Aroma Brand Fcukin' Flava

Malaysain speciality for your DIY E Liquids for the Electronic Cigarette Fcukin'Flava, privileged with fresh and fruity flavours which you will appreciate for its quality and originality inviting you to travel. Each Fcukin' Flava Concentrate contains the "how-to" with the Philippines Mango, a concentrate of Mango and Pineapple which is ultra fesh or even the Smashin Lemonade, a concentrate with Fresh lemonade increased with Mandarine. Your Fcukin' Flava is sold in a 30ml bottle which must be mixed if a PG/VG base of your choice with a dosage of 25% in 50/50 in PG/VG. Concentrates are made in Malaysia by Fcukin' Flava which ensures the respect of the European standards in force.


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Discover which Fcukin' Flava Concentrate is for you !

Each Fcukin' Flava Concentrate contains a trip to the Malaysian Flavours. Fcukin Flava is honoured to fruits with a mixture which is quite original. Choose your Fcukin' Flava Concentrate: Yummy Guava Concentrate, a delicious flavour of Guava Rose, the Freezey Grapes, a mixture of wonderful Blackcurrant and Grapes, the Philippines Mango containing Mango freshness. Even if you are not on holiday, you will have the impression gracious to the exotics proposed by Fcukin' Flava, to the heart of each 30ml Bottle. Now is the time for you to purchase the Fcukin' Flava  with exceptional quality. Made in Malaysia, the Fcukin' Flava Concentrate ensures the respect of the European standards in force.