Istick Pico S Kit

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Use well the coil of the Istick Pico S


Range of Utilisation

Advised Dosage 

Type of Vape 

Temperature Control 


To be used from 50W to 100W.

Rate of High Glycerine (>50%)

Direct Inhaling 

No Temperature Contol


To be used from 40W to 90W

Rate of High Glycerine(>50%)

Direct Inhaling 

No Temperature Control


Eleaf presents the Istick Pico S Kit. A real metamorphosis of the Istick Pico, the Istick Pico S Mod and the Vate Clearomiser is an Electronic Cigarette with a cared for design and modern capacity. With the 21700 battery, 2ml to 6.5ml capacity for E Liquids, new type of coils with resistive close to Mesh. The Istick Pico S Kit has an output power of 100 Watts, the Pico S Mod is equipped with 7 changeable colours in LED. The Ello Vate Clearomiser is built to vape with a drip tip, type 810 standard, a large airflow and convex tank of 6.5ml. The Istick Pico S is modern and sized for vapor. 

The Istick Pico S Kit is made by Eleaf. 

21700 Batteries Included

Height 128 mm
Longueur 52.5 mm
Width 28.5 mm
Diameter 26.5 mm
Capacity 2ml / 6.5ml
Battery 1 x 21700 / 18650
Power 100W
Coil HW


Presentation Photo of the Istick Pico S Kit 

The Istick Pico S has turned towards the future with performant capacities and a modern design. The Istick Pico S is equipped with the 21700 Avatar Battery. It is also compatible with the 18650 Batteries. With an output power of 100 Watts, coloured LED's, the Istick Pico S Kit is also composed of the Ello Vate Clearomiser and the new HW-M Coils dotted with the new type of resistive. 

 Istick Pico S Box

Istick S box of the Istick Pico S Kit

This Istick Pico S box is the new modern version of the Pico Box. With a surprising look, LED's with 7 colours of choice. The Istick Pico S Box has an output power of 100 Watts and numerous modes of vape, therefore Bypass, Temperature Control and Memory Mode. 

100W of the Istick Pico S

 21700 Battery

Battery and Adapter of the Istick Pico S

The Istick Pico S box functions with the 21700 or 18650 Battery. The Kit is delivered with the 21700 Avatar battery. The Istick Pico S has a retractable barrel and striking design, in which the battery can be installed. An adapter is supplied to use the 18650 battery. 

Ello Vate

Ello Vate Clearomiser of the Istick Pico S Kit

The Ello Vate Clearomiser is a Sub ohm Clearomiser which can passe from 2ml to 6.5ml with a convex reservoir. It disposes with the filling from the top system and removeable top cap. It is also equipped with a drip tip in resin type 810 for good production of vapor, in accordance with the open, aired airflow. 

Filling of the Ello Vate Clearomiser of the Istick Pico S 

New Type of Coils 

Coils of the Istick Pico S

Inspired with Mesh, the resistive HW Coils have a structure which brings rapid heat and intense rendering of flavour. Delivered with the Istick Pico S:

  • HW-N 0.20 ohm: HW-Net, resistive in Kanthal, in the form of a net or sieve. To be used from 50W to 100W.
  • HW-M 0.15 ohm: HW Multi-holes, resistive in Kanthal with wide Mesh. To be used from 40W to 90W.

Changing the coils of the Istick Pico S

Features of the Istick Pico S:

Dimensions of the Istick Pico S 

Size of the Kit 128 x 28.5 x 52.5 mm Power 100 watts
Diameter of the Connection 26.5 mm Battery 1x21700/18650
Capacity 2 ml/6.5 ml Coils HW Ello Vate
Drip-tip 810 Resin Chipset  Eleaf

The Istick Pico S is made by Eleaf.

The Istick Pico S is delivered with:

Contents of the Istick Pico S

  • 1 Istick Pico S
  • 1 Ello Vate
  • 1 HW-N Coil
  • 1 HW-M Coil
  • 1 Avatar 21700 AVB Battery
  • 1 Detached Pieces Kit
  • 1 18650 Adapter
  • 2 Notices
  • 1 USB Quick Charge Cable


Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 541
  • Average Grade : 4.6 /5
  • V. Fournier
  •  the 15/11/2019
  • 5/5
Super belle
  • H. Mathieu
  •  the 13/11/2019
  • 5/5
Bon gout
  • B. Denis
  •  the 07/11/2019
  • 2/5
Le kit est bien fait, complet. La machine marche très bien mais j'ai des soucis avec l'étanchéité.. elle fuit régulièrement au niveau de la prise d'air, j'ai changé les joints mais le problème persiste
  • D. Christophe
  •  the 06/11/2019
  • 5/5
Parfait !!!!
  • H. Jonathan
  •  the 05/11/2019
  • 5/5
Super kit !!
  • D. Laetitia
  •  the 05/11/2019
  • 5/5
Pour moi c’est une super box j’adore
  • L. Steew
  •  the 31/10/2019
  • 5/5
la mienne m'avais laché apres deux ans ,mais telllement satisfait que j'ai repris la meme!
  • B. Antoine
  •  the 22/10/2019
  • 5/5
Très bon produit
  • B. Martine
  •  the 22/10/2019
  • 3/5
Pour l instant je ne mets que 3 je préfère attendre un peu avant d avoir un avis définitif mais pour l instant bon produit
  • B. Fabien
  •  the 18/10/2019
  • 4/5
Tres bien quelques coulures parfois selon le produit utilisé
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