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It's going to be Cotton.; Choose well your Cotton?

It's going to be Cotton.; Choose well your Cotton?

04/13/2017  /   Beginners Corner

It's going to Cotton. Choose well your cotton. 



The point of cosmetics in sight, of course in vape. The Cotton is a link to all amateurs of reconstructable. In this ticket, I'm not going to speak to you about the Silica in the fiber of the wick in the mesh (humor when you hold us...) All vapers will know how difficult it is to find material which is convenient for us all. We have tested all diverse products, which are more or less conclusive.


The first real cotton.

The first cotton which was used by numerous vapers is the Ecru Cotton. This was literally based or intended for surgery. This, therefore allowed you to have an untreated piece of cotton with the capacity of important absorption. However, the cotton was pushed to the side by certain between us because of the manipulation, sometimes delicate and unfortunate trend not to announce the dry hits. 


Other vapers turned towards the Cotton Puff

The principal interest of the cotton is the superior capillary of the framed cotton, and it's easy utilisation. Even more, the cotton has a relatively reasonable price. 


The Mastodons of the vape.

But in front of demanding vapers, 2 cottons have appeared and have rapidly become the reference in the world of vape. You will have understood, evidently i speak of the Cotton Bacon of « cotton » Fiber Freaks.


Cotton Bacon

The Bacon developed in the United States propose vapers a simple product which has been worked on with high capillarity. The Vapers are unanimous, it is one of the best Cottons available on the market. This cotton is perfectly allied with your assemblies for your tank or dripper. The only point that i have to make against this is (in my opinion) is that is gives out a very particular taste to begin with. A taste which finishes by disappearing after a few minutes of utilisation, thankfully. 


The second alternative is the Fiber Freaks. 

This cellulose fiber has been created by the French Enterprise and is present under 2 forms: under the form of bands or under the form of « clouds ». For my part i always find that with the bands, they are far to delicate to cut. However, the asset of the Fiber Freaks is exactly the same depending on the format. The Cotton offers a capillary which is exceptional and has durability which is non-negligible. On the contrary of the Cotton Bacon, I have not perceived a disturbing taste. The only down point of this product is that it easily sticks to the hands when installing. 


If you have any doubts, my heart is in favour of the Fiber Freaks. It is more resistant in time and without taste, the cotton has accompanied me during numerous assemblies. 

But all good things must come to an end, Fiber Freaks has stopped, for financial reasons, the production of this famous Cotton. 

A beautiful discovery

Following this awful news, i have decided not to let myself get down. With my adventurous side, and took in the bad news i have decide to try out the Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition

This attempt was disappointing! The cotton has all the advantages like the Fiber Freaks and the Bacon without any inconveniences. No disturbing tastes, a cotton which is very simple to put into place (and very agreeable to touch, yes yes this is of no importance), the coil in time has proven itself, aswell as constructing the tank or on a dripper even when the watts have been increased. The Kendo also avoids dry hits, whilst the cotton has started to become dry, the flavours have remained present. You only have to keeping giving some droplets of e-liquid to your elixir. 


Another strong point of this cotton is that you can change the e-liquid without having the same taste of your previous e-liquid. This is very interesting for the dripper, if you, like me keep constantly changing e-liquid during the day. 


The Chief's advice: do not hesitate to soak the cotton with droplets of e-liquid, and leave to rest before the first utilisation, so the Kendo impregnates the e-liquid. There is no need to put too much e-liquid on the cotton. In effect the Kendo has the advantage to swell up when soaked with liquid 


The Kendo for me is THE cotton of the moment. A good restitution of flavours (top), no dry hit and durability without fault. 

And other Cottons, What do i think?

Well, being a professional for Le Petit Vapoteur, i have tested them all. 


Speaking of the concurrent for Kendo (the least which concerns me: the Vape cotton wicker beast. This cotton is near enough identical to the Kendo, it offers the same performances on the level of capillarity and durability. Just have to put a tiny bit more material in with the Vape Cotton Wicker Beast. The small bonus that I can bring forward is the perfect hermetic box, which is much more practical than the Kendo...


