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The Rebirth RTA is a reconstructable atomiser created for assemblies in massive double coils by Hellvape and the reviewers Mike Vapes. The atomiser has a beautiful frame with 25mm in diameter and a capacity of e liquid which can hold up to 2ml or 5ml depending on the reservoir chose, bubble or straight. 

The assembly plate of the Rebirth RTA which attracts attention of 2 screw posts of a large size for assemblies in double coils and especially the imposing aeration on each side of the plate. The aeration "honeycomb" projects the air via 2 x 14 openings on the assembly. The entry of the airflow is situated at the base of the atomiser with 2 vents of 1.5mm. The plate is made for large assemblies and complex coils. An accessory is supplied which will help you the excess cables. 

Hellvape is not stingy with the level of the finishes with a positive pole and gold-plated plot, 2x 810 drip tips with a "Cobra" and Frosted" finish. The filling is effectuated via the top cap with only a quarter turn to speed it up. 

The Rebirth RTA Atomiser is made by Hellvape.

Height 45.12 mm
Diameter 25 mm
Capacity 2ml / 5ml
Type of Vape Direct Inhaling
Worktop/Plate 2 Posts
Assembly Double Coils


Présentation de l'Atomiseur Rebirth RTA Hellvape

The name of the Rebirth RTA is effectively the renaissance for Hellvape. A new collaboration with Mike Vapes, the Rebirth RTA has abandoned the postless plate for a simple plate and aeration system, ambitious and aired. With an imposing size, the beautiful drip tip "Cobra" has a capacity which can hold up to 2ml or 5ml, the Rebirth RTA is made for vapor. 

The assembly plate is proven double and volumed assemblies which are installed on 2 screw plates. the aeration is materialized with 2 large openings at the base of the atomiser and especially 2 blocks with 14 holes which projects air to each coil. The plate has a particular design and all you need for vapor. 

Double Look

 Tank de l'Atomiseur Rebirth RTA Hellvape

All in glass and steel, the Rebirth RTA atomiser is a beautiful vapor machine which you can choose with a straight reservoir of 2ml or a bubble reservoir with a capacity of 5ml with a completely different look. You will also have the chance to choose from the 810 drip tips "Cobra" or the discreet "Frosted" in white polymer. You can also install your preferred 510 drip tip for finer flavours gracious to the supplied 510 adapter. 

Drip-tip de l'Atomiseur Rebirth RTA Hellvape

Double coils

Plateau de l'Atomiseur Rebirth RTA Hellvape

Finished with postless, with the Rebirth RTA. This plate proposes assemblies in double coils which is more accessible. The coils, of a good size are constructed in parallel on the same fixation posts. The tightening can be simple done on both sides. For it to be perfectly parallel, Hellvape have supplied a small accessory which allows you to cut the feet of the coils of the same size. You cut, place and your nearly finished. The positive pole is gold-plated for good conductivity. 

Coupe coil de l'Atomiseur Rebirth RTA Hellvape

Double Aerations

Airflow de l'Atomiseur Rebirth RTA Hellvape

The aeration system is quite particular with the Rebirth RTA atomiser. There are 2 blocks which are integrated with 14 aeration holes (1mm in diameter) which are present on the flank of the coil. The air comes from the base of the atomiser has 2 openings of 1.5mm which of course are entirely adjustable with a rotating ring. The Rebirth RTA which is ventilated, you can say...

Features of the Rebirth RTA Atomiser:

Height 45.12 mm with drip tip Capacity 2ml/5ml
Diameter of the Base 25 mm Type of Plate 2 Screw Posts 
Drip-Tip 810 Type of Assembly Double-coils

The Rebirth RTA Atomiser is made by Hellvape.

The Rebirth RTA Atomiser is delivered with:

Contenu de l'Atomiseur Rebirth RTA Hellvape

  • 1 Rebirth RTA
  • 1 810 Frosted Drip Tip
  • 1 Straight Reservoir 2 ml
  • 1 510 Adapter
  • 1 Cutting accessory for the coils
  • 1 Detached Pieces Kit
  • 1 Utilisation Notice

Discover the Packaging of the Rebirth RTA

Packaging de l'Atomiseur Rebirth RTA Hellvape

Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 37
  • Average Grade : 4.1 /5
  • T. Adrien
  •  the 05/01/2020
  • 3/5
Tirage assez restreint et vapeur plutôt tiède. Très bon RTA, bonne facture et bonnes saveurs mais plutôt fait pour les arômes gourmands, pas pour les fruités.
  • N. Trong
  •  the 31/12/2019
  • 5/5
pour son prix il est excellent
  • D. Yves
  •  the 18/12/2019
  • 5/5
un DL restrictif double coils très agréable et facile à vivre, avec ce prix pas d'hésitations à avoir
  • A. Michael
  •  the 10/12/2019
  • 5/5
  • D. Joan
  •  the 10/12/2019
  • 4/5
Conforme à mes attentes
  • T. Jf
  •  the 22/11/2019
  • 5/5
  • C. Laurine
  •  the 29/10/2019
  • 3/5
il fuit plus facilement à cause des airflow situés en bas
  • N. Dimitri
  •  the 02/10/2019
  • 4/5
  • R. Stephen
  •  the 01/10/2019
  • 5/5
Bonne vapeur et rendu des saveurs
  • R. Fabien
  •  the 17/09/2019
  • 3/5
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