Electronic cigarette box

A box type electronic cigarette is characterized by its square format. This usually allows him to offer better ergonomics, more autonomy and versatility. A kit box is rather intended for heavy smokers, although most models will fit easily to all profiles.

  • The most
  • Autonomy
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Versatility
base :
This is a piece which connects the battery to the atomiser which is generally integrated in the adjustable air ring: The Airflow.
tank :
A watertight compartment which is often transparent and volumetric to hold the e-liquid depending on the variety of models.
drip-tip :
Tip or Drip Tip is a piece which is in contact with the mouth. It’s form and texture plays a part in the comfort of the vape and temperature of the vape when inhaling.
battery :
The battery is a device which feeds electric energy to the coils of your Electronic Cigarette.
resistance :
Element for heating the liquid contained in the tank. This is a consumable that must be changed regularly.
Top-cap :
Room to connect the clearomizer and the drip-tip. On some models, this part also allows the filling of the tank.
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What is an Electronic Cigarette Box?

The Box kit is an Electronic Cigarette composed of a rectangular form Electronic Mod also known as « Box ». This box offers more autonomy than the classic models and especially allows you to effectuate more settings. You can also benefit with a vape which is more adapted to your needs, completely personalized. Otherwise, reserved for experts the box kit is described as a must of today.

In function with the kits, the box can function with an integrated battery or even removeable batteries (also known as Accumulators). It can also be associated with a clearomiser and a Reconstructable Atomiser.

What is a Box Kit composed of?

A Box Kit is composed of 2 principal elements:

  •   The Box

The Box or the Mod Box is the principal part of the Electronic Cigarette Box. In a square form, it generally has ergonomics studied to sit comfortable in the hand.

It is also integrated with an Electronic circuit allowing you to effectuate different settings and to pilot the screen present on the surface.

There exists a large variety of boxes convenient for a large number of the public. They are generally distinguished by the battery. Certain are directly integrated where others need an accumulator for it to function.

  •   The Clearomiser/Atomiser

A Box Kit includes a Clearomiser or a Reconstructable Atomiser  destined to be screwed on the superior part of the box. The Clearomiser is simpler to use as is demands little maintenance and knowledge. It is composed of a reservoir which needs to be filled regularly with an e liquid and coil which will heat the e liquid to produce the vapor

The difference between an Atomiser and Clearomiser can be found at the level of the coil. With the Clearomiser the coil can be purchased « ready to use », whereas with an Atomiser the coil is assembled. A complex manipulation which demands experience.

How does the Box Kit Function?

A Box Kit functions like all Electronic Cigarettes. The energy accumulated in the battery of the box is sent to the coil of the Clearomiser or the Atomiser which produces the vapor with the heating of the e liquid The process is effectuated with a long press on the principal button also called “ switch”.

On the box it is possible to effectuate the settings to regulate the vape you wish to obtain. It is supplied with screen control and buttons to regulate easy adjustments. Certain models allow the variation of power sent by the box which is very easy to use. Others proposes different modes of vape made for experienced vapers.

What are the different models of E Cigarette Boxes ?

There exists a large variety of Electronic Cigarettes in a format box to answer the needs of all vapers.

Simple Box Kit

A simple Box Kit is characterized in a compact format with an integrated battery which can be recharged with the help of the USB cable supplied with the kit. The box of the kit generally proposes one mode of classic vape in Watts , this renders the utilisation of the box very simple.

It is enough to increase or decrease the power to vary the delivery of nicotine and the production of vapor.

In the simple box kit, the Clearomiser is made to offer a soft vape in Indirect Inhaling . It reproduces sensations offered by a classic cigarette.

Examples of a simple box kit: iKuu Kit ZenithiStick Amnis Kit, Jem Kit

Advanced Box Kit

The advanced box kit is characterized in a volumed format and has increased power. The box kit can have an integrated battery but can also function with one or more accumulators which gives it more autonomy. It is simple enough to replace the empty accumulator with a fully charged accumulator to continue using the box. The menu is also complete and allows more advanced settings. It can, for example propose the Temperature Control  or Bypass, which are a little bit more complicated.

The Clearomiser of an advanced box kit is generally dedicated to Direct Inhaling  It offers varied sensations and an aired pull. The coils also offer a value in Ohm, low based in a simple kit. It needs more power and produces vapor.

