different types of electronic cigarettes?

You can reunite the electronic cigarettes into 3 families:

Cigarette électronique Pod

  • The Pod Format :

The Pod, also called Pod Mod, is a new generation type of model. Often in a small size, it can be used to vape alternative e liquids such as nicotine salts or CBD. The pods can also be efficient with classic e liquids with a high rate of nicotine and less vegetable glycerine. The e liquids can be vaped in low power, the pods do not need a large capacity (battery, coils) to be efficient, which explains the less clutter.

 see our guide deidcated to pod kits

Cigarette électronique tube

  • The Tube Format :

The Tube electronic cigarette is a model in a tubular form. Discreet and often small, it easily slides in your pocket. The electronic cigarettes of this family are composed of a rechargeable battery of a good capacity and removeable (or not) clearomiser. It exists in effect the electronic cigarette kits “AIO” (All in One, tout-en-un in French) or the reservoir is directly integrated. This electronic cigarette format is simple to use. A little or no settings, the battery automatically recognises the clearomiser and sends the necessary power.

see our guide dedicated to our tube kits

  • The Box Format:

The Electronic Cigarette Box  owes its name to the battery in a rectangular format, like a « box ». These kits have less clutter as it contains a battery of large capacity, either with accumulators (batteries) specifically adapted to vaping material which are generally non included. There does exist boxes which can hold several accus. This format allows a longer vape but can also reach up to high powers.

 see our guide dedicated to our box kits

Which model to choose in function with my smoking profile?

When purchasing your first electronic cigarette, you must consider your smoking profile. In function with the consumption of cigarettes, we are generally distinguished with 3 profiles:

  • Light Smoker: less than 10 cigarettes per day
  • Moderate Smoker: between 10 to 20 cigarette per day
  • Tireless Smoker: more than 20 cigarettes per day

With this key information; you can navigate the website to find an electronic cigarette made for you. For this, we have put several tools at your disposal.  

The first is situated at the beginning of your guide. By clicking on your profile, we proposes kits which has all the possibilities to convince you. The e cigarettes have been selected with care in function with different criteria’s: quality fabrication, simple to use, efficient with nicotine delivery, autonomy of the battery or the reservoir… We have also considered the feedback from our customers and propose e cigarettes which have convinced the users.

The second is situated on the page « All Our Kits » Gracious to the different filters, you can easily select the different models which corresponds to your needs. We advise you to use the filter « I Begin » so you can make the choice in function of the format or even the rating of the product.

Which electronic cigarette to choose if i smoke occasionally?

If you smoke occasionally, you will need a simple cigarette, compact and efficient. We advise you with these type of pods or tube which perfectly responds to your needs.

You can find below the products we recommend and of course a beginners pack inclusive of an e cigarette and e liquid:

Which electronic cigarette to choose if i am a moderate smoker?

If you are a moderate smoker, you will need a performant electronic cigarette with good autonomy, remaining simple to use. In this case we recommend models in a tube or box form.

You can find several recommendations below:

Which electronic cigarette to choose if i smoke alot?

If you are a tireless smoke, you will need an electronic cigarette with a lot of autonomy top respond to your needs. Only models in a box type have this type particularity.

If you wish to have a simple piece of material with little settings, here is what we recommend:

I have just started and want to produce alot of vapor, which electronic cigarette do i choose? 

To produce a lot of vapor can attract beginners. This however can be an error which can prevent your smoking cessation successfully. Who said that alot of vapor increases the deliverance of nicotine? You can feel the irritation which brings an uncomfortable vape. An electronic cigarette which produces a lot of vapor also uses the technique direct inhaling . It directly sends vapor into the lungs, without passing by the mouth which changes the usual habits of a classic cigarette.


An electronic cigarette kit allows you to create a lot of vapor integrated generally with a powerful box and a clearomiser with coils which has a base value (inferior of 0.50 ohm). The coils necessarily use e liquids which have a high rate of vegetable glycerine (minimum superior of 50%) with a low rate of nicotine which you usually use. We advise you to at this point not to exceed 6mg/ml.

If you wish to start with this type of material, here are our recommendations:

What are the criteria's when choosing the correct electronic cigarette? 

