Orion DNA Go Pod System Lost Vape

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Orion DNA Go Pod System Lost Vape.

The Orion Go Pod is a sophisticated, compact and intelligent Pod. A high end, "all-in-one" Electronic Cigarette. Composed of a 950 mAh battery and a Clearomiser which is entirely equipped with: a 3ml reservoir, coil in 0.25 ohm or 0.50-ohm, drip tip with pull adjustments. The Orion DNA Go Pod System combines simplicity of use with the sophistication of Mod by Lost Vape. The Orion Go Pod in effect is equipped with a DNA Chipset designed by Evolv for vaping, if you wish, with a "Boost" or "Replay" function to reproduce a good pull, a sweet spot to find the best balance between flavour, hit and vape. We find with the Orion DNA Go Pod System all you need to know by Lost Vape with exceptional finishes and materials of first choice. 

The Orion DNA Go Pod System is made by Lost Vape.

Height 93 mm
Longueur 37 mm
Width 13.5 mm
Weight 87 g
Capacity 3 ml
Autonomy 950 mAh
Airflow Adjustable
Coil Orion Cartridge


Presentation Photo of the Orion DNA Go Pod System

The Orion DNA Go Pod System is the first intelligent Pod equipped with the DNA Chipset for total control of your vape. The Orion Go Pod is an Electronic Cigarette integrated with a 950 mAh battery and a removeable Clearomiser which can be filled with E Liquid of your choice. With the DNA Chipset by Evolv, the Orion Pod can be customised to your vape and reproduce your best pull gracious to the "replay" function. This Pod remains simple but can be configurable with the Escribe Evolv Software to evolve you experience. 

For whom addresses the Orion DNA Go Pod System?

The Orion DNA Go Pod System is an Electronic Cigarette, compact and Nomad. The discreet size allows you to vape in all circumstances with an elegant design. It knows how to remain simple, therefore it is not necessary to have great knowledge in vape to use it, but you can evolve your experience by exploring the possibilities allowed by the DNA Chipset. To vape everywhere with a beautiful product and of great quality.

 Lost Vape Quality

Finishes of the Orion DNA Go Pod System

For a structure in Stainless Steel and varied finishes, we have a mod which is very compact and of great quality. The Orion Go  Pod is composed of a battery with 2 switches, a discreet LED, a security screen to access the Clearomiser and entry of the USB. The part of the Clearomiser is distinguished with a cap in Steel for the filling of e liquid. The Clearomiser has a drip tip in Black Delrin which integrates an adjustable airflow system. This Pod of great originality: it allows you to adjust the pull for your convenience. 

Airflow of the Orion DNA Go System

Cartridge and Coils 

Cartridges of the Orion DNA Go Pod System

The Orion DNA Go Pod System can be fill 3ml of e liquid of your choice, the Pod Mod leaves you with great liberation. However, the Clearomiser does propose 2 coils: 0.25 ohm or 0.50 in SS 316L. The DNA Chipset of the Pod is automatically distinguished by the coilµ. The Orion DNA Go Pod System is delivered with 2 cartridges of 0.25 and 0.50 ohm in SS 316L and Organic Cotton. 

Extraction of the Cartridge of the Orion DNA Go Pod System

DNA Chipset 

Chipset of the Orion DNA Go Pod System

With the 0.25 ohm and 0.50 in SS 316L you can adapt your vape, the simplest in the world, Classic Watts Mode but a with the pod you also have the possibility to regulate the outpower with 3 levels: Low, Medium and High. This setting is effectuated with an extra button at the base of the frame. With the DNA Chipset, the Orion DNA Go Pod has a "Boost" function which increases the punctuality of the power of with the beginning of each pull. The replay mode is also in place. This mode conserves and reproduces the setting when each pull is close enough to the "sweet-spot" which means, the perfect balance between vapor, hit and flavour. Who says DNA, says customisation and configuration with the Escribe Software by Evolv available on line: www.evolvapor.com.

LED of the Orion Go Pod System


To finish, the 950 mAh battery of the Orion DNA Go Pod can be chargeable via the USB port which has a capacity of 1A. You can count on 45 mins of complete standard charging. 

Features of the Orion DNA Go Pod:

Dimensions of the Orion Go Pod System


93 x 13.5 x 37 mm

Integrated Battery 950 mAh

87 g

Maximum Watts  40 watts


3 ml Drip Tip Owner

The Orion DNA Go Pod System is made by Lost Vape.

The Orion DNA Go Pod System is delivered with:

  • 1 Orion Go Pod
  • 1 0.25 ohm Cartridge 
  • 1 0.50 ohm Cartridge
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Orion Strap
  • 1 Utilisation Notice

Discover the Packaging of the Orion DNA Go Pod System

Packaging of the Orion Go Pod System

Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 170
  • Average Grade : 4.7 /5
  • S. Samuel
  •  the 29/10/2019
  • 5/5
Très belle vapoteuse ! A la fois chic et féminine. Très bon rendu de saveur et belle fumée.
  • Z. Isabelle
  •  the 04/10/2019
  • 2/5
Déçue pas pratique pour vaper Beau pod mais j ai pas aimé Vape dessus
  • L. Jeanne
  •  the 25/09/2019
  • 5/5
Super vape
  • B. Oguz
  •  the 11/09/2019
  • 5/5
Je le conseil
  • V. Jeremy
  •  the 10/09/2019
  • 5/5
Petit. Bonne autonomie
  • S. Christophe
  •  the 06/09/2019
  • 5/5
excellent pod à recommander, d'une utilisation simple avec un rendu de saveur déconcertante.
  • H. Nabil
  •  the 04/09/2019
  • 5/5
Excellent pod pour arrêter de fumer. Léger, se garde au cou tout au long de la journée sans problème. Le meilleur pod du marché. Le moins cher ici, je précise le "pod orion dna" et non pas son petit frère "pod orion q". Heureux de mon achat.
  • B. Estelle
  •  the 24/08/2019
  • 5/5
Produit haut de gamme, j'adore !
  • B. Jordan
  •  the 20/08/2019
  • 5/5
Un excellent produit de qualité rien à dire c’est juste au top .
  • L. Estelle
  •  the 20/08/2019
  • 2/5
Très déçue en tout rien de plus à ajouter.
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