Electronic cigarette tube

A tubular shaped electronic cigarette is an all-in-one model that incorporates the necessary to efficiently vaping. The tube kit is compact and discreet. It is also easy to use and requires no adjustment. Ideal for anyone who wants to quit.

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  • Single
  • Compact
  • Economic
  • Discreet
resistance :
Element for heating the liquid contained in the tank. This is a consumable that must be changed regularly.
tank :
A watertight compartment which is often transparent and volumetric to hold the e-liquid depending on the variety of models.
drip-tip :
Tip or Drip Tip is a piece which is in contact with the mouth. It’s form and texture plays a part in the comfort of the vape and temperature of the vape when inhaling.
battery :
The battery is a device which feeds electric energy to the coils of your Electronic Cigarette.
switch :
This button needs to be pressed on to activate the electronic cigarette for the inspiration of vape. The pressure of the button provokes the heating of the coil to generate the vape.
base :
This is a piece which connects the battery to the atomiser which is generally integrated in the adjustable air ring: The Airflow.
Fireplace :
Central element of the clearomizer, the chimney is located above the resistance. It allows to direct the steam created by the heating of the latter until drip-tip.
Top-cap :
Room to connect the clearomizer and the drip-tip. On some models, this part also allows the filling of the tank.
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 What is an AIO Electronic Cigarette ?

The AIO kit or « All in One » (« tout-en-un » in French), is an Electronic Cigarette in a tubular form. This model contains all the necessary for the vaper once this product is purchased and all you need to do is choose an e liquid which is associated with the Aio.

A tube kit composed of a rechargeable battery via USB and a Clearomiser with a reservoir and Coil This format presents the advantage of being intuitive and simple to use. It requires no settings and can be uses by a beginner in vape without any difficulty.

What is composed of a tubular Electronic Cigarette?

A tube kit which is composed of 2 principal elements :

  •    The Clearomiser

The Clearomiser is the top part of the Tubular Electronic Cigarette. It is composed of a reservoir, a coil and Drip-Tip (mouthpiece). The reservoir is destined to be filled quite regularly with E Liquid, from the top or the bottom depending on the model. The coil itself, is compared to the Clearomiser engine as it produces the vapor. It is generally composed of a resistive wire, surrounded with cotton. This element can be used progressively, so it must be changed regularly.

  •  The Tubular Battery

The battery of the AIO Kit has a tubular form, generally compact and is adapted to the features of the Clearomiser of the Electronic Cigarette. This is an energy source which nourishes the coil. However, contrary to the this latest, this element does not get thrown away but can be recharged via a USB micro port or with a cable.

A battery of course with autonomy can be varied in function of the model. It is expressed in « mAh » and higher the number in « mAh » the battery has more autonomy

How does the AIO Electronic Cigarette function ?

The AIO Electronic Cigarette has a tube format, uses a battery which provides energy to the coil of the Clearomiser. This will produce vapor and diffuse the flavours and nicotine.

The pull is produced by pressing on the activation button on the battery called the « switch ». On the Electronic Cigarette tube, there are no preliminary settings, the battery itself handles the power to send to the coil. There is a simple functioning which demands no particular knowledge.

What are the different models of Aio E Cigarettes?

There are different models of Aio Electronic Cigarettes which corresponds to the needs of a majority of vapers

The simple tubular kits

A simple Aio Electronic Cigarette characterizes a compact format, a battery with a moderate autonomy and a Clearomiser dedicated to indirect inhaling. This is the most common format as it carries itself well in this category of Electronic Cigarettes.

The simple tube kit is designed to reproduce the sensations offered with a Classic cigarette. It offers a soft vape with a tight pull. You can associate several e liquids, but it functions better with e liquids with high rates of nicotine or Nicotine Salt E Liquids.

Examples of a simple AIO:  Exceed D19 Kit, Flint Kit,  Ego AIO Kit

The advanced Tubular Kits

An advanced Aio Electronic Cigarette is characterized in a larger format, a battery with high autonomy and a Clearomiser dedicated to Direct Inhaling.

