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USB or Battery Charger? Basic Rules to Avoid Hassles

USB or Battery Charger? Basic Rules to Avoid Hassles

07/28/2022  /   Beginners Corner

Charging the batteries of your electronic box using the connection or with a dedicated battery charger is a topic that keeps coming up (unfortunately). It's logical, as there are more and more vapers, which is a good thing.


Here are some basic rules regarding battery charging. Not exhaustive, the subject is vast; you can read our article, quite comprehensive about the advantages and disadvantages of both charging methods: right here.

Basic Rules:

  • The lifespan of a battery is extended if recharging is done correctly, with a full charging cycle. 
  • Regularly recharging one or more batteries via the USB cable accelerates the wear of the USB connection of the box. 
  • The heat produced during recharging weakens the battery and the materials of the box. 
  • A charging battery gets warm and should be ventilated and aired.
  •  A battery that is deformed due to a fall or impact should no longer be used (it should be recycled).
  •  Having a battery charger and one or more additional batteries ensures that your box is always available. 
  • Vaping while charging the battery via USB does not provide a complete charge to the battery. 
  • Recharging with a low capacity (500 mAh) keeps the battery in good condition. 
  • Fast chargers (1A, 2A) should be used occasionally. 
  • Charging via USB or with a charger should always be done under supervision.


A few words about reliable and recognised battery charger brands:

Nitecore Chargers


 A trustworthy option, Nitecore is a "historic" brand in the field of chargers and, consequently, vaping equipment. Nitecore chargers come with their power cable. Therefore, their usage is less "mobile" compared to chargers from other brands. Nitecore chargers handle a wide variety of batteries, as well as the most common rechargeable batteries: AA, AAA, AAAA, etc. Nitecore chargers feature a block with cooling fins to prevent the heating of components and the charger itself. They are available with two or four compartments.

 Hohm Tech Chargers


At Hohm Tech, they manufacture batteries exclusively dedicated to electronic cigarettes. It's logical that they're launching their chargers. Hohm Tech chargers are "portable" chargers with USB-C connection for power supply. You can choose the charging speed: 0.5A, 1A, 2A with the School 4A model, and 2A only with the School Uno model. The cases are well ventilated. Hohm Tech chargers are also interesting for their flexible slot springs. These prevent damaging the battery wraps with frequent use.

Efest Chargers 


Another well-known brand, Efest constantly adapts to the evolution of technology and the needs of vapers. The chargers have become portable and powered by USB-C cables, except for the Lush Q8 which has its own power block. They recognise the main vaping batteries (except for the rare 26650), as well as the most common rechargeable batteries. Charging capacity options: 0.5A and 1A. One criticism could be that their compartment springs are a bit too firm.

XTar Chargers


A heavyweight in batteries and chargers, Xtar offers a wide range of products: the MC series for the most portable, VC for the most comprehensive. All chargers have USB-C power supply. The unique feature of Xtar's VC chargers is the ability to "recover" a completely discharged battery and put it back into service. Capacity choices: 0.5A, 1A, 2A. A wide variety of batteries and cells. Three-stage charging for optimal efficiency. One criticism could be that their user manuals are not clear enough for non-specialists.


Note: For all these brands, the plastic materials used for the chargers are known for their heat resistance.

Bonus: Below is an example, among others, of a box being recharged via USB without supervision.


Pascal & Sam

Products link

  • 13,90 € Hohm Tech SCHOOL 4A Charger

    Hohm Tech SCHOOL 4A Charger

    A nomad, intelligent and performant composed of 4 slots, compatible with all batteries.
    4.7/5 119 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 7,45 € Ant MC1 Plus Charger XTar

    Ant MC1 Plus Charger XTar

    A nomad and performant charger for all batteries compatible with boxes and mods.
    4.73/5 129 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 8,90 € MC2 Plus Charger XTar

    MC2 Plus Charger XTar

    A nomad and performant charger for all batteries compatible with boxes and mods. Charge of 2 batts simultaneously.
    4.67/5 206 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 24,90 € MC6C Charger - XTar

    MC6C Charger - XTar

    A charger adapted to batteries for vaping. Recharge up to 6 batteries, simultaneously.
    4.8/5 175 Reviews
    • Choice Black
  • 24,90 € VC2SL XTar Charger

    VC2SL XTar Charger

    A polyvalent charger with USB-C for all battery and boxes & mods. With an LCD screen and Power Bank function.
    4.78/5 45 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • Sale 22,90 € Lush Q8 LED Charger Efest

    Lush Q8 LED Charger Efest

    Intelligent and Robust charger adapted for the majority of batteries, type 26650, 20700, and 21700.
    4.69/5 80 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 9,90 € Mega USB Charger Efest

    Mega USB Charger Efest

    A light and compact charger which functions via USB for all types of batteries in vape. Two compartments.
    4.79/5 519 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 6,90 € Hohm School Uno Charger Hohm Tech

    Hohm School Uno Charger Hohm Tech

    A nomad charger, USB, intelligent and performant to recharge your battery. Compatible with several Li-ion batteries.
    4.73/5 52 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 16,90 € New i2 Nitecore Charger

    New i2 Nitecore Charger

    Compatible charger with all batteries of vaping materials. Two compartments.
    4.69/5 156 Reviews
    • Colour Black
  • 24,90 € New i4 Nitecore Charger

    New i4 Nitecore Charger

    Compatible universal charger with all batteries of vaping materials. Four compartments.
    4.71/5 109 Reviews
    • Colour Black

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