There exists several criteria’s to choose the correct electronic cigarette, certain quite personal and other’s more factual. We will focus here only on the latter.

The Format

The format of your future electronic cigarette is the first element to consider. Pod, Tube or Box, all depends on your smoking profile and your taste. Each format presents advantages and inconveniences which can influence your choice.

The pods and tubes also have the advantage to be discreet and intuitive but remain limited in autonomy and performance. Opposite to the boxes which are polyvalent, autonomy and are performant but can also be less complex and discreet.

Note: if you are a heavy smoker and you wish to have material which remains easy to use and discreet, there does exist a simple solution to obtain both worlds. For this, you need to purchase a 2nd electronic cigarette. You can use this while the 1st electronic cigarette recharges.

The Autonomy

The 2nd element to consider is the autonomy proposes by the electronic cigarette. Expressed in mAh, it will give you an idea for the type of profile in which is made. With kits orientated towards beginners, the battery is often directly integrated. It is then easy to get an idea:

  • Less than 1500 mAh: moderate autonomy, for light smokers
  • Between 1500 and 2500 mAh: medium autonomy, for moderate smokers
  • More than 2500 mAh: high autonomy, for tireless smokers.

Their also exists electronic cigarettes which functions with accumulators, which means large batteries that can be charged separately. In this case, the autonomy can also be unlimited, so it is always better to have charged batteries to hand.  

N.B: the batteries can be presented as dangerous if they are incorrectly used. It is therefore imperative to follow the precautionary rules. To know more, we invite you to read our guide.

The value of the coil

The coil is a consumable which is situated in the clearomiser and greatly influences the sensations that you will procure with the electronic cigarette. To know more with what type is offered by the coil, it is simple to look at the value of the coil (ohm):

  • Superior of 1 ohm: for a soft vape with indirect inhaling;
  • Between 0,5 to 1 ohm: for a polyvalent vape in direct or indirect inhaling;
  • Inferior of 0,5 ohm: for a powerful vape in direct inhaling.

Today, several electronic cigarettes include 2 coils so you can have your own idea on the pull and sensation which suits you best

The capacity of the clearomiser

Finishing this list of criteria’s with the capacity of the clearomiser which, as the battery remains a very important element to quantify the autonomy offered by an electronic cigarette. A capacity of 2 to 3ml is today considered as standard and enough for beginners. However, if you are a heavy smoker, it is better to have a capacity with superior quantity to limit the number of filling throughout the day.

Which e liquid can be associated with my first electronic cigarette? 

The choice of your e liquid and the dosage of the rate of nicotine determine the purchase of your first electronic cigarette.

Occasional smoker (less than 10 cigarettes per day), moderate smoker (between 10 to 20 cigarette per day) or a tireless smoke (20 cigarettes per day), choose the correct dosage of nicotine and successfully start your cessation to smoking with the electronic cigarette. The care given to the choice of your e liquid is primordial. Fruity, gourmet or menthol, listen to your needs before all so you do not turn away from the electronic cigarette from the start. 

Here are a few tips in function with your profile:

  • Strongly dependant to nicotine? Opt for e liquids with a dosage to begin with between 16 to 18 mg/ml in nicotine.
  • Moderately dependant to nicotine? Orientate towards an e liquid for the electronic cigarette dosed between 11 to 12 mg/ml in nicotine.
  • Low dependency to nicotine? Choose an e liquid with a dosage of 6mg/ml in nicotine coupled with a «back up e liquid» with a dosage from 11 to 12 mg.

You can also choose strong flavours such as mint for sensation which reinforces the hit of the nicotine. To know more, we advise you to consult our guide on e liquids .

see our e liquid guide

We also recommend our beginners pack, composed of an electronic cigarette with one or more e liquids:

What should i purchase in addition to my electronic cigarette?

Your e cigarette is made to function with e liquid. The consumption depends on a lot with your material. Beginners with electronic cigarette will start with less consumption and is therefore economic. Generally, you will not consume more than 2ml in e liquid per day. With your first purchase, you can start with a reserve of 5 e liquids in a 10 ml format to last a whole month.

