E-Cigarettes  Koddo Pod

The Koddo Pod Nano is a ultra-compact, has design and is simple to use Electronic Vaporiser. The Koddo Pod Nano is destined for large smokers or vapers in use of increased rates of Nicotine. It allows you to punctually have an Electronic Cigarette, light and less clutter, on a night out or during the day with work. Gracious to its small size, the Koddo Pod Nano can be carried everywhere. It offers a vape which is adapted to your needs gracious to the Nicoplex Technology which is developed by the Lips Laboratories France. With this technology, the Koddo Pod Nano associates the Nicotine Salts E Liquid of great purity and ceramic coils to offer a harmonious vape full of flavour. The Koddo Pod Nano does not demand any techniques with the Electronic Cigarette, without switches and settings, it automatically detects the aspiration of the vaper

KoddoPod Nano

Discover your new friend, the Koddo Pod Nano, an Electronic Cigarette which is discreet and elegant. Ultra-compact and very light, the Koddo Pod can be carried anywhere. The utilisation is very simple and there are no buttons to manipulate or setting to be done. It is simple enough to aspire. The Koddo Pod Nano embarks on a small 350 mAh battery which can be rapidly recharged via USB Cable. It must bed associated with the Magnetic Pod with a capacity level of 2ml and Nicotine Salts and Ceramic Coil. Gracious to the exclusive Nicoplex technology, you can benefit with a harmonious vape with different flavours available for the Koddo Pod: La Chose, USA Classic, USA Strong, Ice Mind, Red Fruits and Mango Pineapple. The users of the Koddo Pod Nano will have varied flavours and easily find the tatse which is convenient for them. 

The Koddo Pod is an Electronic Cigarette for beginners and more particulalry for heavy smokers. It can equally be interesting for vapers who wish to have a complementary e-cigarette or in search of simplicity.