FAQ E-liquid

In Brief The objective for the FAQ is to give simple and clear answers to the questions asked about e liquids. The questions are regrouped by theme, for example about nicotine, or on the composition and conservation of e liquids You can also easily find missing information that you need.!
de-mineralized water The de-mineralized water (between 0 to 5%) serves to fluidize (liquid down) the mixture because the Vegetable Glycerine compound is relatively thick. Food Flavorings The Food Flavorings represents between 3 to 15% of liquid. The aroma brings flavor to the liquid. It can be composed of natural aromatized substances, synthetic substances or even a mixture of both. base Representing 80 to 90 % of mixture, the base is composed of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), which both participate to enhance a low temperature. nicotine The nicotine is in pure liquid form, it is obtained by the extraction of tobacco leaves. It is an alkaloid which has a weak dosage and the effects are stimulating, and is rapidly eliminated by the organisms. The nicotine concentration level is between 0mg/ml to 18mg/ml depending on your nicotine level. Alcohol The Ethyl Alcohol (between 0 to 5%) serves to fluidize (liquid down) and encourage the >. This equally serves to exhaust the homogenizing taste. The alcohol provides the softness in the mouth.
Vapor ? The hit is a sensation in the throat which is known to all smokers, which is caused by the contraction of the pharynx whilst the passing of the steam. It is commonly used in the cosmetic, food and medical industry.


I have a lacking sensation when i vape. Is this normal ?

This lacking sensation comes from the addiction of nicotine and without a doubt the insufficient rate of nicotine to complete your needs. So do not hesitate to increase it rapidly or you will start smoking again.

Should i decrease the rate of nicotine with my e liquids?

Yes, and it is advised to do this. With a vape which is adapted to your needs from the beginning, the lacking sensations will be evntually  spaced out in time. Reprograming your organism, you can reduce your rate of nicotine progressively. Becareful, however do not precipitate to reduce the rate very quickly. You may find yourself vaping a lot more, even find the lacking sensation which drove you start smoking.

Overdosing, what is that?

The nicotine is stimulant and can in case of excessive vaping can provoke headaches, anxiety, trouble sleeping, nausea and can increase the heart rate. If you are subject to these types of disorders, it is imperative to stop vaping and to consult medical help.

What is the hit ?

The hit is the sensation in the throat whilst the passage of smoke of a classic cigarette or vapor of the electronic cigarette. More the rate of Nicotine of an E Liquid is increased, the hit is pronounced and seems like a real classic cigarette.

I do not feel the hit with my e liquid, what should I do?

This sensation at the level of the throat is produced by nicotine of the e liquid but also Propylene Glycol. For the same rate of nicotine you will have more of a hit by focusing on e liquids which have a strong rate of PG. For example an e liquid with 70/30 PG/VG, instead of an e liquid with 50/50. Increasing the power of the electronic cigarette can also bring more sensation in the throat.

Why does the e liquid make me cough?

There are many elements which can provoke coughing fits. A high rate of nicotine can be cause of this. So, you must attempt to lower the rate of nicotine to have significant ameliorations. You can also reduce the power (in watts) of your electronic cigarette (if it allows you) to reduce the delivery of nicotine.

The E Liquids which have a high rate of Propylene Glycol can also be a source of dryness of the mucous membrane and coughing. Therefore, you must direct yourself to e liquids with an important rate of VG. In certain cases, the electronic cigarette will make you feel the damage caused by tobacco. The quicker you stop smoking, quicker the irritation will disappear.

Is nicotine dangerous for your health?

Nicotine is not a carcinogenic molecule. Even if it is present in the tobacco of cigarettes. This is not what is responsible for the dangers linked to smoking. There are other toxic substances, such a carbon monoxide, for example which favours the appearance of cancer. Substances which are absent in the vapor of the electronic cigarette.

Why is there a danger pictogram on the side of my e liquid bottle?

Only bottles containing nicotine (with a superior rate of 2.5mg/ml) has a pictogram representing an exclamation point in a red diamond. This symbol indicates that the e liquid is harmful if it is ingested. However, this does not indicate that the e liquids can be represented dangerous if they are vaped.

What precautions should we take with e liquids which contain nicotine?

