Aroma Brand Ryan USA

Travel through the United States with the Ryan USA! A creation which is 100% made in France, your Ryan USA aroma is the ideal concentrate for lovers of all Classics. Imagine the excellent aromas of a Classic Blond associated with gourmandize of Vanilla and Caramel aromas. You will equally find the Ryan USA Limited version, a revisited recipe which is enriched with brown sugar, so it is even more gourmet. Welcome to America!


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Travel through the roads of America with the Ryan USA Concentrate! produced in France, the Ryan USA Concentrate is issued with a long process of reflection which supplies the ideal Classic aroma. Disposing of rich aromas such as the Classic Blond and gourmet aromas of Vanilla and Caramel, the Ryan USA is convenient for a large number of vapers. The Ryan USA must be mixed in a PG/VG Base with one or more nicotine boosters depending on your preferences.