JVIC Atopack Penguin Coils

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 Using well your coil 

To guarantee an optimal life span of your JVIC Coil, it is advised to soak the coil with e-liquid and check that the tank is not empty. 


The JVIC Coils for the Atopack Penguin by Joyetech have created resistive wires in Kanthal, Cotton Fiber, an insulation cradle and coils in ceramic. The JVIC Coils have a unique vertical nourishing system which avoids leaking of e-liquids.

Available in 0.25 ohm, 0.60 ohm and 1.20ohm

The JVIC Coils are for the Atopack Penguin

Material Cotton, Ceramic
Type of Vape All Types
Temperature Control No
Manufacturer Joyetech


The coils known for the Atopack Penguin have a unique design which favourises the aeration of the resistive wire and avoids the risk of e-liquid from leaking. The JVIC Coils (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) have a vertical nourishing effect of e-liquid. A position which is ideal to avoid any leaking of e-liquid and any seepage. The JVIC Coils for the Atopack Penguin are made in Kanthal, Cotton Fiber and have a Ceramic armor which perfectly isolates the heat.  

The JVIC Coils for the Atopack Penguin are available in 2 models:

  • JVIC1-0.60 ohm for a vape in Indirect Inhaling
  • JVIC2-0.25 ohm for a vape in Direct Inhaling
  • JVIC3-1.20 ohm for a vape in Indirect Inhaling

Filling of the Atopack Penguin

  • Unclip the Coil of the Atopack Penguin
  • Fill the reservoir via the Operculum 
  • Install the JVIC Coil in the placement

NB : The JVIC Coils MUST be soaked with e-liquid before the first utilisation 

Changing the JVIC Coil of the Atopack Penguin

  • Remove the protection of the Atopack Cartridge with the first utilisation
  • Install the coil in the placement after you have soaked the coil with few droplets of e-liquid
  • The Atopack Penguin is ready to vape!
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