E-Cigarettes  Aegis Mini

The Aegis Mini is the new Electronic Cigarette created by geek Vape. Light and compact, it is ultra-resistant and supports shocks and dust. It is equally resistive to water and can survive if it is submerged in a puddle. The Aegis Mini Kit is composed of a 2200 mAh battery which has an output power of 80W. It is associated with the Zenith Clearomiser which forms this indestructible kit, also very simple to use. If you are looking for an Electronic Cigarette for beginners and can handle any situations, the Aegis Mini is made for you.

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Discover our Aegis Mini Electronic Cigarette

The Aegis Mini is an Electronic Cigarette, compact and performant which has all the essential elements for vaping. The Aegis Mini is a real all-round box, made with quality material which has durability. It is integrated with a 2200 mAh battery which offers good autonomy and has a maximum output power of 80W. The Aegis Mini Kit, is also with the famous Zenith Clearomiser. Well known with beginners, the Zenith offers a tight pull and full of flavours, but it is especially solid. The Aegis Mini can be advised to many vapers in search of a simple, discreet and robust Electronic Cigarette.