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Use correctly the coil for your Electronic Cigarette

Use correctly the coil for your Electronic Cigarette

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Use correctly the Coil for your Electronic Cigarette

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The master piece of your Electronic Cigarette, the coil is the element you need to choose for your Clearomiser. All have different characteristics, value, range of power, rate of VG accepted, all these factors are important to know so you will not be disappointed by the rendering of your Clearomiser.

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What is a coil of the Electronic Cigarette?

The Coil is the consumable part of the Electronic Cigarette. It can be replaced once it has been used several times. The coil is composed of cotton fiber and resistive wires or a metallic band, in this case coils which are in mesh, heats the e liquid to produce the vapor and deliver aromas. In certain cases, more rarely, a ceramic porous is used to place the cotton fiber (for example: CCell by Vaporesso).

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A lot of OHM? Or a little OHM? What is the difference?

The capacity of the coil to heat your e liquid depends a lot on the value. It is known as Ohms (Ω) which is the unit of measure for the electric coil. To correctly choose the value of the coil, you need to know have in mind the value below 1.0Ω (which we call sub ohm), heats the value above 1.0Ω. This has consequences on the production of vapor of the Electronic Cigarette.

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A low based coil also procures a sensation in the throat which is more intense if you use e liquids which have a lot of Nicotine. This can occasionally be quite discomforting with vapers. This is why we associate low base coils with a low rate of nicotine such as 3mg/ml for example, even 0mg/ml. Coils with sub ohm demand a lot of power (expressed in watts) for heating. Opposite to high rate coils (around 0.8Ω to 1.60Ω) do not need a lot of power. This is why you will also find small Electronic Cigarettes which allows you to vape e liquids with a high rate of nicotine. 

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Range of Utilisation !

How many watts for the coil of my Electronic Cigarette? 

Most manufacturers of the Electronic Cigarette indicate on the coils “range of utilisation”. This range is important as it indicates the watts which supports the coil. It is therefore important not to exceed the indication as it can damage the coil. However, there is no problem to choose a power which is inferior as this is advised. At this point, it all depends on tastes and sensations which you are looking for. Keep in mind that this range of utilisation is a reliable benchmark which allows you to know which coil in question is made for you. 

If you do not know the value of your coil, this is generally indicated on the screen of your Electronic Box. By default, the ohmmeter can also indicate the value.

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Which E liquid to use with the coil of my Electronic Cigarette?

For the coil to function correctly, you should associate an e liquid with the appropriate PG/VG rate. You should know that the PG (Propylene Glycol) has the tendency to fluidize the e liquids. Opposite to the VG (Vegetable Glycerine) which makes the e liquid thicker. More the coil has a low value, more it will heat up and the arrival of e liquid is going to be wide. To avoid the leaking of e liquids, it is preferred to use coil which accepts e liquids with a high rate of VG. For a coil with a high value, you should opt for e liquids composed with a majority of PG rather than VG which has the tendency to add soot the resistive wire, rapidly.

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To Resume:

  • Low coils (around ≤0.80Ω) = more power, more vapor, more consumption of e liquid, low rate of nicotine and advised low PG. 
  • High coils (around ≥0.80Ω) = les power, less vapor, less consumption of e liquid, rate of nicotine and advised high PG.

The choice of the coil for the Electronic Cigarette also depends on your tastes and your needs: more flavour, more vapor. The “intermediate” coil of 0.40Ω, 0.50Ω, are an excellent choice as they often propose a good balance between these two factors. And they are not excessively greedy in power.

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The LPV advised Usage Tips

The Le Petit Vapoteur web site proposes Usage Tips for all the coils. A “reminder” so you have all the necessary information about the coil: value, range of power or advised type of e liquid.


For each coil there is a Usage Tips table 

What is soaking?

With the first utilisation of the coil, it is important that the cotton fiber is perfectly soaked with e liquid so it does not degrade the first utilisation. This is what we call soaking. For a good soaking, you must wait a few minutes before vaping. For how long? To simplify, if you have a large coil (with a lot of cotton fiber) you must wait at least 15 minutes, especially for the large coils.

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What is the life expectancy of a coil?

There are many factors to consider to determine the life expectancy of the coil for the Electronic Cigarette:

  • The quality of the resistive wire and cotton fiber
  • Frequency of vape
  • The type of e liquid to vape

For the last point, here are a few elements which can diminish the life expectancy of the coil:

  • The high rate of Vegetable Glycerine which as the tendency to degrade the resistive wires.
  • Certain aromas or assembly of aromas will deteriorate rapidly the coils. You can mention the sweet gourmet e liquids for example, but also the Malaysian Fresh E Liquids.

For “simple” e liquids the life duration of the coil can vary from 2 to 3 weeks, maybe more. For others, strong in VG and/or in aromas, the duration can be one week or more. There are numerous signs which allow you to detect a used coil: alteration in flavours, low quantity of vapor or a persistent burning taste. When this produces, you have no other choice but to change the coil.

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How to increase the life expectancy of coils?

  • Soak well the coil with e liquid to begin with
  • Avoid “chain-vaping”, which means to many successive puffs, close to one another. The coil therefore does not have enough time to be soaked with e liquid.
  • Reduce the power as a high output power in watts accelerates the use of the material.
  • Survey the level of e liquid in the reservoir as most of the time if the tank is empty this causes the dry hit.

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Can we clean the coil?

Yes, you can, with clear water or using the Ultrasonic Cleaner, but do not expect any miracles with the rendering. When the fiber and/or resistive wires are degraded, they are for good.

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What to do with used coils?

A majority of coils are constituted in Steel, the coils should be dismantled so you can recycle the only the metallic parts.

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05/27/2019 22:07:22

Roig, essayez du 3mg ou du sans nicotine (0mg) (ou du 0mg avec un petit mélange de nicotine). Pour les saveurs, rien que sur ce site, c'est classé selon les types de gouts, à ce niveau, à vous de voir.


08/27/2018 08:41:21

Bonjour Roig. Malheureusement vous ne parlez pas de votre matériel c'est pourtant nécessaire pour choisir son dosage en nicotine. Si vous êtes vapo fumeur, vous avez besoin d' un taux élevé, 9, 12 mg que vous pourrez vapoter plus facilement avec du matériel dit MTL. C'est à dire avec des résistances de 1.20 ohms, 1.60 ohms. Les liquides avec sels de nicotine sont une option intéressante car ils diffusent bien la nicotine (ce dont vous avez besoin) avec du petit matériel. Cdlt.


08/25/2018 21:14:08

Qu'est ce que vous me conseilleriez!?je suis fumeur et vapoteur,depuis plus de 1 ans j'essay différents liquide mais je n'arrive pas à trouver le bon qui me fera passer qu'à la cigarette électronique!je prend du 6mg en nicotine car le 12 est impossible à hinaler pour ma part et même le 6 me fait tousser selon les liquides!


08/7/2018 11:19:07

Super explication, merci.

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