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-18 If you do not smoke, do not vape

Use well the Nautilus BVC Coils of your Nautilus Aspire


Range of Use

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape


BVC 1.6 Ω

7 - 12 watts

For an e liquid with a low VG rate (< 50%)

Indirect vaping (low vapor production)

Moderate e liquid consumption

BVC 1.8 Ω

10 - 14 watts

For an e liquid with a low VG rate (< 50%)

Indirect vaping (low vapor production)

Moderate e liquid consumption

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The Aspire Nautilus, the latest newcomer in the Aspire range, is equipped with a pyrex 5 ml tank, a high performance BDC system and an airflow control system. The Aspire Nautilus clearomizer gives you a large amount of vapour with excellent restitution of flavours. Supplied in a kit with 2 coils (1.6 and 1.8 ohms), an eGo threaded beauty ring and a metal 510 drip tip.

Height 83,65 mm
Diameter 23,45 mm
Capacity 5 ml
Type of Vape inhalation indirecte
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      Vous trouverez ici les drip-tips adaptés à votre ASPIRE NAUTILUS

      Aspire Nautilus


      The Aspire Nautilus clearomizer offers a vaping experience close to that of rebuildable atomizers while remaining very easy to use.

      The plus points of the aspire nautilus:


      Airflow control:

      The ring found at the base of the Aspire Nautilus adjusts the air intake in the clearomizer for a light or tight draw. There are 4 positions:

      • Position 1 (Ø 0.9 mm): tight draw
      • Position 2 (Ø 1.1 mm): medium draw
      • Position 3 (Ø 1.4 mm): light draw
      • Position 4 (Ø 1.8 mm): very light draw

      The "lighter" or freer the draw, the more vapour produced!

      A high performance coil system:

      Its Aspire NAUTILUS BDC technology is made up of two parallel coils capable of generating warm vapour in extremely high quantities, a powerful hit and an exemplary restitution of flavours.  Its innovative structure lets you use all types of e-liquid from the classic 20-80 PG/VG to the highly viscous 100% VG and stops the e-liquid from climbing up the central tube. 

      Screwed at the base (side screw thread), the coil is always well-supplied with e-liquid. It is easily replaced without having to empty the tank of e-liquid. The tank itself is well-sealed to avoid leakage. Supplied with 2 ASPIRE Nautilus BDCs 1.8 and 1.6 ohms.


      A pyrex tank with great autonomy:

      Its pyrex tank as well as its large capacity (up to 5 ml of e-liquid) has the advantage that there is no trace of residue flavours after washing.


      Aspire nautilus kit contents:

      • 1 Aspire Nautilus 5 ml pyrex tank
      • 1 Aspire Nautilus BDC 1.6 ohm
      • 1 Aspire Nautilus BDC 1.8 ohm
      • 1 eGo threaded beauty ring


      Features of the Aspire Nautilus:

      • Pyrex tank 5 ml capacity
      • Airflow control system 
      • BDC 1.8 and 1.6 ohms
      • 510 Drip Tip
      • Length: 83.65 mm
      • Diameter: 23.45 mm
      • Aspire Nautilus coil 1.6 ohms and 1.8 ohms


      Filling the aspire nautilus:

      • Unscrew the tank from the base 
      • Incline the tank at 45° and pour the e-liquid along the inner face. Do not get any e-liquid in the central tube.
      • Screw the base back on (by placing the Aspire Nautilus BDC squarely onto the central tube)  
      • During the first fill, prime the coil: inhale several times while plugging the air inlet, (the hole at the bottom of the base) in order to draw the liquid in the atomisation chamber. Without priming, you'll notice a burnt taste (coil heating up without e-liquid).
      • Screw onto your battery


      Changing the Aspire Nautilus coil:

      • Unscrew the tank
      • Unscrew the Aspire Nautilus BDC from the base
      • Screw a new coil back onto the base
      • Fill the tank with e-liquid 
      • Screw the base with the new coil back onto the tank.
      • Prime the new coil

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      • L. Eric
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      • 5/5
      Tres bien
      • F. Raduacanou
      • publié le 04/04/2022
      • 5/5
      • H. Walter
      • publié le 04/03/2022
      • 5/5
      My favourite vape and now becoming very rare and hard to find. Good with 5ml tank.
      • J. Didier
      • publié le 02/03/2022
      • 5/5
      AU TOP
      • M. Celine
      • publié le 25/02/2022
      • 5/5
      Vap agreable
      • H. Sylvie
      • publié le 22/02/2022
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      • C. Carole
      • publié le 18/02/2022
      • 5/5
      Verre solide adepte de ce produit.
      • V. Renald
      • publié le 10/02/2022
      • 5/5
      Très bon matériel
      • T. Olivier
      • publié le 08/02/2022
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      Bon tirage
      • S. Régis
      • publié le 02/02/2022
      • 5/5
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