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The Creek Dripper is a creation by the famous Greek Modder Atmizoo. With a long experience in high quality materials of vape, Atmizoo has decided to put his know-how within reach. And with the success of the Creek, this small piece is also good for vaping in direct or indirect inhaling. 

The Creek Dripper has a classic figure but is also full of surprises. The "wide-bore" drip tip can be served as an adapter for the beautiful 510 drip tip. Even more, with the supplementary positive pole it allows you to pass from a tight MTL vape to an aired DTL vape. 

The Creek Dripper is perfectly machined, it has a diameter of 22mm and an assembly plate which is surprisingly spacious for a reduced diameter. The plate also has 2 posts with screws which have a cruciform head in Stainless Steel M2.5mm. It is therefore dripper in mono-coil, the vape wins in finesse with an excellent mix between vapor and flavour. A must!

The Creek Dripper is made by Atmizoo. 

Height 27 mm/29 mm
Diameter 22 mm
Capacity 1.2 ml
Thread 510/BF
Type of Vape MTL/DL
Assembly Mono Coil



Atmizoo has a long experience with vaping materials, in finesse. Around the Meca mods, LAB, Guppy or even the Keras Atomiser, Atmizoo puts its talent as a Modder to service with this Creek Dripper. The Creek RDA is a dripper which can be classic or even surprising. You will find all there which makes this dripper at the top for the rendering of flavours. But the Creek Dripper will also surprise you with its polyvalence and possibilities for the production of vapor. It has in effect a supplementary module which modifies the aeration. 

With a diameter of 22mm, precise mono coil plate, wide bore or curved (optional) drip tip, you will have the possibility to install a 510-drip tip without a supplementary adapter, the Creek is surprising. It is also magnificently machined. Entirely fabricated in Stainless Steel 316, it has an insulation in thermoplastic PEEK. The 2 drip tips are delivered in Acetal. 

Association of the Atmizoo Creek with the Topside Box


Sober and Robust

Material of the Atmizoo Creek

Class and robust, is the first impression given by the Creek Dripper. Made in robust and light Stainless Steel 316 (food grade), it has insulators in Thermoplastic Polymer PEEK. The 2 drip tips supplied are in Acetal Plastic which are equally robust.

Mono coil

Plate of the Atmizoo Creek

The assembly plate of the Creek RDA is a small master piece of its own. Optimized in mono-coil, the space between the poles (11.,2mm) authorizes it to accept small and complex coils. For the simple and fixed assemblies, the Creek uses the Philips Cylinder screw heads in Stainless Steel M2.5mm. The positive pole itself, has an insulation in Thermoplastic Polymer PEEK. There are 2 small notches on the side which allow you to place the frame to center the coil. 

The Creek Dripper has a reserve of 1.2ml gracious to the deep tank. With good autonomy, the top cap assures the tightness of the Creek Dripper. If you have a preference for vape with a bottom-feeder mod, The Creek RDA is delivered with a pin. 

Tank of the Atmizoo Creek 


Adjustable Airflow 

Airflow of the Atmizoo Creek 

To change from a tight pull to an aired pull, the Creek Dripper has 2 module posts which are the positive poles of the dripper. The pole, assures at the same time an aeration under the coil. The DL has an opening of 4mm in diameter, the MTL has an opening of 2mm in diameter. The aeration also modifies the render and the production of vapor.  

 Acetate Drip-tips

Drip Tips of the Atmizo Creek 

Made in Acetate, robust and black, there are 2 forms of drip tips, incurved and straight depending on your preferences. The drip tip are "wide-bore" which means a wide edge to maximise the production the vapor. Bonus, which is very interesting for the rendering of flavour: the wide bore drip tips can welcome the 510 drip tips without an adapter. You can test the difference in the blink of an eye. 


Features of the Creek Atmizoo:

Contents of the Atmizoo Creek 

Height 27 mm or 29 mm depending on the drip tip installed Type of Plate Double posts 
Diameter 22 mm Type of Assembly Mono coil
 Material Stainless Steel316/Acetate/PEEK Drip -Tip 810 owned, with the possibility for the 510

The Creek Dripper is made by Atmizoo.

The Creek Dripper is delivered with: 

  • 1 Creek RDA
  • 1 Supplementary MTL Post
  • 1 Supplementary Drip Ti
  • 1 BF Pin
  • 1 Detached Pieces Kit
  • 1 Utilisation Guide
  • 1 Authentication Card

Discover the Packaging of the Creek Atmizoo


Packaging of the Atmizoo Creek 

Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 14
  • Average Grade : 4.8 /5
  • D. Lhabib
  •  the 18/06/2019
  • 4/5
Dégrade un peu les arômes, mais rien de rédhibitoire compte tenu du prix. Ça ne vaut pas un "Flave dripper 24 EVO de Alliancetech Vapor" mais le prix n'est pas le même (84€...). Je l'ai acheté parce qu'il contient un petit réservoir de 1ml qui reste pratique si on ne veut pas stonker en permanence.
  • F. Gaetan
  •  the 15/06/2019
  • 5/5
Très bon rendu saveur
  • M. Thomas
  •  the 08/06/2019
  • 5/5
excellent dripper ! j'adore
  • M. Thomas
  •  the 08/06/2019
  • 5/5
bien conseillé, il est excellent !
  • M. Olivier
  •  the 04/06/2019
  • 5/5
Produits conforme à la demande. Nickel.
  • H. Julien
  •  the 21/05/2019
  • 5/5
Super rendu saveur je suis ravi.
  • V. Pierre
  •  the 10/05/2019
  • 5/5
Excellent dripper MTL
  • T. Jon
  •  the 11/04/2019
  • 5/5
Great rda. Build quality superb
  • B. Nicolas
  •  the 21/02/2019
  • 5/5
Très agréablement surpris par la qualité vu son prix. Finitions irréprochables et saveurs excellentes. Encore meilleur à mon goût avec le petit airflow.
  • S. Frederic
  •  the 14/02/2019
  • 4/5
Plutôt bon niveau saveur mais attention aux gros câbles, diamètre de 22 oblige. Attention au top cap qui chauffe beaucoup pour ma part. Drip tip fournis très moyen.. Perso je pense quil en un plus grand pour ne pas de brûler les lèvres.
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