Galuchat Curieux 40 ml

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Galuchat Curieux 40 ml.

The Galuchat E Liquid is a Classic with dominating character of Coffee which marries with perfection, notes of Hazelnut and Biscuit.

Curieux E Liquids are available in 40/60 VEGETOL/VG in a 40ml Bottle, 0mg/ml in Nicotine. It can be mixed with 1 or more Nicotine Boosters in a larger container. Boosted in Aromas and can hold up to 60ml. 

Curieux Galuchat 40 ml is made in France by Curieux. 

Capacity 40ml
Origin France
Vegetol 40 %
VG 60 %


Your Curieux E Liquid contains Vegetol, an ingredient which is exclusively of Vegetal Origin obtained gracious to food processing of bio fermentation of Sunflower Glycerine. An ingredient of high purity, guaranteed without gluten and food allergens. Made in France by Le Petit Manufacture, each Curieux E Liquid benefits with great quality and pure orginality. Your Curieux E Liquid mixes flavours which you are not ready to be tired of, such as Tweed, a classic menthol with notes of oak and pepper or even the Dentelle, a mixrure of delicious French Classic and a Crunchy Baguette straight out of the oven. Available in a 40ml bottle without Nicotine, your Curieux E Liquid is boosted with aromas and can hold up to 60ml

With CNRS team work it shows that Vegetol vaporises the same temperature as Nicotine, demonstrating aswell as being an excellent sector for the deliverance of constant Nicotine. A tried and tested on a panel of consumers demonstrated an increased deliverance of efficient Nicotine. At the sensory level, this effect has translated a re-inforced feeling in the throat. 

The Vegetol has excellent thermic stability which increases the use of material by prematurely clogging the coils. The Vegetol must be vaped at a low temeperature. It therefore solicits less the battery for even more autonomy. The Vegetol does not present any sweet taste, it does not dry the mouth and does present any thirst sensations. .

Features of the Curieux 50 ml E Liquid :

Vegetol 40 % Vegetable Glycerine  60 %
Type of Bottle PET, Child Security Cap, Pipette, 40 ml Origin France

E liquid made in France by Curieux

Preparation of the Curieux 40 ML E Liquids 

The Curieux E Liquid bottles can hold up to a maximum of 60ml in E Liquid. For a superior dosage with Nicotine Boosters we advise you to use the Graduated Twist Bottles  or the DIY PET Bottles.

Which rate of nicotine to choose ?

The rate of nicotine depends on your nicotine intake. To know exactly your dependency in nicotine, there does exists many screening tests used by Tabacologists. Find the test on this page:       


For an optimum preservation of the flavours, keep your Juices protected from light, in a dry place, and at room temperature (around 20°C).

Shake well before use and do not hesitate to ventilate (open the plug) your e-liquid for a few days before using it for a better restitution of the flavours

Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 10
  • Average Grade : 4.4 /5
  • C. Xavier
  •  the 31/08/2019
  • 3/5
avec du vegetol: super agréable et doux, mais peu de sensation au niveau du gout. Un peu léger quoi...
  • D. Émilie
  •  the 31/07/2019
  • 5/5
Mon all-day ❤️
  • D. Émilie
  •  the 11/07/2019
  • 5/5
J’adore Galuchat! Il est excellent à vapoter , je ne m’en lasse pas
  • L. Caroline
  •  the 19/05/2019
  • 5/5
Super goût. Et les produits au vegetol sont bien moins agressif que ceux au propylène glycol. je recommande
  • T. Alberto
  •  the 23/04/2019
  • 5/5
J'aime bcp, le goût et le vegetol et plus agréable que le propylène glycol
  • V. Thomas
  •  the 13/04/2019
  • 5/5
excellent liquide comme toute la gamme Curieux
  • C. Justine
  •  the 13/03/2019
  • 4/5
Très bon
  • C. Justine
  •  the 06/03/2019
  • 4/5
All day trop bon
  • V. Maël
  •  the 29/01/2019
  • 4/5
"pas mal sans être un best seller, on verra à l'usage mais je n'ai pas le "reviens-y" qui me tarode"
  • D. Pascale
  •  the 08/12/2018
  • 4/5
"Pas encore testé"