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Reuleaux RX2/3 Box. The Test !

Reuleaux RX2/3 Box. The Test !

08/12/2016  /   The Blog Tests

Box Reuleaux RX2/3



Is it necessary to present the Reuleaux? When we say “Reuleaux” we immediately visualize a triangular box with 3 batteries from Wismec. Big commercial success, the Reuleaux has become a reference for multi battery mods. The cause of this is because Wismec have brought a typical model with a bold design but effectively with ergonomics which are present. The box is massive, heavy but the vape is agreeable. The box sits in the hand like a velvet glove. It is especially the ergonomics of the box which makes us choose the Reuleaux. We can leave with a light heart (but a heavy pocket) on a night out, or on a long walk, the box will still remain with some energy. Three batteries are consequent.

You can find all the details necessary for the Reuleaux in this blog right here.


A little bit of History

For a little bit of history, Wismec, had designed models before. One with the DNA chipset by Evolv for geeks and the other with a chipset designed by Joyetech. An excellent idea which allows Reuleaux to sell their products. Even if the firmware by Joyetech is accessible and not only for the price (The DNA is quite expensive) it simplifies the utilisation which is exemplary. Everything is good for the Reuleaux up until the day, there maybe be other obscure reasons if Wismec separates from Joyetech. Unless it’s not the other way around!! Hard hit for Wismec if this happens. Doing so by the loss of Joyetech, with their loyal brand Jay Bo (for the design) will roll up their sleeves and create their own chipset.

Thus was born the Reuleaux RX200S. Inconvenience, it costs around 15€ more than the RX200. The advantage is the OLED Screen which is larger and passes over to 0.96-inch screen. The display is the largest we have seen on a box. Another advantage is the firmware which is completely pumped on the RX200S and the legendary intuitive, also with a display which is much easier to read. Double Whammy!

Arrival of the customisation of the box. The firmware of the RX200S is very close to the RX200 which the public will not slow down to seize the mod and have an opportunity to create and propose their personnalised firmware. The success is immediate and there are dozens of re-designed firmware’s available. To judge, RDV here.



Moving over to the new Reuleaux RX2/3. A version which will lighten your wrist as well as your wallet, hell of news you have been waiting for. Under this mysterious name there is an idea which is strongly simple (and already copied, guess who by?) Joyetech and the Evic VTC Dual: propose with the box Reuleaux a second cover to pass over from 3 to 2 batteries. Less the autonomy, but also less the clutter. And the interest of this cure is weight loss, immediately felt with the entry of the box RX2/3. The ergonomics are excellent, even superior of all doubled battery boxes, which I cannot even hold. The box conserves of a triangular form which makes all the difference.

I See Double?

So, 2 batteries with less autonomy, but with also less power. However, with Wismec with 2 batteries, the output power passes from 200 to 150 watts. Unless, once the update V4.12 is effectuated, the output with 2 batteries pass at 189.5 watts. And 250 watts with 3 batteries. And more, the possibility to display the logo Wismec on the screen.

However, the customised firmware available for the RX200 does not pass. In any case, with a little bit of patience and quantities of vapers who contribute their share to the Reuleaux RX2/3.


Talking of a little bit about of the sleeve/cover which transform from a pumpkin into a carriage. The box now has a push button which assure good closure. If the cover does not insert correctly in the box, it will not work. This is supplementary security which has been added to the usual panel of security which we can actually find on the Electro Boxes

The sleeve/cover is not easy to fix into place and does take to get used to the installation. However, the paint work, will it be life changing? Mystery. I talk about this because it is a re-occurring statement, the paint work of the Reuleaux reacts badly to shocks and to a number of scratches and traces of usage appear on the box, however in all circumstances, after a few months of utilisation we can say, intense.


About the Batteries

So, for the batteries, the same advice remains: Do not mix the batteries. You must have the same model/make of batteries of the same brand. The normal utilisation of the box is necessary for the batteries at least at 25A. In VW mode (Varied Watts) the Reuleaux RX2/3 accepts coils from 0.10Ω and 0.05Ω in Temperature Control and TCR. So you must have the correct batteries if you create reconstructable.

A tip, you can display the level for each battery on the screen. This is very practical. For this, you must turn off the box, with a long press on the start button and the left button displays the level of the 3 batteries.  Once the box is switched on you can display the total level of the 3 batteries in percentage which is much more explicit, rather than the usual gage.  3 rapid clicks on the start button and the press on the left button (or the – button) this will bring you to the gage which flashes. Press on the + button to display the percentage.


A Touch

The Switch, a start button would have been perfect if it was slightly larger. With the functionalities and piloting of the box, we are on familiar ground, if we know the RX200 or the boxes from Joyetech. If you do not know this, 3 clicks on the start button open the menu. The – button to place the menu. The + button for choosing what you like. For example, to pass over to the Temperature Control mode, 3 rapid clicks on the start button. The “VW” flashes, press on the + button the “SS” appears and valid this selection by pressing on the start button. Assure yourself the grip is very fast unlike any other boxes.

