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Our best kits for beginners to start the Electronic Cigarette. You will find in this category Electronic Cigarette which are simple, a little or no setings needed, and which offers excellent restitution of flavours. All you need to discover the E Cigarette in the best conditions.

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E Cigarette, Simple for Beginners 

Find a kit for beginners in vape. To help you rapidly find an E Cigarette for beginners, which will allow you to take your first steps in the world of vape, Le Petit Vapoteur has assembled for you, on this page, a large choice of Electronic Cigarette for beginners. You will also find a Vaping Kit which will really correspond to your needs. Our equipment for beginners are simple to use and no particular settings are needed. It offers you a good production of vapor, excellent restitution of flavours and a good hit so you can familiarize yourself with the Electronic Cigarette and discover the principals and advantages. 

To choose you Electronic Cigarette for beginners, it's simple! You can discover all of of our packs of E Cigarettes for beginners above and find which corresponds better to your profile. All easy to hold in the hand, you can carry you choice depending on simple criterias: aesthetics, form, autonomy, capacity and even budget! And if you are still unsure, do not hesitate to ask our team for advice. Our experts will listen and guide you through your ideal choice of Vaping Kit.