Examples of an Advanced Box Kit: iStick Pico X Kit, Luxe Vaporesso Kit, X-Priv Kit

Expert Box Kit

The Expert Box Kit is very close to an Advanced Box Kit. The difference is situated near to the top of the Electronic Cigarette. The Clearomiser is in effect replaced by a reconstructed atomiser. A change which implies the know-how of the coil itself or minimum knowledge of installing a coil.

The Expert Box Kit is strongly advised not be used by beginners or unexperienced vapers.

An Electronic Cigarette dedicated to experts generally function with one or more accumulators. It is very rare that it is integrated with a battery.

For some time now you can see more and more kits in « Bottom-Feeder », « BF » kits, have arrived on the market. The kit is always in the form of a box but integrated with a BF bottle to directly nourish the atomiser with e liquid. A good asset which is practical allowing more autonomy.

To finish, even if an expert box is often composed of an electronic mod, there exists models where the box is mechanical. This means it does not include any electronic circuits which allows you regulate the mod. It is not protected electronically which implies excellent knowledge with Ohm Law, the utilisation of batteries and the fabrication of coils.

Examples of the Expert Box Kit:  Dotmod BF Kit, Pico Squeeze 2 Kit by Eleaf.

To whom addresses the Box format Electronic Cigarette?

The three types of Box Kits described below addresses logically to three different types of vapers.

The simple format Electronic Cigarette Box

A simple electronic cigarette box addresses vapers who wish to have discreet and easy to use material. It has the advantage to reproduce sensations of a classic cigarette, but also excellent with the rendering of flavours and the deliverance of nicotine.

The advanced format Electronic Cigarette Box 

This type of electronic cigarette box is destined for experienced vapers who use low rates of nicotine and in search of varied sensations. The clearomiser of the advanced box kit offers in effect large production of vapor which generally only allows direct inhaling.

So, the clearomiser can express itself in the best conditions, the box itself is dotted with a high autonomy and increased performances. This is logically accompanied by a larger and cumbersome format which makes it less convenient on a daily basis and must be very useful.

To finish, the consumption of e liquid with the advanced box is increased, so it is more economical to vape with your own DIY e liquid. To find more on this subject, do not hesitate to consult our DIY Guide.

The experts format Electronic Cigarette

The Expert Box Kit addresses before all vapers who are at ease with reconstructable material. It is necessary to understand the functioning of the atomiser, know how to create your own assemblies and recognize the basic rules for a vape in complete security. Of course, this type of Electronic Cigarette can also be interesting for beginners in the domain of reconstructables, and certain models which are particularly adapted to this discovery. However, we do strongly advise to get information in this subject by consulting our following guides:

How to choose correctly your Box Kit ?

To make the right choice you must start by choosing a model which corresponds to your profile (see the previous questions). However, there are other important criteria’s to consider which can influence your choice.

The Autonomy of a Box Kit

The first point to consider, the autonomy proposed by the Box Kit. Expressed in « mAh », it gives you an idea with the type of utilisation it allows. For simple models, the battery often integrated so it is easy to have a fair idea:

  •   Less than 1500 mAh : for punctual utilisation
  •   Between 1500 and 2500 mAh : for regular utilisation
  •   More than 2500 mAh : for intensive utilisation

For the advanced models, it is more complicated for two reasons. One part the clearomiser or the atomiser demands energy. On the other part, is the box often functions with one or more accumulators that can be changed so you do not run out of power.

However, keep in mind the more power your coil requires the sturdier your box will be

N.B : an accumulator has a battery capacity expressed in « mAh ». If a box functions with 2 accumulators, the capacity of each accumulator additions. So, a box associated with 2 accumulators each have a capacity of 3000 mAh, the total autonomy is 6000 mAh.

The format of a Box Kit

The form of your Box Kit can appear at first site as aesthetics criterion. The volume and weight of your future box as there are consequences to consider when choosing correctly your electronic cigarette. You must also decide between a compact and nomad format, but with moderate autonomy ,or a volumed format, which may also have autonomy.