An electronic cigarette is also integrated with a coil in the reservoir. This piece is used during a certain moment and must be changed regularly (around every 2-3 weeks). Nearly in all the kits, there are 2 coils included. However, the coils are generally different and are not always compatible with your needs. It is therefore better to have a small reserve from the beginning so you will not have any surprises or be disappointed. The purchase of 2 coils will last around at least 1 month with a beginners kit.

In function with your electronic cigarette, you may also need to purchase extra accessories. We can advise you for example to opt for the USB  wall charger, which is much more rapid than a PC USB charger. However, most of our kits do have these accessories included in the kits.

So be careful with what is indicated on the product sheet.

Which type of electronic cigarette to choose if i already vape?

Even if you do already vape, there are different reasons or factors which will make you want to purchase a new electronic cigarette. You can for example try and evolve with your vape or to simply have 2 kits close to hand. No matter what, Le Petit Vapoteur proposes a selection of models convenient for all profiles. Joyetech, Eleaf or even Vaporesso, we have chosen the best brands and the best electronic cigarettes.

Which electronic cigarette is simple to choose?

A simple electronic cigarette  is close enough to a « beginners » kit. It does not require many settings and offers a pull more or less tight and remains compact.

  • Which e cigarette pod to choose ?  

The pod can be a good choice if you already have an electronic cigarette or if you vape a little bit. Discreet and nomad, this is the ideal companion for you to be accompanied with on your daily outings and evenings. The pod also has the advantage as it is simple to use, certain pods between themselves can be automatically activated with aspiration. You can find below the best pods of the moment:

  • Which e cigarette tube to choose ?

If you prefer the tubular format, we have all you need! Near enough compact than the pod, and also easy to use, the tube kit nevertheless offers more substantial autonomy. This is the perfect purchase if you vape moderately, and you are in search of a discreet model. To help you with your choice, you can find below a selection of the best tubular electronic cigarettes:

  • Which e cigarette box to choose ?

The electronic cigarette box itself is allied towards tireless smokers. Autonomy, performance and polyvalence…It disposes of all the assets for all your needs and will follow you all day long. The best of them between themselves have the possibility to regulate the output power and the varied sensations. If you wish to purchase this type of kit, here are the models which we recommend for you:

Which advanced electronic cigarette to choose ?

An advanced electronic cigarette addresses all vapers who have a certain experience of vape. It can meet certain needs, and sometimes very different. Certain vapers for example need more autonomy and will choose advanced models which can hold batteries. There are those who swear by reconstructables and those who make their own coils and only want to make their own coils. In any case, Le Petit Vapoteur has you need to be satisfied.

  • Which electronic cigarette to choose with batteries ?

An electronic cigarette with batteries presents the advantage of offering nearly enough illimited autonomy as it is possible to replace a discharged battery with a charged one. No need to recharge the whole electronic cigarette. These models also offer more performances and several vaping settings. It is also adapted to amateurs of vape in half direct or indirect inhaling. Here are the kits which we propose in this category:

  • Which electronic cigarette produces alot of vapor ?

Producing alot of vapor is also part of the pleasure for a certain number of vapers. It is therefore necessary to have a kit with autonomy and power. The models which reunite these 2 features are generally imposing and often embark several batteries to hold the distance. The clearomiser itself is uniquely dedicated to direct inhaling and is not compatible with e liquids which have a strong rate of VG. Here are the best electronic cigarettes which produce vapor that we propose:

  • Which electronic cigarette to choose for experts ? 

An expert kit is characterized before all by the presence of an reconstructable atomiser . It is therefore necessary to know how to make a coil. If this is not yet the case but you do wish to start, we advise you to read our dedicated guide. The electronic cigarettes for experts can be very different in their format on with the utilisation. It can be integrated with a  mechanical mode or electronic, but also a dripper or atomiser. Certain between themselves can also qualify as « high end », which means top of the range. Here is a small selection that you can find in our catalogue:

    Why change to an electronic cigarette?

    Because you are a smoker and wish to be free from the addiction of tobacco and the conventional cigarette. If you do not smoke, we advise you not use an Electronic Cigarette.

