Loyalty Program

Since the 20th of May 2016 the European Directives on Tobacco Products (generally abbreviated TPD or DPT) obliges us to respect certain rules. Legally we cannot any offer any Le Petit Vapoteur promotional offers as we usually have been doing. We have equally erased our sponsor-ship system aswell as our usual quizzes. To compensate we have completely reviewed our Loyalty Program so that you can be better re-compensated. 

Double Loyalaty Pot !

From 8th to 15th of August 2020, make the most of the Double Loyalty Pot! The principal is very simple: during the order, your accumulated and non-converted points entitles you to a double reduction voucher from 50€ of purchases. Your loyalty will therefore be doubly rewarded

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An Automatic Discount After A Purchase

You can gain loyalty points for 10€ spent on the Le Petit Vapoteur Website. Each point corresponds to a reduction 1€ on your next order. For example, if you place an order of 21€, you will gain 2 loyalty points, therefore 2€ discount off your next order. So, for an order of 54€, 5 loyalty points, therefore a reduction of 5€ on your next order. 

How to Benefit?

You can benefit from the Loyalty Program if you subscribe to the Le petit Vapoteur Website. Then, the points you will gain can used as you wish. You can directly convert your points ready for your next order or you can accumulate your points so you have enough points to offer a beautiful gift. This is totally your choice!

NEW: The Le Petit Vapoteur stores share the same Loyalty Program as the Website. The points that you gain can be used online as well as in the stores. 

How to Convert My Points?

To convert your points, it is simple enough to create a basket/cart and click on the link you will find under the Cart

The transformation of your points generate a code* starting with « LOY ». You need to check it and add so that it can be deducted from the total amount of your next order. 

To know more about your Loyalty Points, you can go to your account (heading) My Loyalty Points. You can see the overview of your orders placed and your points earned.

*: The reduction code created does apply to delivery or shipping charges but only for the total amount of products.