Qu’est-ce qu’un e liquide ?

In Brief The e liquid is a mixture principally composed of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine and food flavourings. It is somewhat fuel for the electronic cigarette. It is destined to heat to produce vapor. An e liquid also contains nicotine plays a primordial role, completing the lack during smoking cessation.
Water The de-mineralized water (between 0 to 5%) serves to fluidize (liquid down) the mixture because the Vegetable Glycerine compound is relatively thick. Flavorings The Food Flavorings represents between 3 to 15% of liquid. The aroma brings flavor to the liquid. It can be composed of natural aromatized substances, synthetic substances or even a mixture of both. base Representing 80 to 90 % of mixture, the base is composed of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), which both participate to enhance a low temperature. nicotine The nicotine is in pure liquid form, it is obtained by the extraction of tobacco leaves. It is an alkaloid which has a weak dosage and the effects are stimulating, and is rapidly eliminated by the organisms. The nicotine concentration level is between 0mg/ml to 18mg/ml depending on your nicotine level. Alcohol The Ethyl Alcohol (between 0 to 5%) serves to fluidize (liquid down) and encourage the >. This equally serves to exhaust the homogenizing taste. The alcohol provides the softness in the mouth.
Vapor ? The hit is a sensation in the throat which is known to all smokers, which is caused by the contraction of the pharynx whilst the passing of the steam. It is commonly used in the cosmetic, food and medical industry.

This guide has been written to give you maximum information which characterizes an e liquid. We are interested in the different compositions, but also the different types of e liquids which exists on the market for the Electronic Cigarette  and its origin.

You will understand all that you want to know about an e liquid is here! 

What is an E liquid composed of?

The e liquid for the electronic cigarette is composes of the following elements:

  • A PG/VG Base, representing 80% to 90% of e liquid. It is associated with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, which both have the particularity to vaporise at base temperature.
  • Aromas represented between 3 to 15% of e liquid. The aroma brings flavour to the e liquid, which can also be composed of natural or synthetic aromatic substances. A mixture of these elements. They tend to reproduce as closely as possible the desired flavour, whether it is fruity, gourmet, classic or even menthol.
  • Nicotine, representing between 0 and 2 % in e liquid. The concentration of nicotine in an e liquid is inclusive of 0mg/ml and 18mg/ml, following the choice of you dosage.
  • De-mineralized Water (between 0 and 5%), sometimes used to fluidify the final e liquid as the vegetable glycerine is a composition which is relatively thick
  • Ethyl Alcohol (between 0 and 5%), sometimes utilised to fluidify and favourise the “hit”. It is also served to exhaust the taste of e liquid and homogenisation. The alcohol brings a touch of softness in the mouth.


Note: The de-mineralized water and ethyl water has a similar function (fluidify) and are not systematically employed by the manufacturers depending on the recipe. The combination of the demineralized and alcohol are e liquids which rarely pass by 5%, detailing the first 3 components.

The Nicotine of an E Liquid

The Nicotine present in an e liquid, allows the smoker to fill the lack linked to smoking cessation. The role is primordial. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the diffusion of nicotine in the blood which differs according to the method of administration.

For the smoke of the cigarette, each draw liberates a large part of nicotine in the blood. Here we talk about the shoot; the absorption of nicotine is very rapid via the lungs which produces in the blood peaks, the concentration of nicotine with each draw. Only 7 seconds is enough for the route of the nicotine, from the lips to the brain.

On the contrary, the nicotine administrated by an e liquid with the electronic cigarette is mainly by oral mucosa which is represents 15% of assimilation. The assimilation of the nicotine inhaled by the bias is more reliable and is diffused (without the peaks of concentration) of a classic cigarette.

Although less efficient, the interest of the vape however remains to no longer inhale unwanted substances contained in a classic cigarette whilst filling the lack of nicotine. 

What is the role of Nicotine in an E Liquid ?

The nicotine assures the « hit », this sensation scratches the back of the throat with the passage of vapor which smokers are looking for. More the dosage of your nicotine in e liquid is strong, more you will be assured with the sensation in the throat.

Conversely, the absence of nicotine will not procure any sensations in the throat. The hit therefore is an important factor with the choice of nicotine in the e liquid. If you do not feel the hit which seems insufficient, but the rate of nicotine is satisfying, it is possible to reinforce the sensation by increasing the Propylene Glycol of liquid (PG).