La RX2/3 et le clearo Ultimo

Vape Check !

For the level of vape, I will now test the Reuleaux 2/3 with the excellent sub ohm clearomiser Ultimo by Joyetech. I speak very highly of this. With the Ultimo we can vape up to 90 watts without any problems in VW or even in CT with the QCS Notch coil which is in Stainless Steel. The box reacts impeccably in this mode, like in any other mode. No overzealous of the firmware with the “Temperature Control” which interrupts the vape. It’s perfect. At full capacity, the front of the box heats a little, but it’s nothing serious.

The box Reuleaux RX2/3 brings a lot of interesting choices in the range of the Reuleaux, the one being light. The interest is to have the autonomy of a double battery box without any congestion of but with tremendous ergonomics. Another interest is the easy chipset. There is no extreme amount of learning. Finally, the box will follow you a long time in vape. You can pass over to sub ohm, to reconstructable, and it will remain polyvalent and knows how to. There is also the watts which are included, if you dare go up to 250 watts.


  • Ergonomics with Double Batteries
  • Polyvalent with all modes of vape
  • Efficient Vape
  • Solid
  • Sleeve/Cover to fix into place
  • The weight

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04/11/2018 08:33:42

Bonjour Alison. Tentez d'abord de recharger le firmware. Vous le trouverez sur le site de Wismec ( Il faut enlever les accus ! Cordialement. Pascal


04/7/2018 19:34:24

Bonjour j'ai un problème avec ma box elle m'affiche une fois sur 5 mes chiffre mes des que je lâche le bouton j'ai plus rien sur l'écran


05/1/2017 18:15:38

Après 3 mois d'utilisation le message "check battery" est apparu malgré les accus chargés... plus d'elec! Le problème est finalement commun: un fil se dessoude sous le capot, on trouve nombre de tutos pour arranger ça. Hormis ce soucis j'adore cette box (en rouge) et je ne regrette pas cet achat.


02/7/2017 14:35:03

Bonjour Francesco. Éteignez votre box. Appuyez sur + et - simultanément. Le tour est joué. Cdlt.


02/7/2017 14:29:05

J ai un petit problème , mon écran c'est retourner sur ma vap. Quel manipulation dois-je faire pour le remettre à l endroit ?


02/7/2017 14:16:57

J ai un petit problème , mon écran c'est retourner sur ma vap. Quel manipulation dois-je faire pour le remettre à l endroit ?


11/21/2016 00:42:08

tout ok; juste la peinture qui s'enlève et pourtant bien entretenue et protégée.


09/27/2016 13:58:45

Bonjour , je possede cette box depuis 1 mois j'ai toujours pas compris l'histoire du capot qui ferme mal , tu clipse en haut , tu clipse en bas et bim c'est parti, pour la peinture ya des housses en silicone , c'est une tres bonne box pour peu qu'on soit capable de clipser un capot


08/23/2016 21:58:46

Bonjour, pour moi, le système de fermeture du capot est vraiment le point noir de cette box , à fortiori en utilisant seulement 2 accus, le capot s'adapte très mal et il faut forcer pour le fermer. L'aspect extérieur est propre, sans bavure (modèle full black).L'écran est lumineux et lisible. C'est ma première Reuleaux et j'en suis satisfait, la mienne semble de bonne qualité et son poids/taille sont pour moi un avantage. Pour les options de vape et menus, je trifouille pour le moment.


08/20/2016 20:04:46

Bonjour Gregory.Tous les produits ont leurs points forts et leurs points faibles. Parmi tous les possesseurs de Reuleaux que je connais, et ça en fait, je n'ai pas entendu parler des points que vous soulevez. Ce qui ne veut pas dire qu'ils n'existent pas. Les produits ne sont pas notés, on préfère les + et les -. Enfin, non, les tests ne sont pas là pour vendre plus tel produit plutôt qu'un autre. Ils sont là pour avoir un éclairage différent sur un produit avec toute la part de subjectivité qui peut aller avec. Cordialement. Pascal


08/19/2016 18:40:31

Dans les points négatif, vous pouvez ajouter, la peinture n'est pas uniforme, justement sur le modèle gris, il y a comme des petites vague de peinture et autres comme de la crasse emprisonné dans la peinture. Et le plus grave, avec le petit bonheur la chance l'écran de travers ! je vois que celle utilisé pour ce test est presque droit, chez moi c'est vraiment de travers. Voila deux bon points négatif pour cette box, faut pas être gentil car c'est Wismec, ou a vue du prix et je remarque que vous donnez pas une note.... ? 5/10 ? 8/10 ? bref. Sinon en bonus, vous pouvez ajouter, qu'avec trois accus, ça défonce le film plastique de la troisième accus en extension, grâce à ce système de fermeture du capot pourri, dans ce test non sérieux, pour avantager les ventes ( certainement )

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