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-18 If you do not smoke, do not vape

Use well the coils of your Exceed D19 kit


Range of Use

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape


EX 0.5 Ω

20 - 35 watts

For an e liquid with an average VG rate (≈ 50%)

Versatile vape (medium vapor production)

Average e liquid consumption

EX 1.2 Ω

8 - 14 watts

For an e liquid with a low VG rate (< 50%)

Indirect vaping (low vapor production)

Moderate e liquid consumption  

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19,90 €
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The Exceed D19 Kit is a complete Electronic Cigarette, discreet and performant. This Kit offers a surprising choice of vape which is convenient for vapers, experienced aswell as beginners. The Exceed D19 Kit, is small battery which has an excellent autonomy of 1500 mAh. It is equally a Clearomiser which is 19mm in diameter, easy to handle, proposing a polyvalent aeration system with 2 Coils which are very complementary, Ex Head 0.50 ohms and 1.20 ohms. Gracious to the discreet size you can vape in all circumstances with the Exceed D19 Kit by Joyetech.  

The Exceed D19 Kit is made by Joyetech. 

Height 118 mm
Diameter 19 mm
Capacity 2 ml
Autonomy 1500 mAh
Type of Vape Direct / Indirect
Coil EX Head


Presentation Photo of the Exceed D19

The Exceed D19 Kit is an integrated battery and rechargeable via USB with an excellent capacity of 1500 mAh. A battery which is simple to use with an output power of 40 Watts depending on the coil that is used. The Exceed D19 is also simple with filling from the top, with its major asset and diverse type of vape proposing: Mouth to Lung (Indirect Inhaling) and Direct Lung (Direct Inhaling). With vapor and flavour, a choice which is convenient for a large number of vapers. Easy to install, compact for vaping everywhere. A Kit to be discovered.. urgently!

 Exceed D19 Clearo

Clearomiser Exceed D19 of the Exceed D19 Kit

This Exceed D19 Clearomiser is compact and polyvalent. Capable of producing excellent sensations which you can vape in Direct or Indirect Inhaling. With the filling from the top, rapid and clean, with the choice of aeration, it is easy to use, to maintain and especially allowing you a large choice of tight or aired pulls depending on your preference. An airflow at the base of the tank which is entirely adjustable and versatile. 

Airflow Exceed D19 of the Exceed D19 Kit

Filling of the Exceed D19 Clearomiser 

EX Head Coils

Coils of the Exceed D19 Clearomiser for the Exceed D19 Kit

New Clearomiser, New Coils. The Ex Head for the Exceed D19 Clearomiser proposes a very interesting choice of use for the type of vape which is suitable for you, with Direct or Indirect Inhaling. The EX Head Coils used in NiCr for excellent reactivity:

  • EX 0.50 ohm for Direct Inhaling, to be used from 20 to 35 Watts
  • EX 1.20 ohms for Indirect Inhaling (MTL), to be used from 8 to 14 watts

Note: The Exceed D19 automatically recognises the type of Coil installed in the Clearomiser, and supplies the necessary power adapted. 

Changing the coil of the Exceed D19 Clearomiser of the Exceed D19 Kit

 Exceed D19 Battery

Battery of the Exceed D19 Kit

Fine, elegant and compact, the small size hides an integrated battery of 1500 mAh with excellent autonomy. The Exceed D19 Battery recharges via USB (included) with any USB port, adaptor sector or PC port. The Exceed D19 Battery has a charge indicator which is very practical, indicating when to pass over to recharge: the LED light flashes, less when it has power. 

USB Charge of the Exceed D19 for the Exceed D19 Kit 

2 Output Modes

LED Battery of the Exceed D19 for the Exceed D19 Kit

The Exceed D19 Battery automatically handles the power supplied the coil. You can choose the output suitable to your vaping style: Direct or Constant output. 

  • Direct Output (White LED):The voltage is not regulated and the current sent depends on the charge of the battery (as in Bypass Mode). the power diminishes, progressively until the next recharge. 
  • Constant Output (Orange LED): The output is regulated and the current does not vary. You will always obtain the same render.

To pass to one mode to another, a long press on the switch when the battery is off. 

Features of the Exceed D19 Kit :

Dimensions of the Exceed D19

Height of the Kit 118 mm Diameter 19 mm
Weight 73 g Capacity of the Battery 1500 mAh
Coils EX series Head Capacity of the Tank  2 ml

The Exceed D19 Kit is made by Joyetech. 

The Exceed D19 Kit is delivered with:

Contents of the Exceed D19 Kit

  • 1 Exceed D19 Battery
  • 1 Exceed Clearomiser
  • 1 Ex 0.50 ohm DL Coil
  • 1 EX 1.20 ohm MTL Coil
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 2 Users Guide
  • 1 Detached Pieces Kit
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Contenuto corretto, è arrivato quello che ho ordinato.
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Pas de fuites 'jusqu'à présent, ultra-simple à utiliser, pas de réglages, parfait pour vapoter sans problèmes.
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Livraison rapide
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c'est ma nième !
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J’aime ce modèle simple et efficace
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