Next, is the Quicwick Refill Pack. This sachet contains 20 bands of cotton. This product is quite original. In effect, each band of cotton is covered with plastic, which easily allows you to insert the cotton into the coil. No need to play with tweezers and go over a few times. Once the plastic has been removed, you will discover the band of cotton of a reasonable size which allows you to mount all the Atos. The only negative point is the unique size of the cotton which can prove to be difficult when assembling coils of a small size. Despite this, the cotton does prove to have excellent capillaries and a long life non-negligiable. Whilst the assembly after having cut the excess cotton, do not forget to air the cotton. By cutting the cotton with scissors it can result in a closure of the fibers which could engender of villain dry hits.



Now speaking of the Native Wicks Platinum Blend. This cotton is composed of different fibers and assures good capillaries. Is this true? Well yes, it is, this cotton absorbs all juices, even thick juices. The soaking of liquid is very rapid which is not a negligiable point. But what is the default of this cotton? I would say the main default is the aired texture. Once the cotton assemblies, it is very effective without a disturbing taste, the assembly itself is very delicate., In effect, the native wick has an unfortunate trend to stick to your fingers which is very disagreeable when cottoning. Apart from this, the Native Wicks are also proven to be comfortable for drippers on a tank. What more could you ask for...


Lets finish with the Vape Cotton Magic Wick. Leaving the best for last? Unfortunately not. This cotton is delivered in a fragile box. At first sight, the product itself seems to be worked on. There is nothing more to say about this, but the utilisation, this is where things go wrong. The soaking of the cotton is quite long and we expect to have an exceptional cotton. Right from the start, a small disturbing taste appears. We can say that this disturbing taste will disappear!! Yes and No, the taste is palliative, but a after taste does remain present. Even more, the despite the soaking of liquid and correct assembly, there is sometimes the small dry hits, and also the dripper needs to be nourished with e-liquid quite regularly. Now you can understand why i have not been convinced by this product. 


To resume, if you wish to have polyvalent cottons, simple to work with, (after small adaption time, which i grant you) i advise you the Kendo, Vape Cotton Wicker Beast or the Native Cotton Wicks Platinum Blend. These will be just as good on a dripper than on a tank. The Kendo and the Vape Cotton Wicker Beast are the same, simple to assembly on a dripper by the dense texture, but also very well on a ato of the same style as the Serpent RDTA by Wotofo. 


You are trembling like me, so opt for the Quickwick Refill Pack which will assure you a very simple assembly. But keep in mind, have a coil which is quite large so you can pass through the band without having difficulties, otherwise you will have to use scissors, to refine the cotton, and you will lose the practical side of the product. 


The amateurs of tanks can turn towards the unavoidable Cotton Bacon and Fiber Freaks which assures good restitution of flavours and top capillarities. 

Now you know all Ladies and Gentlemen, at your Cottons. 


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Harry Potard

07/26/2019 21:56:23

Bon petit article, assez d'accord avec tout ça. Le premier coton que j'ai acheté est le Kendo Gold (il m'en reste encore pas mal !), J'aime beaucoup ce coton. J'ai aussi pas mal de Fiber Freaks en densité 1 et 2. J'aime bien, je suis pas sûr de bien l'utiliser, j'aime pas trop le format pad, mais à part ça il est très bien. Et récemment j'ai acheté du Bacon v2, très bien aussi. Pas senti de goût parasite, mais j'ai pas fait attention non plus sur le moment. Au prochain montage j'y prêterai attention. Niveau manipulation/montage et absorption, le Bacon est pour moi le meilleur. Mais pas encore trop testé. Sinon le Kendo est jusqu'ici mon préféré (sauf le sachet, pas toujours facile à bien refermer ; mais c'est un peu le cas de tous les cotons en sachet zip...).


09/21/2017 23:23:40

Coton UD = fiber freaks ?

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