Electronic Cigarette Pod

A Pod is a very simple e-cigarette that offers an intuitive and discreet vape. Compact, it will be forgotten while being at hand as soon as the need will be felt. A Pod kit is intended for moderate smokers (less than 20 cigarettes a day).

  • The most
  • Single
  • Intuitive
  • Compact
  • Discreet
(tank + resistance)
cartridge :
Constituted in cotton, wick or even with silica surrounded by the coil wire. This is a part of the Electronic Cigarette which is consumable and needs to be regularly changed.
battery :
The battery is a device which feeds electric energy to the coils of your Electronic Cigarette.
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What is a Pod Electronic Cigarette?

A pod, also known as Pod Mod is an Electronic Cigarette, compact and easy to use. It differentiates from other models by the disposable cartridges which acts as the reservoir and the Coil. The cartridges are associated with a battery which sends the necessary energy to produce the vapor. A simple and intuitive system which does not need much knowledge and is perfectly adapted for beginners.

What is the Electronic Cigarette Pod composed of?

The Pod Electronic Cigarette is composed of 2 principal elements::

  • The Cartridge

A Cartridge which can be also called recharge, is a disposable element and changeable Pod Mod. It includes a reservoir as well as a coil which produces vapor with heating of e liquid. In function with the mode, the cartridge is already pre-filled, or you can fill it with your preferred e liquid.

If the cartridge is pre-filled, it must be changed when the tank is empty. In the opposite case, it must be changed on the coils is used. In these two cases, the handling has been thought, so it is extremely simple, unclip the used cartridge from the battery and replace it with a new cartridge.

  • The Battery

The battery as the name indicates, is a reserve of electric energy which nourishes the Pod. Even if it is generally small, it represents a majority of the surface of the Pod Mod. On the contrary to the pod, this element does not get thrown away but can be recharged via the USB Micro Port and cable.

Like all material which function with a battery, the autonomy of the Pod is a determined factor. If it does break, of course you will probably want to smoke a cigarette. You must be vigilant with this and look at the « mAh » for this battery of your future Pod. Higher the number in mAh, better the autonomy.

How does the Pod Mod function?

As said in preamble, the principal function of the Electronic Cigarette is very simple. The energy accumulated is sent to the coil of the cartridge which progressively heats the e liquid present in the tank, and also produces vapor, as you aspire with the intended mouthpiece.

To orchestrate all, the Pod is supplied with a small electronic circuit. Equally called “chipset”, this is what regulates the electrical currant sent by the battery, but also protects it so you can vape in complete security.

In function with the models, the mechanism which handles the production of vapor can take place under 2 different forms:

  •  Trigger via Aspiration: it is simple enough to aspire the tip of the Pod, so the Electronic Cigarette automatically produces the vapor.


  •  Trigger via the Button: the production of vapor only starts when you press on the button and take a pull of the pod.


 If the aspiration may seem a little bit more intuitive for a smoker, the button itself has another advantage : to start and stop the Pod, (generally by clicking on it 5 times). So, there is not really a mechanism to favour. It all depends on your preference.

To whom addresses the Pod Electronic Cigarette ?

The Electronic Cigarette, format Pod can satisfy several vapers, such as beginners or experienced. However, we consider the pod for the following:

From small to medium smokers

The intuitive functioning and compact format of the Pod Mod is often seen as an advantage by smokers who wish to generally find the characteristics of a classic cigarette. However, in the world of Electronic Cigarettes, simplicity and size rhymes with no adjustments and moderate autonomy. The settings allow in effect the power to vary the deliverance of nicotine in function with your needs. The autonomy itself, allows a vape overtime.

So, the Pod must be envisaged by small to medium smokers, therefore the consumption must not exceed 15 cigarettes per day. Above this, it is better to direct yourself towards the Box Kits with a during battery or even purchase an extra Pod so you can continue to vape whilst the other Pod recharges.

Vapers in search of simplicity

The Pod can equally address experienced vapers who are in search of a kit close to hand. The format in effect has a large advantage for nomad utilisation, and it slides comfortably in your bag or pocket. The low vapor produced makes it discreet and no one will look back at you because of large size of vapor produced.

You must, however, be comfortable with the tight pull offered by the Pod. For certain vapers progressing  with direct inhaling, going back to basics can be quite confusing.

What are the different models of E Cigarette Pods ?

We have seen that the Pod characterizes its format: a battery and cartridge. However, there does exists different models of Pod Mod which you have to know before making your choice.

Pods with sealed cartridges

The Pods which are sealed, means they are already filled with e liquid. These are the models which are simple to use so that the only handling to be done, is changing the cartridge when it is empty.

The pre-filled Cartridges propose different types of flavours, convenient for all. However, you are limited to the choices proposed by the manufacturer of the Pod.

When using the sealing Pod, the price is a little bit higher than the rechargeable Pods. So, you must take this in to account before purchasing this type of Pod.


Example of a Pod with pre-filled Cartridges : Koddo Pod Nano

Rechargeable Cartridge Pods

Rechargeable Cartridge pods are sold empty and can be filled with e liquid of your choice, many times. The procedure is generally simple and easy to enough to unclip the cartridge from the battery to access the small hole to fill with e liquid.

The cartridge should be changed when the coil inside the cartridge shows signs of failure, (persistent burning tastes or alteration of flavours). The duration of life is around 2 to 3 weeks.

More economic, the rechargeable cartridges leave more freedom. In effect it is possible to opt for any e liquid, if the VG Rate does not go over 50%.