The interest of the nicotine in an e liquid is that it fills in the lack being felt with smoking cessation. In effect, one of the very important point is to stop smoking, and to permanently have a necessary dose of nicotine in the blood. The nicotine inhaled with an electronic cigarette is between 5 – 10 lower than the classic cigarette, therefore you need to vape more often to fill the gap. Do not worry if you vape longer during the first few days. Within time your consumption will decrease until you find your rhythm. In effect, the nicotine has the power to have limited nicotine. It’s association with chemical products present in the cigarette favours the dependency.

How to reduce the rate of Nicotine ?

The first thing to do think about if you wish to reduce the consumption of nicotine is that this must be done in a progressive manner. Precipitating towards e liquids with 0mg, there is the risk of relapsing much later. The first objective is to stop smoking, for definitely.

You must listen to your body! Take the time when it is impossible to vape to evaluate the time your body needs to feel the lacking sensation of nicotine. If the lack is very strong, then it is too early to pass to a lower dosage.


If the loss of hit is followed by the low rate of nicotine bothers you then you can compensate this by several means: increase the rate of propylene glycol of your e liquid, adopt the fruity or menthol e liquids, decrease the value of your coils or adapt yourself to Vegetol e liquids.

What are the precautions to take with a Nicotine E Liquid? 

The nicotine is an alkaloid stimulant of a low dosage, rapidly eliminated by the organism, but toxic at a high dosage and can generate the dependency in case of regular consumption.

The utilisation of nicotine e liquid is strongly discouraged if you are a non-smoker, pregnant, breastfeeding or even presents the risk of serious cardiovascular disease.

Whilst vaping, be very careful with signs of nicotine overdose: headaches, nausea, vomiting…In case of any doubts, immediately stop all consumption of e liquid and consult your doctor.

In case of any subcutaneous contact with the e liquid, rinse immediately with water. In case of accidental digestion, rinse the mouth and call the ANTI-POISON CENTER or your doctor (if possible, keep and show the label of the product).

Conserve the e liquids in a fresh and dry area, away from light. Do not leave your e liquids in the presence of children.

The aroma of an E Liquid

Of course, the aroma represents in general no more than 15% of, the composition of an e liquid as its role is fundamental. In effect, this is what gives the flavour to the e liquid and will be the first thing which is felt by the vaper.

The different types of aroma in an e liquid.

The aroma for the electronic cigarette is divided in 2 large categories: naturel and artificial aromas.

  • Natural Aromas

The natural aromas are formed with molecules removed, as the name indicates, the natural state and the following which are extracted, distilled and assembled to obtain the desired flavour. A natural aroma is in general the flavour which one seeks to transcribe.

  • Artificial Aroma

It is not always easy to reproduce the flavours that we desire. So, there does exist other types of aroma: the artificial aromas. These are different forms of synthetic molecules to approach close enough the desired flavour. Another interest with synthetic aromas is that you can accentuate certain perfumes from the flavours which can be a little too bland to be present in the natural state of e liquid.

The different types of flavours in an E Liquid.

The aromas of e liquid for the electronic cigarette can be divided in 5 great families:

  •  Classic Flavours

The Classic liquids are those which are certainly more privileged by new vapers as these recipes which perfectly transcribes the taste of the cigarette. Brown or blond, you can find the flavours you need. The Classic marries very well with gourmet flavours such as Vanilla, Caramel of even Nutty Fruits.

  • Mint Flavours

For those in search of intense fresh sensations, the strength of Menthol recipes are ideal.  From Fresh Mint to Polar Mint, e liquids which can offer a more pronounced hit, which slightly compensates the lowering of the rate of nicotine.

  • Fruity Flavours

For lovers of sweet flavours, you will be orientated towards fruity e liquids. Vape the best garden or exotic aromas, from simple aromas or real fruit salads. The fruity e liquids offer infinite possibilities.

  • Gourmet Flavours

The gourmet e liquids allow you to take a sweet break with the proposition of pastry perfumes which will remind you and you will love from your childhood. Biscuits, Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate… Find your happiness.

  • Drink Flavours

With a vape, you can find a large sample of drink recipes from fresh soda to sweet expresso coffee passing by delicious flavours of tea or full of fruit smoothies.

The PG/VG Base of an E Liquid

The PG/VG base is composed of 2 elements which are property of vaporizing the base temperature in the form of vapor, giving the illusion of cigarette smoke.

What is PG/VG ?

  • Propylene Glycol

The Propylene Glycol (or PG) is a molecule which serves to favourise the good restitution of flavours and has a powerful hit gracious to the property which allows you to fix the aroma and guarantees good homogenisation. The PG is not carcinogenic, or toxic as it is rapidly degraded by the body. 