E Liquids which contain nicotine should be respected when in use. First of all, the e liquids should be kept out of reach from children. In case in ingestion, rinse and wash the mouth immediately and call the poison control center or you local doctor and seek help (if possible, keep the label of the product)

It is also convenient when handling e liquids which contain nicotine, to protect your hands as the nicotine can be absorbed by the skin. In case of contact with skin, rinse the touched area with clear water.

Where does the nicotine for e liquids?

The nicotine is pure and in liquid form which is obtained by the extraction of tobacco. This nicotine responds to very strict regulations and standards: USP (United States Pharmacopeia), PE (European Pharmacopoeia), US FCC (United States Food Chemical Codex) or FDA (USA Food & Drug Administration).


Why do certain e liquids contain alcohol?

Ethyl alcohol, or ethanol can intervene with the fabrication of certain e liquids. It allows the vaporization of certain aromas but allows it to fluidify together. Today, there is no physiological linked to the presence of alcohol in the e liquids which have been proven.

If the utilisation of ethanol in the fabrication of e liquid is common, it is not a majority. To be confirmed with the CLP regulations (Classification, Labelling and Packaging), the e liquids can contain up to 6% in ethanol.

I have heard of Diacetyl, what is that? 

The molecules of certain aromas can be formed during the vape, the diacetyl or the propionyl acetyl. This component in great quantity can be present certain toxicity when inhaling. In France, the AFNOR standards prescribes the presence of diacetyl in e liquids. Also the XP D-90-300 part 2 frames the composition of e liquids and establishes the list of problematic aromas.

 Which aromas presents risks in high dosages ?

There are numerous studies which have shown the harmlessness of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine when vaping, the “creamy” or “buttered aroma types. It is advised to have reasonable and moderate consumption of Custard type e liquids.

 A Full VG E liquid, what is that?

This e liquid is composed 100% of Vegetable Glycerine. These e liquids have been chosen for the large production of vapor and are often vaped with a dripper (reconstructable atomiser)


Should I vary the taste of E Liquids?

Vaping the same e liquid can sometimes cause the weariness of the vaper and can also cause the risk of returning back to the classic cigarette. A large variety of flavours available for the electronic cigarette allow you to discover new gustative sensations, so you will not get tired of vaping the same liquids.

Can i mix the e liquids ?

It is possible to mix different e liquids. You must shake the bottle, so the result is homogenic. You can also mix 2 bottles of the same flavour but with 2 different rates of nicotine to obtain an intermediate rates of nicotine. You can for example, mix 0mg/ml with 6mg/ml, so you will obtain 3mg/ml.

Why do certain e liquids deteriorate my coil more the other e liquids?

These are essentially gourmet aromas with a strong concentration rate in aromas which have the risk to rapidly degrade the coil. The viscous e liquids (with a high rate in VG) are most likely to have the same effect.

Which atomiser or clearomiser can be used with e liquids with a high rate of VG ?

To use this type of e liquid in the best conditions, it is advised to be equipped with a "Sub Ohm" type of atomiser which allows the coils with large openings the entry of e liquids and a fiber with strong capillaries to assure the nourishment of resistive wires.

Conservation of e liquid

Does the e liquid have an expiration date? What is a DLUO?

The DLUO corresponds to the Use by Date. It is not a question of an expiration date, or use by date, the e liquid does not become harmful but can lose its quality especially in taste. Passing the date, the manufacturer does not guarantee the organoleptic quality of the e liquid. 

How long should I conserve my e liquid?

The Glycerine and Propylene has a DLC of 3 years. The nicotine, 5 years. With aromas, they age less better especially if they are stored in daylight. Certain aromas lose their flavour from around 12 to 18 months. This is why the manufacturers indicate the DLUO (best before date) generally of one year, even if the liquids remain consumable after the DLUO date for the reason mentioned above.

How to conserve e liquids in the best conditions?

It is advised to conserve e liquids away from light, and keep it stored at room temperature, ideally from 18° to 20°C and keep the e liquids away from children. Close the bottle to avoid any contact with air. The duration of conservation does not change. It is sometimes advised to use the e liquid within one month once opened.

What to do with empty bottles? throw them away?

Wash the bottle well, it can be served to recondition your e liquids in a larger format (like the « Mix ‘N’ Vape » for example) or to mix different e liquids together. It can also be used the bottles for your own creations, which is called  (« Do It Yourself »). You can also go through a specialized recycling stream.