Electronic cigarette box

A box type electronic cigarette is characterized by its square format.
This usually allows him to offer better ergonomics, more autonomy and versatility.
A kit box is rather intended for heavy smokers, although most models will fit easily to all profiles.

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battery The battery is a device which feeds electric energy to the coils of your Electronic Cigarette. resistance Element for heating the liquid contained in the tank. This is a consumable that must be changed regularly. tank A watertight compartment which is often transparent and volumetric to hold the e-liquid depending on the variety of models. drip-tip Tip or Drip Tip is a piece which is in contact with the mouth. It’s form and texture plays a part in the comfort of the vape and temperature of the vape when inhaling. base This is a piece which connects the battery to the atomiser which is generally integrated in the adjustable air ring: The Airflow. Top-cap Room to connect the clearomizer and the drip-tip. On some models, this part also allows the filling of the tank. See all products