Example of a Pod with rechargeable Cartridges : Teros Kit, Lynq Pod

Pods with changeable coils

Pods with changeable Coils have the same characteristics as the rechargeable cartridges. The only difference is that it allows you to change the coil once it has been used. So, you can of course keep the cartridge which is more economic.

Example of Pods with changeable coils :  Nautilus Aio Kit Orion PodNord Kit

How to choose correctly your Electronic Pod ?

To make the right choice, there are quite a few elements to consider before choosing your Pod Mod.

Autonomy of the Pod

The autonomy of the Pod is no doubt one of the most important criteria’s when choosing your Electronic Cigarette Pod. Expressed in « mAh », it will give you an idea of use that it can effectuate.

  •   Less than 400 mAh : For punctual utilisation
  •   Between 400 and 800 mAh : for regular utilisation
  •   More than 800 mAh : for intensive utilisation

For the value of the Pod coils can also play a lot on the autonomy of the battery. A high based coil (superior of 1 ohm) is perfect for a battery of low autonomy. On the opposite side, a low based coil (inferior of 1 ohm) should be coupled with a battery of more consequence. This is what manufacturers generally tend to do.

The type of vape proposed by the Pod

Even if the pods are designed for Indirect Inhaling with a tight pull close enough to a classic cigarette, there does exist some exceptions. You should therefore pay attention when purchasing your Pod.

To level out this problem, certain models propose modular aeration giving you the possibility to find a pull which is adapted to your needs.

Other Criteria's

Beyond the subjective criteria’s (design, ergonomics, colour...) which depends on each preference, there does exist fewer essential criteria’s which can influence your choice.

As the Pods are made for simple use, certain manipulations (filling, changing the cartridge…) can be less thought of than other things. Do not hesitate to watch the video and read the details of the product sheet so you have an idea of the Pod.

The type of cartridge proposed by the Pod (see the question « What are the different models of Electronic Cigarette Pods ? » is an important factor to consider. It is up to you to choose which solution is adapted for you depending on your budget.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Pod Electronic Cigarette Pod ?

As all the formats of the Electronic Cigarette, the Pods do of course have advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages

An Electronic Cigarette before all is extremely simple to use. It does not demand any settings and the maintenance is limited to the strict minimum. It has a perfect format for beginners who wish to discover the world of vape.

The Pod is also discreet, which means its form and production of vapor. It is close enough to the size of a classic cigarette; therefore, you will not get noticed whilst vaping.

The cartridge system offers the advantage to have a rapid change of flavours and the rate of nicotine in function with your needs and preferences. Unclip the old cartridge and clip in the new one... That’s it !!

Finally, a vape offered by the Pod which is close enough to the same sensations of a classic cigarette. The advantage which is not negligible is with smoking cessation.

The disadvantages 


Who says that a compact format says less place for the battery and moderated autonomy? The inconvenient principal of the Pod is that it will never be able to compete with a Box which embarks numerous batteries .

The simplicity of the Pod can also be seen by certain vapers as an inconvenience. No settings possible, it is therefore necessary to be satisfied with what the Electronic Cigarette Pod proposes.

To finish, the Pod is a model which is non evolving which functions with a closed system contrary to a Box Kit which the principal elements which are separable and interchangeable.

Which E Liquid to use with my Electronic Cigarette?

Two elements need to be considered when choosing the E Liquid for the Pod : PG/VG rate and rate of Nicotine.

  •   PG/VG

The Electronic Cigarette Pod generally requires an e liquid with a high rate of Propylene Glycol (PG) (superior or equal to 50%). Each model is different, do not hesitate to consult the product sheet and of course the utilisation advice.

  •   Nicotine

The soft vape offered by most of the Pod Mods have the tendency to extenuate the Hit. So, you must choose a rate of nicotine with consequence. If you are a beginner the high rate of nicotine (superior to 12mg/ml) is to be favoured, even if you smoke less.

The Electronic Cigarette Pod is perfectly adapted for E Liquids with Nicotine Salts or even CBD.

How long can i vape with the coil of my E Cigarette Pod?

Whether the Pod has a cartridge which is integrated or changeable, the coil of the Pod has a limited duration of life. The signs of a used coils can be displayed under different forms: persistent burning taste, alteration of flavours or low production of vapor.

The life expectancy of a Pod Mod is generally between 2 – 3 Weeks. It can be reduced by the utilisation of strong e liquid charged with aromas or even a high rate of Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

How to maintain my Electronic Cigarette Pod ?

The great advantage of the Pod is that it does not require a lot of maintenance. The only a handling required is changing the cartridge or the coil (if it is separable from the cartridge). To know more about this subject, we advise you refer to the previous section.

Of course, the battery of the Pod Mod can also be regularly recharged. This charge can be effectuated via Electronic material disposing of a USB output (a PC for example), even if we do advise to opt for a wall adapter. You can find on our website or you can use the plug of your smartphone if you have one. In any case, we strongly recommend that you do not recharge your Pod if you are absent. The battery like any other Electrical material can have a failure component, which can lead to abnormal overheating and can be very dangerous.

What to do if my Electronic Cigarette does not work?

First, check if the battery is on. Certain Pod models require 5 successive clicks on the principal  button to activate the Pod.

Then, check if the battery is fully charged. For this, insert via USB cable into an energy source. A light will show up if this is the case.

To finish, check if the cartridge is in contact with the battery of the Pod If you have a model or coil which is separable from the cartridge, check that it is correctly installed and screwed in

If the previous steps are unsuccessful, the last solution is to change the cartridge or the coil of your Pod.