The advanced tube kit is designed to offer more varied sensations than the simple model. It offers a more powerful vape with an aired pull. The features ask e liquids with a high rate of Vegetable Glycerine (minimum 50%) with a low rate of nicotine.

Examples of the advanced AIO Kits:  iJust 3 Kit, iJust ECM Kit,  Stick Prince Kit

The Expert Tubular Kits

There also exists in this category Electronic Cigarettes in a tubular format, with material dedicated to experts of vape. These models are always composed of a tubular battery, but the clearomiser is replaced with a Reconstructable Atomiser.

A change which is required are coils which are assembled rather than pre-made coils. So, you need to firsthand experience with reconstructable if you want to take the plunge. In any case, the Expert Tubular Kits is strongly discouraged for beginners in vape.

Note : An Expert Tubular Kit does not have an integrated battery as it works with an accmulator.

Examples of Expert AIO Kits:  Armor Rabbit Kit,  Bonza RDA Kit, VGOD Pro Kit Mech 2

To whom addresses the Aio Electronic Cigarette?

As you have seen, there exists three types of AIO Electronic Cigarettes. It therefore addresses 3 different types of vapers.

Comme nous venons de le voir, il existe trois types de cigarettes électroniques AIO. Elle s’adresse donc à trois publics différents.

Simple AIO Kit

The Electronic Cigarette in a simple tubular format addresses vaper in search of easy to use material with less clutter, so you can vape anywhere. The simple AIO Kit also has its advantages to reproduce the sensations of a classic cigarette, which diffuses the nicotine and offers good rendering of flavours.

With features which is also convenient for 2 types of profiles : for beginners and vapers who wish to remain with a discreet and intuitive Electronic Cigarette.

Becareful, the tubular kits in this category generally have one battery with moderate autonomy. Therefore, these types of Electronic Cigarettes are interesting for beginners who do not smoke very often, better to head towards a Box Kit (Link) with a battery which has endurance or even have a supplementary kit to vape when the other is recharging.

It is for this reason that Le Petit Vapoteur proposes the DUO Pack.

Advanced AIO Kit

The Electronic Cigarette which are made for advanced vapers, who use a low rate of nicotine and good production of vapor.

It is also advised for vapers who make their own e liquids as the consumption of the advanced tube kit is increased than a simple model. To be familiar with DIY is more economic.

Expert AIO Kit

The expert tubular kit addresses vapers who have good knowledge in reconstructable material and of Ohm Law. It is necessary to know how to create and use coils, of course in the case of mechanical, which can present risks, so it is very important to be careful.  

To know more, do not hesitate to consult the following guides :

How to choose correctly the Electronic Aio ?

To choose well the Aio Kit, you must first of all choose a model which corresponds to your profile (see below). There are several elements to consider.

The autonomy of the AIO Tube

The autonomy of the battery of your tubular Electronic Cigarette is no doubt one of the first criteria’s to take into consideration. Expressed in « mAh » it will give you an idea the type of utilisation it allows

  •   Less than 1000 mAh : for punctual utilisation 
  •   Between 1000 and 2000 mAh : for regular utilisation
  •   More than 2000 mAh : for intensive utilisation

These indications are valuable for a simple tube kit. For the advanced or expert models, the batteries have a turning autonomy around 3000 mAh as the demanding coils have more power.

The value of the coils for the AIO Tube 

The value of the coils is also a key element. With the Tube Kit there are no settings, the vape proposed with the Electronic Cigarette plays a big part as it is influenced with the coil provided. If you have chosen a model which corresponds to your profile, there is a strong chance that it is convenient for you. Therefore, here are the indications to have a good idea what each value corresponds:

  • Superior of 1.0 ohm : to have soft vape in indirect inhaling imitates the pull   of a classic cigarette.
  • From 0.5 to 1.0 ohm : for a polyvalent vape in direct or indirect inhaling
  • Inferior of 0.5 ohm : for a powerful vape in direct inhaling.

Generally, the tube proposes 2 types of coils convenient for a large number of vapers. This is case, for example the  Exceed D19 kit which supplies the 1.20 ohm and 0.50 ohm coil.