    Here are some reasons which will convince you:

    • The Electronic Cigarette is less dangerous to health as it does not contain Carbon Monoxide, Tar, Ammoniac, and none of the 4000 toxic substances or carcinogenic which are present in the classic cigarette. By quit smoking with the electronic cigarette you will stop the consuming the poison that is tobacco. Several vapers will find their breath and odour. You will also stop feeling cold tobacco.
    • To stop smoking with the Electronic Cigarette is also easy as other nicotinic substances as you will keep the gest and usual habits. You can continue to take a break with your co-workers who smoke or vape, in the summer on the terrace, all obtaining your nicotine dosage. This dosage evolves overtime as you will progressively reduce the utilisation of e liquid in 0mg/ml. You will, therefore, completely be weaned.
    • Another reason is economy. An electronic cigarette costs less than consuming tobacco. This becomes even more real as the price of cigarettes increase by the government.
    • The last reason is ecology. By changing over to vape, you do not need to find a place to get rid of your cigarette stubs (which most of the time are found on the streets). However, it will be necessary to sort out consumables so that they can be correctly recycled.

    The different arguments which are often more advanced come from new vapers to explain their choice. With recent studies created by the Ernst & Young Financial Audit Firm on the market of the electronic cigarette, the first process for smokers is Health Protection. 51% of vapers use the electronic cigarette which is less harmful than the classic cigarette. 49% because the e cigarette helps to reduce the consumption of cigarette. The price is also motivating in particular with the country or where the tobacco is strongly taxed.

    The electronic cigarette, does it really help to stop smoking?

    More and more studies demonstrates the efficiency of electronic cigarettes to stop smoking. The first date in 2013 had been created in New Zealand. Depending on 57% of smokers who have tested the e-cigarette for 13 weeks or less divided by two with the consumption of tobacco (against 41% for patches). For Chris Bullen, the professor original of this study, it seems that previously “the electronic cigarette are more efficient to help reduce the consumption”. In 2016 the Cochrane World Network objective was to assemble and summarize the best information linked to the research which confirms its effectiveness. Depending on this  “the utilisation of the electronic cigarette containing nicotine increases the chances to stop smoking long term”. Studies with the New England Journal of Medicine dating from 2019, it regroups 886 participants who wish to stop smoking. Randomly they were given an electronic cigarette and e liquids or a nicotine substitute of their choice. After 1 year, this study shows that the e-cig was twice as efficient than any other method in the frame of smoking cessation.

    However, this efficiency still remains an object of debate, the numbers speak for themselves. In Europe, depending on the Eurobaromètre 2017, 7,5 millions Europeans have stopped smoking gracious to vaping. 9 million smokers have reduced their consumption of tobacco by vaping.

    In France we have estimated around 2 million vapers. Un A real success which brings the website Tabac Info Service to confirm “ that the electronic cigarette can be constituted to help stop or reduce the consumption of tobacco”.

    What are the advantages of the electronic cigarette for my health? 

    Avantages de la cigarette électronique pour la santé

    The effects of the e-cigarette with your health must be of course compared with tobacco. In France, the classic cigarette is responsible for the 75,000 deaths per year. So, vaping is considered a tool to reduce the risk of not being a victim to this curse. This is the position of several scientists and medicines which strongly advise to pass over to the electronic cigarette. You can recite that Dr Gerard Mathern, tobaccologist, for him vaping is « 1000 less » dangerous than tobacco towards health. This explains that the vapor of the e-cigarette does not contain carcinogenic substances linked to combustion.

    By quitting smoking with an electronic cigarette, vapers will feel most of the time the immediate effects to your health. LeMonde.fr has also collected the testimonies of certain between themselves in the article. The vapers interviewed have felt the amelioration with their breathing, coughing fits and have also found their sense of smell “hair, clothing, apartment, vehicle smells better instead of an ashtray, avoiding 4 or 5 times a year annual bronchitis because of tobacco” which Fabrice says to Le Monde.

    Even if the effects of the e-cigarette on health remains uncertain, the British Health Authorities do not hesitate to move forward as it is 95% less harmful than the classic cigarette. Agnès Buzyn, actual ministry of health even states the same. Also, for her, the electronic cigarette «is clearly less harmful than tobacco ».