Ares 2 RTA Limited Edition Innokin

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39,90 €
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Find two limited editions of the Ares 2 LE RTA, a reconstructable atomiser is the collaboration between Innokin and 2 personalities of vape: Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis (The Vaping Greek). Find 2 versions, high end and sanded, one in black mat Onyx and the second in grey Flint with beautiful effects. 

The Ares 2 LE RTA has a diameter of 24mm, an optimized bell than the standard version and dispose of a beautiful 4ml capacity, a secured filling via the genius drip tip, a pull from tight to aired so you can make the most of your preferred e liquid flavours.

Make the most of an easy assembly plate, it is simple enough to place the coil and cut the feet. Efficient and rapid as these are the master keys of the Ares 2. A polyvalent atomiser, easy to live with and ideal for beginners or experienced vapers.

The Ares 2 LE RTA is made by Innokin.

Diameter 24 mm
Capacity 4 ml
Type of Vape MTL
Worktop/Plate Double Posts
Assembly Mono-Coil

Ares 2 LE RTA Innokin 

The Ares 2 LE is a reconstructable atomiser 24mm in diameter, with a capacity of 4ml based on flavours. The special edition has 2 sanded mat finishes of a beautiful effect. 

This atomiser is simple to use, good capacity and has a simple and efficient assembly plate. You will also find the tools created by the two accomplices, necessary to efficiently create your assemblies.

Sanded finishes

Innokin proposes 2 high end finishes for the Ares 2 atomiser. You will find 2 versions, matt black Onyx which is perfect with steel with a classic effect guaranteed. The grey finish itself is also classic but with a smooth and cared for touch. A unique look for a quality atomiser. 

The engraved base leaves place for an identical smooth finish for the body of the atomiser for perfect homogeneity.

A revisited drip tip

To combine perfectly with the beautiful finishes of the Ares 2 Le, the drip tip has been revisited with a top part in Ultem and the body in metal all in the same colour. It also has secure system for the filling. 

Rapid filling

The Ares 2 LE can be easily filled via the top cap by removing the drip tip/ You can insert the bottle of e liquid by pushing the top cap. With a capacity of 4ml and type of vape, tight with low power, you also have good autonomy of e liquid. 

Filling of the Ares 2 RTA Innokin :

  • Remove the drip tip
  • Slide the top cap
  • Fill the reservoir by the sides
  • Wait a few minutes so the coil is completely soaked with e liquid
  • Close the top cap.
  • Replace the drip tip

A simple plate

The Ares 2 LE remains efficient and practical with an assembly plate of double posts which accepts all types of coils. Unscrew the posts, place the coil, screw back on to block the feet of the coils, cut and ready. 

There are several tools to facilitate the assemblies. There are several assemblies which can be effectuated, possibly with the generous space, which is offered by the Ares 2 LE, but if you prefer a coil with a reasonable diameter with a maximum of turs to obtain an optimal MTL vape. 

A precise tight pull 

Gracious to the notched ring, the Ares 2 LE has several pulls, tight pull to aired, all orientated towards MTL. A large palette of 5 pulls so you can find all the flavours of your preferred e liquid. A revisited bell to increase the advantage for the rendering of flavours for this LE version. 

Features of the Ares 2 LE RTA :

Diameter 24 mm Capacity 4 ml
Type of Plate 2 posts with horizontal screws

Type of assembly


The Ares 2 LE RTA atomiser is made by Innokin.

The reconstructable atomiser Ares 2 LE RTA is delivered with :

  • 1 Ares 2 RTA
  • 1 Cotton pad
  • 2 Coils
  • 1 m Resistive wire
  • 2 Pairs of straight Philips screws
  • 1 Coloured changeable joints kit
  • 1 reservoir
  • 1 Multi Screwdriver
  • 1 Phil’s frame
  • 1 Dimi's frame
  • 1 user guide

Discover the Packaging of the Ares LE 2 RTA

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