Mix ‘n’ Vape Calculator

Discover our Mix and Vape calculator, a simple and rapid solution to know how many nicotine boosters to put in your  large format e liquid!


Instructions to use the Mix ‘n’ Vape Calculator

To obtain your mixture with the desired rate of nicotine it is simple:

  • Indicate the volume in ml of your e liquid (50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml...).
  • To vary the number of boosters to obtain the desired dosage

You will know how many extra nicotine boosters you will need to purchase for your e liquid in a large format. Becareful as certain Mix ‘n’ Vapeproducts are included with one or more nicotine boosters, so pay attention to what is on the product sheet.

Mix ‘n’ Vape Accessories

To facilitate your mixtures, you can opt for useful accessories such as those listed below: