E-Cigarettes  Nord

Discover the Nord Kit, the new Pod by Smoktech. The particularity of the  Nord Pod Smok offers 2 types of vapes. To address a wider audience than those who are normally targeted by this kind of material. The Nord Smoktech remains a classic electronic cigarette with a 3ml cartridge and a 1100 mAh battery to offer good autonomy. The Nord Kit Smoktech is also very simple to use and addresses beginners than experienced in search of a discreet and nomad kit. 

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Discover the Nord Pod Smoktech

The Nord Kit Smok is an Electronic Cigarette Pod type, compact and simple to use. It is integrated with a battery which has interesting autonomy and a 3ml cartridge. The Nord Pod Smoktech is delivered with 2 coils which are very different which renders it polyvalent. The first coils has a value of 1.40 ohms and is made to offer a tight pull and sensation close enough to a classic cigarette. The second coil has a value of 0.60 ohm, it is adapted for direct inhaling and production of vapor. The Nord Kit Smoktech is a model which can satisfy a number of vapers. the efficiency and small size will seduce beginners, but also experienced vapers in search of an Electronic Cigarette which is nomad and discreet for when you are on the move. To resume, the Nord Pod Smok is a small model which has many resources, and hides numerous assets in the design and it is particularly practical for daily use.