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The range Marie Jeanne proposes top of the range variety of CBD E Liquid. Made with a Hemp base, CBD Crystals and a strong concnetration of terpens, these creations will surprise you their unique chararcter. Amnesia, Lempn Kush or Super Skunk... Discover the surprising flavours with these 3 different CBD E Liquids: Authentic, Traditional and Hemp extracts. Hand picked, issued with traditional agriculture and biologically, the Hemp is used for the Marie Jeanne CBD E Liquids is the subject of special attention. Gracious to the talent of the great specialists of aromatic extractions, live an exceptional experience of rich flavours. 


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Discover the Marie Jeanne E Liquid. Live an experience, unpublished with exotic, acidic and sweet mysteries. Super Skunk, Lemon Kush, Amnesia, Red Berries, Fresh Mint or malana... These CBD E Liquids offer you a choice to travel, which will not fail to awaken your senses. Selectioned with unique CBD E Liquids! The creation of your Marie Jeanne E Liquids are born in 3 different catergories, Authentic, Tradition and Hemp EXtracts, resulting with the talent of great specialists of aromatic extractions. Made with a base of CBD Crystals, Hemp and a strong concentration of terpenes, the range of your Marie Jeanne E Liquids benefits with unmatched quality and a variety of surprising flavours. Hand picked, issued with traditional agriculture and biologically, the Hemp provenance of your CBD E Liquids marries with perfection for your needs, depending on your preferences and to those who protect the planet. Choosing a Marie Jeanne CBD E Liquid and consuming the CBD E Liquids is most respectful for the environment.