Blood Sukka 50 ml

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Blood Sukka 50 ml, Koncept XIX range by Vampire Vape

An infernal juice with a combination of Red Cherries and Berries but also with a Eucalyptus, Aniseed and Menthol.

The Koncept XIX range by Vampire Vape propose great classics from the British Brand in a Mix 'n' Vape format with a 50ml Bottle in 0mg/ml in Nicotine, which can hold up to 60ml in E Liquid, by adding a 10ml Nicotine Boosters. With a PG/VG rate of 20/80%.

The Koncept XIX range and Blood Sukka E Liquid are made by Vampire Vape

Capacity 50 ml
Origin United Kingdom
PG 20%
VG 80%


The Vampire Vape E Liquids are made in England. The aromas used are certified Food Quality. It does not contain diacetyle, paraben or ambrox. Composed with Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and Aromas

Features of the E Liquids Koncept XIX by Vampire Vape :

Propylene Glycol 20 % Vegetable Glycerine 80 %
Type of Bottle  PET/Secured Cap/Pourer Origin England

The Koncept XIX range and Blood Sucka E Liquids are made by Vampire Vape.

Preparation for your E Liquid

To obtain a nicotine e-liquid  you can mix 1 or more Nicotine Boosters in a  Graduated Twist Bottle or a  DIY PET Bottle. You can for example, obtain 70ml of e liquid around 3mg/ml by adding 1 Nicotine Booster to 20mg/ml.

Which rate of nicotine to choose ?

The rate of nicotine depends on your nicotine intake. To know exactly your dependency in nicotine, there does exists many screening tests used by Tabacologists. Find the test on this page:       


For an optimum preservation of the flavours, keep your Juices protected from light, in a dry place, and at room temperature (around 20°C).

Shake well before use and do not hesitate to ventilate (open the plug) your e-liquid for a few days before using it for a better restitution of the flavours.

Liquid prohibited to minors, not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 13
  • Average Grade : 4.1 /5
  • B. Jerome
  •  the 14/06/2019
  • 4/5
je m'attendais a meilleur gout mais je suis trop habitué au Pink Man
  • S. Romain
  •  the 24/05/2019
  • 4/5
très bon ressemble au red astaire a la cerise
  • L. Sophie
  •  the 28/11/2018
  • 5/5
"Gout tres particulier agréable"
  • L. Sandra
  •  the 14/09/2018
  • 1/5
"Pas de goût"
  • C. Alfred
  •  the 25/08/2018
  • 5/5
"Mon jus du moment"
  • L. Tony
  •  the 18/07/2018
  • 3/5
"Moyen , le descriptif est plus appétissant que le ressenti."
  • R. Nicolas
  •  the 23/05/2018
  • 5/5
  • C. Alfred
  •  the 23/02/2018
  • 5/5
Mon liquide du moment, un délice...
  • B. Geoffrey
  •  the 26/12/2017
  • 4/5
Très bon
  • V. Nico
  •  the 25/12/2017
  • 4/5
Nice flavor
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