The value of the coil for the Box Kit

For the third criteria, we will mention the Box Kits which function with a clearomiser. They are in effect sold with numerous coils (more often 2) which the value indicates the type of vape offered by the electronic cigarette:

  •   Superior of 1.0 ohm : for a vape in indirect inhaling which imitates the   pull of a classic cigarette.
  •   Between 0.5 and 1.0 ohm : for a polyvalent vape in direct or indirect inhaling.
  •   Inferior of 0.5 ohm : for a powerful vape in direct inhaling


Today, there are Box Kits which are supplied with 2 different coils to discover different varied sensations. A simple kit for example, can be delivered with a high coil (superior of 1 ohm) convenient for beginners, and a low based coil to experiment with a vape more “advanced”

The Clearomiser capacity of the Box Kit

To end, you must be careful of the capacity offered by the reservoir of the clearomiser. Even if it sometimes includes easy and fast manipulation, the filling can be annoying if it is repeated quite often. For a simple box kit, a capacity of 2 or 3ml is generally enough. For an advanced electronic cigarette, you will need at least double (in between 4 to 6 ml).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Box Electronic Cigarette ?

 As all the models of the Electronic Cigarette, a Box Kit presents some advantages, but also some disadvantages.

The Advantages

The first advantage of a box kit, rather than other type of kits, are the settings that are allowed. The settings allow simple and intuitive or even complex but, in any case, it offers a personalized vape to correspond to your needs and preferences.  

To follow, the electronic cigarette box offers in a majority of cases the best autonomy, especially when it functions with accumulators. There is also less risk of battery failure when vaping.

The box kit also offers certain polyvalence, as the box and clearomiser (or atomiser) are separable. It is possible to replace one of the elements to evolve your vape, instead of purchasing another electronic cigarette.

The exists today a wide variety of box kits to find a easily find a model which suits you best and your preferences in terms of design and format.

The disadvantages

The box format electronic cigarette has numerous options and modes of vape which can appear complex for the vaper who is discovering the electronic cigarette. A little bit of reading and time to adapt are sometimes necessary.

Another disadvantage, the weight and the size are consequent with certain kits. They can seem heavy or bulky and poorly adapted to your daily life.

Which E Liquid to use with the Box Kit ?

The type of e liquid depends on the electronic cigarette you have purchased.

  •   Simple Box Electronic Cigarette

The coils of a simple box function generally better with e liquids which have a (VG) rate inferior or equal to 50%. They are efficient with e liquids which have a high rate of nicotine. You can also orient towards  e liquids with Nicotine Salts  which are less irritating and offer a softer Hit.

  •   Advanced Cigarette Electronic Box

For the advanced box kit, the e liquids which are adapted are those which have a superior VG or equal rate of 50%. In effect, the large coils can be quickly soaked/drowned if you use e liquids with a high rate of Propylene Glycol as this type of liquid is to fluid. A low rate of nicotine is also recommended, so that it there is no bother with the passage of nicotine in the throat.

How long can i vape with the coil of my box format E cigarette

The coil of the box kit has a limited life expectancy and must be replaced regularly. There are different signs which allow you detect the usage of the coil : persistent burning taste, alteration of flavours or the reduced production of vapor.

The longevity of the coil depends on the model of your Electronic Cigarette box. For the simple models, you must count on around 2 to 3 weeks. For the advanced model, from 1 to 2 weeks. There are a lot of estimations and factors which can reduce the duration of life: E liquid strongly charged with aromas, high rate of VG, excessive power….

How to maintain the Box Kit ?

To maintain your Box Kit, you must regularly change the coil to conserve the optimal performances (see the previous question). The joints of your clearomiser or atomiser can also be used, for the reason which the manufacturers supple detached pieces which can be changed. The rest of the clearomiser/atomiser can be disassembled and must be punctually cleaned for hygiene reasons.

Concerning the box, which functions with a battery or accumulators must be recharged with the adequate material (AC adapter, Battery Charger  with precaution, the recharge must always effectuated in your presence. The battery of the Electronic Cigarette, as any other electronic products may fail, which can cause an abnormal charge and can be dangerous.

What to do if my Electronic Cigarette Box does not work ?

First of all, check if the box is lit. The Electronic Cigarette generally requires 5 successive clicks on the principal button for it to be activated.

Then, check  if the battery or the accumulator is charged by connecting it to an energy source.

To finish, check that the clearomiser or atomiser is in contact with the box. If this is the case, check that the coil is correctly screwed into the base of the clearomiser. If it is a reconstructable, inspect the assembly.

If the previous steps are unsuccessful, the last solution is to change (or redo) the coil of your kit.