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Organic E Liquid

Consuming « organic » has become in the space of a few years a major preoccupation for more and more consumers. First of all, linked to the food industry, organic has developed in a number of sectors. So, then was only a question of time before this underlying trend hits the world of the electronic cigarette . All that is left to know is if an e liquid can really be organic. Some answers lay in this guide.

Can an e liquid be organic ?

Before knowing if an organic e liquid exists, you must ask if the appellation is possible. Two fundamental criteria’s must be considered:

  • An organic product must only contain ingredients issued organic farming.
  • An organic product must not include any chemical transformations.

Now you will be interested in the different elements which compose an e liquid for the electronic cigarette, to know that it responds the 2 criteria’s. First of all, an e liquid which principally contains propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG).

The vegetable glycerine is extracts of vegetal oils by the saponification process. The process renders possible the production of organic VG that can be found in certain organic cosmetic products.

The propylene glycol itself is issued from petrochemicals and therefore cannot be obtained organically. It can however be replaced with a substitute more natural, mono propylene glycol vegetal (MPGV) or Vegetol (see below).

Besides the PG and VG, an e liquid is composed of aromas and nicotine. The aromas are food types and can have a natural or synthetic origin. In any case whether they are qualified natural, they are made with premium quality materials exclusively vegetal, possibly issued with organic farming.

The nicotine is obtained by an extraction process of the molecule from the tobacco sheets. Unfortunately, for the moment there does not exists a manner to obtain this in an entirely natural way.

By considering all the elements we quickly understand the fabrication of an organic e liquid, but it is not as simple as expected.

Does a natural or 100% organic e liquid exist?

Not to make the suspense last any longer: an e liquid which is totally organic does not exist. You will not find on the vaping market any e liquid disposing of an organic certification. 

As we have previously seen, this explains first of all the nicotine. Certainly, an e liquid may not contain nicotine, but the presence can remain despite the necessary to be successful with smoking cessation. Without nicotine, the lack which is associated with stopping to smoke will not be fulfilled and the experience is very likely to end in failure.

Concerning the food flavourings, certain between others do not exist naturally therefore it is necessary for synthetic origin, for example in the case of gourmet aromas. As for natural aromas, they are not necessarily from organic farming. A recipe of e liquid for the electronic cigarette generally containing different flavours, so it is therefore impossible to use aromas which are 100% organic by origin.

Concerning the propylene glycol, we have seen that it may be replaced by mono propylene glycol vegetal or with vegetal. This does not however dispose of organic certification.

To resume, there are certain elements of an e liquid which are more or less of natural origin, and it is not possible that the totality of the components come from organic farming.

However, does this mean that the e liquids are of bad quality?

How to assure the quality of e liquid ?


The mention of the word « organic », as well as various organic certifications are made of quality, but it is not because an e liquid is made of 100% organic quality that it cannot be fabricated with the upmost seriousness.

Since the creation in 2010, Le Petit Vapoteur selections only the best e liquids for the electronic cigarette. Each flavour classicmint or even fruity are integrated in our catalogue which will respond perfectly to the following criteria’s:

  • Nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine of pharmaceutical quality (EP or USP standard).
  • Food grade flavours compatible with inhalation and vaporisation.
  • Total absence of controversial substances.
  • In compliance with current standards.

All the e liquids sold by LPV are also notified to ANSES (National agency of health security) who are responsible for checking the compositions and their emissions. Certain between themselves also benefit with the AFNOR which guarantees the quality and security or the consummators. You will find examples of e liquids which meet these standards below:

Le Petit Vapoteur privileges e liquid which are made in France. Since the appearance of the electronic cigarette, now more than 10 years, there are several French companies which have the know how in this domain. AlfaliquidD’licePulp or even Vincent dans les Vapes are some of the big names which are amongst the  « made in France » in the world of vape. If you want to vape in France, do not hesitate to consult the selection below:


What alternative to propylene glycol in an e liquid?

If an e liquid 100% organic existed, the principal interest would be that it does not contain propylene glycol in whatever form. But of course, the PG does not present any proven risks towards health. It can however be more or less tolerated by vapers.

With some, the PG can in effect start a light irritating cough or a sore throat. It is estimated that a little less than 1% of the population is allergic to propylene glycol. In this case, the symptoms which occur are very important and must be consulted by your local GP, and then by an allergist.

Whether you are intolerant or allergic with PG, the solution is not to stop vaping but to find an alternative of e liquid in capacity. A hypothetical organic e liquid is not the only way to achieve this.

For those who badly tolerate propylene glycol, the solution resided in the utilisation of « High VG » e liquids, otherwise known as a high percentage of vegetable glycerine and very low percentage of PG. This is enough in many cases for the discomfort of vape to disappear.

The propylene glycol can also be replaced completely by Vegetal. It has an ingredient exclusively of vegetal origin obtained by organic fermentation of sunflower glycerine depending on the food process. The vegetal is an innovation which is made in France and a real alternative for vapers who cannot stand PG. If this is the case for you we advise you to test one of the following e liquids below:

To finish, the last solution is to turn towards DIY (« do it yourself » or « fais le toi-même » in French) which allows you to fabricate your own proper e liquid. The principal advantage is that you can control all the ingredients which enter into the composition of your preparation.

You can for example chose to do DIY with an original base of vegetal, even with 100% vegetable glycerine certified AB like those proposed by the French manufacturer Aromea. You can then add one or more nicotine boosters depending on the rate of nicotine which corresponds to your needs. The only thing that is left to do is choose the DIY aroma which corresponds to your taste and mix altogether.

    If you wish to know more about the fabrication process of DIY e liquids, you can consult the following guide:

     see the diy guide