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The Notos RDA is a dripper from the manufacturer of high-quality resistive wires, Inowire. Inowire proposes with the Notos RDA its vision of an atomiser: a dripper of a small size with an assembly plate, and very simple to use. 

The aeration of the Notos Dripper passes from the top cap and drip tip, its originality allows e liquids from leaking, but also for a good production of vapor, well flavoured. Delivered with the BF Pin, the Notos RDA expresses alot better when associated in Bottom-Feeder. 

Overall, Inowire have spared no effort to create a perfectly machined dripper offering exceptional quality of vape 

The Notos RDA Dripper is made by Inowire.

Height 24 mm
Diameter 22 mm
Thread 510/BF
Material Steel/Delrin
Worktop/Plate Double Posts
Assembly Mono Coil


Presentation Photo of the Notos RDA

Maybe you know Inowire., the French manufacturer of resistive wires. You will discover the Notos Dripper, and all its "know-how" in the field of reconstructables. The Notos RDA is perfectly made to fulfil its mission in carrying flavours in Classic Mode (drop by drop) like in Bottom-Feeder. 

The Notos Dripper is of a small size, with a diameter of 22mm in diameter for the concentrated for flavours. The assembly plate is relatively simple, made for mono-coils of a medium size and not only for Inowire Coils. The Notos RDA has an original aeration system, situated at the top of the dripper, between the drip tip and the tank. The air is directed towards the coil, raising to the surface, full flavours. 

Association of the Notos RDA with the Dovpo Topside

Sober, Elegant 

Design of the Notos RDA

For it's first Atomiser, Inowire have gone for sober and elegance. The pure figure of the Notos RDA can be placed on all mods. With a size of 24mm and a diameter of 22mm for its concentration in optimal flavours. Proven that Inowire do make any concessions, the Drip Tip in Delrin is of its own property and covers all the top of the Notos Dripper. 

Drip-tip of the Notos RDA Dripper 

Easy Mono Assembly

Plate of the Notos RDA Dripper 

It is with 2 beautiful screws that you can assemble your coils on this plate of the Notos RDA. The installation does prove to be difficult gracious to the screws which allow permanent fixtures of beautiful coils naturally in the center of the plate. The distance, is of 6mm allowing you to use Clapton Coils, or Fused. You can observe the cavities on the plate of the Notos Dripper on both sides of the coil. Apart from this, the air passes to project towards the coil. Simple and efficient. 

Airflow of the Notos RDA Dripper 


BF Pin of the Notos RDA Dripper

The Notos Dripper is of course delivered with the BF Pin to pass immediately for the joys of "Squonking". This is certainly with a mod in Bottom Feeder, that the Notos Dripper will flourish best. The Cotton Fiber places directly on the depth of the dripper, and the nourishment of e liquid is instant. 

Features of the Notos RDA Dripper :

Height 24 mm Material Steel / Delrin
Diameter 22 mm Type of Plate Double Posts / Vertical Screws
Drip Tip Owner Type of Assembly Mono Coil

The Notos Dripper is made by Inowire.

The Notos RDA Dripper is delivered with:

Contents of the Notos RDA Dripper 

  • 1 Notos RDA
  • 1 BF Pin
  • 1 Changeable Pieces Kit

Discover the Packaging of the Notos RDA 

Packaging of the Notos RDA

Product Reviews
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  • F. Sebastien
  •  the 14/02/2019
  • 5/5
Au top avec de l inowire un vrai chasseur de saveur, ne pas faire de grand coil car le but est que le coil soit aussi grand que le drip tip propriétaire sinon risque de chauffe.