  • Vegetable Glycerine

The Vegetable Glycerine (or VG) is a substance utilised in a large of number of industries as it disposes a very interesting property allowing you to maintain a certain rate of hydration at the heart of the product. It is therefore very useful for a vape, where you can obtain the vapor. It is produced from the saponification of vegetable oil. It is an e liquid which is quite viscous. This gives the thickness to the e liquid.

The PG/VG composition of an e liquid.

An e liquid is most of the time prepared with a base containing sometimes Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine in varied proportions. It is also possible to find e liquids with base 100% PG or 100% VG. Each will decide on this or that basis, the quantity of vapor generated of preference.

  • E Liquid with a High PG Rate

An e liquid with a high PG rate (superior of 50%) is more fluid and produces the hit. It is very interesting for beginners in vape. The properties equally renders compatible with the small models of the electronic cigarettes, made for indirect inhaling and less powerful.

  • 50/50 E liquid

An e liquid with a rate of 50/50 is defined as balanced. It offers a hit which is present but not to strong, all assuring a production of satisfying vapor. The properties renders compatible with a large majority of electronic cigarettes and clearomisers

  • E liquid with a High VG Rate

An e liquid with a high VG rate (superior of 50%) is more viscous and produces more vapor. It should be used with an electronic cigarette adapted to direct inhaling and is very strong. This is notably the case with sub ohm clearomisers and reconstructable atomisers.

What are the different types of E Liquid? 

The 10 ml E Liquid

The base format you will find when choosing your e liquid, the 10ml bottle proposes an e liquid which is ready to vape. It contains all you need of an e liquid: base, aroma and nicotine. With this type of product, you have different rates of nicotine to choose from, to which suits you best:0, 3, 6, 12, 15, 18 mg/ml…etc.

The Directive on Tobacco Products

Since the 1st January 2017, vaping products are under the Tobacco Directive Products, a European law which frames the sale of e liquids. The law has 2 limitations:

  • No E liquid more than 10ml can not contain any nicotine
  • No E Liquid can contain more than 20mg/ml in nicotine

To be clear, it is not possible to find in Europe more than 10ml with nicotine, which is necessary to be content with concentration of 20mg/ml for the nicotine.

The Mix & Vape E Liquid

Depending on the directive of tobacco products, an e liquid which is more than 10ml must not contain nicotine. The problem for regular vapers is that purchasing a 10ml of e liquid can become very expensive. A solution to remedy this problem is Mix & Vape. It has a method which consists of purchasing large formats of e liquid and adding nicotine to the liquid yourself. For Mix & Vape you will need:

  • A large format bottle of e liquid (PG/VG base + Aroma)
  • A Nicotine Booster

Once you have chosen your large format e liquid bottle (>10ml), convenient to your taste, you should add one or more nicotine boosters in function of needs.

A booster is a 10 ml bottle which contains the mixture of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine with a large concentration of Nicotine (generally 20mg/ml). Even though associated with a Mix & Vape Liquid, the booster will dilute the liquid to obtain the desired rate. To know the number of boosters you need to add to the e liquid to obtain the dosage required, a Mix & Vape table is at your disposition in all the product sheets with liquids of a large format.

The Mix & vape offers several advantages:

  • It is more economic
  • You can handle your own rate of nicotine

Nicotine Salt E Liquids

E Liquids with Nicotine Salts is a type of e liquid which have recently appeared on the market of electronic cigarettes. It has the advantage to offer you sensations close to a classic cigarette to have a rapid diffusion in the body. This lack is linked to the smoking cessation, which efficiently fills the void.

The Nicotine Salts also have a particularity to be irritating in the throat but has a much softer “hit”. The gives the possibility of having a high rate without any discomfort when vaping.

To whom addresses the Nicotine Salt E Liquids?

The Nicotine Salts E Liquids can address different profiles:

  • Smokers who use tobacco is very important, and for those who need a high rate of nicotine (superior of 16 mg/ml)
  • Smokers who already have the experience, inconclusive of vape as the need for nicotine is not enough.
  • For Vape-smokers who have not managed to give up their last cigarette habits (those who smoke in the morning or in the evening for example).
  • Vapers who wish to reduce their consumption of e liquid by passing over to higher rate of nicotine.

Whar rate of Nicotine Salt E Liquids to choose?

