Goose Juice 60 ml

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The most celebrated Custard is back! The Goose Juice, a marvellous Vanilla Cream, lightly Caramelised for a result which is ultra gourmet and addictive. 

The Goose Juice E Liquid by Quack Juice's Factory is now available in 60ml without Nicotine. To be mixed with one or more Nicotine Boosters if needed. Now in 30% / 70% in PG/VG

The Goose Juice 60 ml E Liquid is made by Quack's Juice Factory.

Capacity 60 ml
Origin U.S.A.
PG 30 %
VG 70 %


The Goose Juice 60 ml is a premium E Liquid made in the United States by the company Quack's Juice Factory. 

It is advised to utilise the Goose Juice E Liquid with a reconstructable atomiser made by there high viscosity. 

Features of the Goose Juice 60 ml E Liquid :

Propylene Glycol 30% Vegetable Glycerine 70%
Type of Bottle PET recyclable - 60 ml Origin USA

The Goose Juice 60 ml E Liquid is made by Quack's Juice Factory.

The Quack's Juice Factory porducts are reserved for users with the necessary material for there use. 

Preparation for the Goose Juice 60 ml

To obtain a Nicotine E Lqiuid, you can mix 1 or more Nicotine Boosters  in a Graduated Twist Bottle or a  DIY PET Bottle.. You can, for example, to obtain 70ml of your E Liquid with a dosage of around 3mg/ml by adding a booster of 20mg/ml.

Which rate of nicotine to choose ?

The rate of nicotine depends on your nicotine intake. To know exactly your dependency in nicotine, there does exists many screening tests used by Tabacologists. Find the test on this page:  

For an optimum preservation of the flavours, keep your Juices protected from light, in a dry place, and at room temperature (around 20°C).

Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 82
  • Average Grade : 4.4 /5
  • V. Mathias
  •  the 21/05/2019
  • 4/5
Bon mes manque de saveur
  • L. Gregory
  •  the 10/04/2019
  • 5/5
pour moi le must du custard
  • F. Frederic
  •  the 26/03/2019
  • 5/5
J'y reviens toujours...
  • D. Lionel
  •  the 22/03/2019
  • 4/5
  • L. Fabien
  •  the 01/03/2019
  • 5/5
RAS !!
  • G. Hervé
  •  the 12/02/2019
  • 5/5
Toujours vanille poivré, parfait pour mon all days
  • B. Stéphanie
  •  the 12/02/2019
  • 5/5
Gourmand juste ce qu'il faut
  • C. Thibault
  •  the 10/02/2019
  • 5/5
Bon top
  • S. Alexis
  •  the 23/01/2019
  • 4/5
"On y revient..très bonne vanille, pour ma part jsen pas le poivré..a faire stepper jusqu'à une couleur caramel foncé
  • T. Valentin
  •  the 27/12/2018
  • 4/5
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