Classic Minimal

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If you do not smoke, do not vape
what level of nicotine salts is right for you?

For occasional smokersLess than 10 cigarettes/day

10 mg/ml

For regular smokersMore than 10 cigarettes/day

20 mg/ml
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6,90 €

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E liquid Classic Minimal. A Classic, direct and traditional E Liquid containing Nicotine Salts

The E Liquids are with Nicotine Salts bringing easy inhaling, without any akward sensations, which allows you to vape with increased rates of nicotine.  

The Minimal Range is also available in 0mg/ml

The E Liquids with Nicotine Salts Minimal are conditioned in a 10ml Bottle and are in 50/50% in PG/VG. There are 2 rates of nicotine available: 10mg/ml and 20mg/ml. 

The e liquid Classic from the Minimal range is prepared and conditioned in France by The Fuu.

It is advised NOT TO use coils with sub ohms (low value of 1 ohm).

Capacity 10 ml
Origin France
PG 50 %
VG 50 %


Minimal is the first range of French E Liquids incorporated with Nicotine Salts instead of traditional Nicotine. Presented in its natural state in Tobacco Plants, the Nicotine Salts have the advantage of having a rapid effect on the organism and procures the hit (sensation in the throat) which is softer. The inhaling of the e liquid and Nicotine Salts are easier, especially with the increased Rate of Nicotine, and provokes less the awkwardness or a cough. To benefit in complete serenity, it is strongly advised to use these E Liquids of Nicotine Salts with a less powerful Electronic Cigarette. 

 Minimal, Nicotine Salts are addressed to:

  • First time Vape buyers, the "smoker-vapers" with difficult finding the Rate of Nicotine adapted to their needs. 
  • The "large" vapers tired of being hooked to the e-cig. With the Minimal E Liquids Nicotine Salts, will be vaped less. 
  • Vapers in search of efficiency with reduced equipment. The Minimal E Liquids vape with small E Cigs. 
  • Vapers who find bother with the e liquids strong in Nicotine. The Minimal E Liquids bring softer sensations, but always has the necessary Nicotine. 
  • Vapers who "break" on nights out or festive events for a cigarette. They find an easy alternative in the moments where not smoking is difficult. 

Features of the Minimal E Liquid:

Propylene Glycol 50 % Vegetable Glycerine 50 %
Composition Aromas / Nicotine Salts Capacity 10 ml
Type of Bottle PET with secured Cap and Pourer Origin France

The Nicotine Salts E liquids from the Minimal range are prepared and conditioned in France by The Fuu.

Make note of your Nicotine dependancy.

The rate of nicotine depends on your nicotine intake. To know exactly your dependency in nicotine, there does exists many screening tests used by Tabacologists. Find the test on this page:  

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  • N. Jean-Pierre
  • publié le 28/05/2020
  • 5/5
Mon préféré.
  • M. Anne-Sophie
  • publié le 20/05/2020
  • 5/5
Très bien
  • P. Sami
  • publié le 20/05/2020
  • 4/5
Le sel de nicotine répond bien au besoin de nicotine. Agit rapidement et évite de vapoter tout le temps. En revanche, je n'ai pas accroché à cet arôme.
  • B. Justin
  • publié le 14/05/2020
  • 4/5
Un liquide qui a très bon goût
  • S. Kenneth
  • publié le 13/05/2020
  • 5/5
Conforme à ce que j'attendais.
  • V. Tristan
  • publié le 09/05/2020
  • 5/5
Saveur légère et agréable
  • R. Vincent
  • publié le 08/05/2020
  • 5/5
Classique tabac bon hit
  • M. Laurent
  • publié le 08/05/2020
  • 5/5
Très bien
  • G. Francis
  • publié le 08/05/2020
  • 4/5
Ancien fumeur, le produit correspond parfaitement à mes besoins. Le bémol : un peu cher.
  • V. Eric
  • publié le 08/05/2020
  • 5/5
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