In function of your profile, we advise you the following rates of Nicotine Salts

 If you are a Smoker:

  • 10 mg/ml: for those who smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day.
  • 20 mg/ml: for those who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day

 If you are a Vaper:

  • 10 mg/ml: for those who normally vape with a rate of nicotine inferior or equal to 6mg/ml
  • 20 mg/ml: for those who normally vape with a superior rate of 6mg/ml

Find below the best Nicotine Salt E Liquids:

Which Electronic Cigarette is best suited with Nicotine Salts? 

An e liquid with Nicotine Salts must be used with an electronic cigarette which offers a tight pull and is integrated with high coils (superior or equal to 1ohm). Material which is more powerful than low based coils can in effect deliver an important quantity of nicotine. It can also present the risk of over dosage.

Here are the models we advise you to associate Nicotine Salt:

The Vegetol E Liquid

The Vegetol is originally composed of 100% Vegetable which can be found in the food industry to protect certain sensitive foods from humidity.

The interest of the e liquid is double: It allows you avoid the Propylene Glycol which is sometimes poorly supported by vapers and offers better inhalation of nicotine, which is vaporised at the same temperature as the latter. So, the Vegetal E Liquid will rapidly soothe your need for nicotine.

The Vegetol also has the advantage to offer a pronounced hit than Propylene Glycol. This is great interest when one tries to detach itself. In effect, the low rate of nicotine causes the hit to decrease. Passing over to Vegetol E Liquids will allows you to compensate the loss of this sensation.

The CBD E Liquid

Mainly known under the name of Cannabidiol, the CBD is a molecule extract of the Cannabis plant. Contrary to THC, the CBD is not a psychotropic substance. Even if the effects are largely debated in the scientific community, this molecule can have several therapeutic interests such as a calming effect which can help combat anxiety. However, the CBD can reduce lacking sensations linked to the cigarette or cannabis. The CBD E Liquid can also be a solution for smokers who wish to get rid of one of the addictions.

Composition of a CBD E Liquid

In the CBD E Liquid, you will find pure Cannabidiol crystals to guarantee the absence of all the undesirable molecules such as THC. To this a PG/VG base is added, generally 80/20 for reasons of bad dissolution of Vegetable Glycerine. To finish, an aroma can be added to give a little bit extra to your CBD E Liquid.

Choose wel the dosage of the CBD E Liquid? 

The effects are often felt when inhaling the CBD liquid depends on the person. Therefore, it is difficult to advocate the rate of CBD, then any other. However, here are the indications to help you find the dosage which corresponds to your needs:

  • Less than 10 mg/ml: for a regular vape during the day
  • Between 10 and 30 mg/ml: for consumption with spaced intervals.
  • Between 30 mg/ml and 50mg/ml: for rare usage.

Note: the CBD dosage can be expressed in 2 different ways; in mg or in mg/ml. An element where you need to pay attention, when choosing a CBD liquid 10 times to strong (or not enough). For example; an e liquid with a dosage of 100mg/ml in CBD which contains 10 times more Cannabidiol than an e liquid with a dosage of 100mg corresponding to a dosage of 10mg/ml. Be vigilant.

Use well the CBD E Liquid

A CBD E Liquid can be vaped with all types of material. You might be surprised by the “hit” which can be relatively powerful. You can limit the effect if needed by adjusting the output power of your electronic cigarette. However, this is not very interesting as the nicotine is a stimulant, which has the risk of eliminating the relaxing effect found with the CBD.

To finish, the CBD e liquid is a little bit complicated to conserve than a classic e liquid. In effect the cannabidiol e liquid can rapidly lose its quality, this is why it is better to avoid large reservoirs.

Do not leave the CBD E Liquid exposed to sunlight, heat or in open air for a long period of time

Where do E Liquids come from?

E liquids Made in France

Le Petit Vapoteur proposes a large choice of French Liquids, created by manufacturers come from the 4 corners of the hexagon. Making the choice with a French e liquid has certain advantages. First of all, you will be guaranteed with quality and price. The French Manufactures propose products which have been worked on for affordable prices. The second interest is the great diverse flavours that you will discover. In France, we redouble our imagination when it comes to creating surprising recipes. To finish, the e liquids made in France will assure you in respect with the quality and safety in standard with good traceability of the products. The French E Liquids must respect AFNOR standards: XP D90-300 puts rules in place which puts be respected in terms of dosage and compositions.

La France are proud to count large brands such as : The Fuu, Curieux, 814, E liquid France, Savourea and even Vincent Dans Les Vapes.

E liquids Made in France

You can also find e liquids which come from different regions of the world and principally from United Kingdom (Tjuice), United States of America (Halo), Germany (Roofy’s), Cananda (Slushy) but also from the Philippines (Viper Labs) and also Malaysia (Full Moon).