The Capacity of the Aio Tubular Kit

Finally, you must consider the capacity of the reservoir of the Clearomiser. If you not want to fill the Clearomiser too often, it is important that the size must be adapted for your utilisation. For the simple AIO Kit, a capacity of 2ml is enough. For an advanced model which consumes more, it is better to orient towards a larger reservoir, around 5ml.  

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Tubular Electronic Cigarette ?

Like any other Electronic Cigarette, the AIO Kits of course has advantages and disadvantages

The Advantages

The important advantage for a lot of vapers is less clutter of Electronic Cigarettes. The tubular form and reduced weight allow a vape in numerous situations.

Another advantage is the easy utilisation and maintenance. « Plug ‘n’ Play », the e-cigarettes rapidly assemble and disassembles for good maintenance or the replacement of the consumable which here is the coil.

The models are simple to handle and does not demand any knowledge, except in the case of Tubular for experts.

The inconvenience

A rechargeable battery has the necessity to be recharged! If this is case, the Electronic Cigarette is no longer available to vape, which presents the risk of smoking cigarettes. It is therefore necessary to choose a model which corresponds to your utilisation needs and do not hesitate to buy a backup battery. A battery which needs to be recharged !

The simplicity of a tube kit on its own is seen as more advantages than an inconvenience. It will not be possible to effectuate settings to vary the power and deliverance of nicotine. This will be missed by certain vapers.

Which E Liquid to use with my Aio Electronic Cigarette ?

Once again, all depends on your Electronic Cigarette.

  •   Simple Aio Electronic Cigarette

For all simple Electronic Cigarettes, the coils are generally adapted to e liquids with a rate which does not exceed 50% of Vegetable Glycerine (VG).

They are however very efficient for the rendering of flavours and the diffusion of nicotine. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to opt for an e liquid with a high rate of nicotine. You can also orient towards e liquids with Nicotine Salts which are less irritating and offers a softer hit.

  •   Advanced AIO Electronic Cigarette

For the advanced Electronic Cigarette, the e liquids are more adapted which have a superior VG rate of 50%. In effect, the large coils can be quickly drowned with e liquid with a high rate of Propylene Glycol as it is very fluid.

A low rate of Nicotine is equally recommended, so there is no discomfort with the passage of nicotine to the throat.

How long can i vape with the coil of my Aio E Cigarette ?

The coil of the kit has a limited duration of life and must be changed regularly. The signs of a used coils can be displayed under different forms: persistent burning taste, alteration of flavours or low production of vapor.

The life expectancy of the coil depends on the model of your AIO Kit. For the simple models, you must count on between 2 to 3 weeks. For the advanced models, it sways from 1 to 2 weeks. Of course, there are estimations and a lot of factors which can reduce the life expectancy of the coils: E liquid strong in aromas, rate of high VG.

How to maintain my AIO Electronic Cigarette ?

The coil is consumable, the changeable piece of the Electronic Cigarette which produces less vapor and the flavours will be less present. The joints can also be worn; however, they can be replaced with changeable joints with the AIO Kit. The rest of Clearomiser is generally removeable and can be rinsed with clear water.

The battery can have 300 to 500 cycles of complete charge depending on the capacities. A condition which effectuates the charging with adequate material.  This charge can be effectuated with the use of your smartphone charger is convenient. In any case, we strongly recommend that you do not recharge your Aio if you are absent. The battery like any other Electrical material can have a failure component, which can lead to abnormal overheating and can be very dangerous.

What to do if my Electronic Cigarette does not work ?

First, check if the battery is on. An Electronic Cigarette generally requires  require 5 successive clicks on the principal button to activate it.

Then, check if the battery is fully charged. For this, insert via USB cable into an energy source. A light will show up if this is the case.

To finish, check if the Clearomiser is in contact with the battery of the AIO Kit. If this is the case, assure yourself that the coil is screwed in correctly on the base of the Clearomiser.

If the previous steps are unsuccessful, the last solution consists of changing the coil of your tube kit.