Red Berries Marie Jeanne

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If you do not smoke, do not vape
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E liquid Red Berries Marie Jeanne

A cocktail of Red Fruits with Wild Berries in your Electronic Cigarette 

The Red Berrie E Liquids from the Marie Jeanne Authentic range are made in France and complies with the legal requirements for the marketing of CBD Liquids (Cannabinoids).

The Marie Jeanne E Liquids have a composition of 80% PG and 20% VG. Available in a 10ml bottle with different rates of CBD: 0mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg.

CBD E Liquids are made in France by Marie Jeanne.

Capacity 10 ml
Origin France
PG 80 %
VG 20 %


Marie Jeanne proposes e liquids which are made in France with a base of Hemp, CBD Crystals and an increased rat of terpenes. The CBD E Liquids have a special aromatic extraction. The CBD E Liquids are issued with traditional agriculture, the hemp has been harvested by hand and of European Origin. No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or heavy metals. The Marie Jeanne E Liquids are conformed with the legal requirements for the marketing of CBD (Cannabinoids). The Marie Jeanne CBD E Liquids are available in a 10ml Bottle with different rates of CBD. 

For information about CBD E Liquids, you can consult our guide:"Learn more about CBD?

Which dosage to choose for the CBD E Liquid?

  • A dosage of 0mg/ml corresponds to an e liquid which contains no CBD. You can preserve each taste of the e liquid without any effect. 
  • A low dosage (inferior or equal to 300mg/ml) which will have a light effect, adapted for punctual usage and repeated regularly during the day
  • A medium dosage (around 300mg/ml) which will have an effective mark. It is also recommended for a series of vape which are spaced out in time.  
  • A high dosage (around 500mg/ml) which is reserved for very occasional use

Which material to use with the CBD E Liquid?


All types of material can be used. The choice of material, as for the consumption of Nicotine E Liquid, depends on the habits of the consumer (direct or indirect inhaling/rate of CBD).

In case of any strong irritations, we recommend a personal vaporizer that generates less vapor in a single puff. 

When starting to inhale, the CBD E Liquid may provoke an irritating sensation, compared to a “hit” which engenders the Nicotine.

If the sensation turns out to be too strong, it is advised to increase the value of the coil and lower the output power of the battery. By generating less vapor in one puff, the irritating sensation will be minimized.

The Marie Jeanne CBD E Liquids can be vaped depending on your preference with small Electronic Cigarettes which have a value of 1.0 and 2.0 ohms.  

Useful Recommendation with the CBD E Liquids

Shake well your CBD E Liquid before use. Conserve the E Liquid at room temperature, in a dry place and away from light. Clean and Dry your Clearomiser before using the product. Close tightly the bottle after use.

The CBD E Liquid may provoke a drowsy feeling. Do not consume this product before a business trip or driving a motorized vehicle.

Features of the CBD Marie Jeanne:

Propylene Glycol 80% Vegetable Glycerine 20%
Type of Bottle  PET / Secured Cap / Pourer Origin France

CBD E Liquids are made in France by Marie Jeanne.

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  • J. Sami
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Un peut trop sucré a mon gout.
  • B. Arnaud
  •  the 01/11/2019
  • 4/5
  • G. Stephane
  •  the 31/10/2019
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Particulier et sympa
  • C. Myriam
  •  the 29/10/2019
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Fidele à ce produit
  • P. Joris
  •  the 23/10/2019
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Si quelqu un as trouvé les effets du CBD je lui prie de ce manifester
  • F. Ali
  •  the 15/10/2019
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Il es très savoureux
  • C. Valentin
  •  the 12/10/2019
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je ne reconnaît pas les goûts
  • B. Mathieu
  •  the 11/10/2019
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A voir je n’ai pas testé encore
  • L. Eric
  •  the 07/10/2019
  • 4/5
manque un peut de gout
  • M. Nael
  •  the 03/10/2019
  • 5/5
Rapide et bon produit
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