Coolfire Z80 Box Innokin

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42,90 €
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The Coolfire Z80 is an electronic mod for all vapers. For a vape in direct or indirect inhaling, it can be adapted to a number of atomisers and type of vape. The Coolfire Z80 is light and elegant, and benefits with the technical innovations for the service to the vaper. A technology which remains accessible with a large number of innovations.

The Coolfire Z80 box functions with the 18650 battery and offers a varied power of 6 to 80 watts. The connection has a diameter of 26mm which allows it to be used with a number of atomisers. The mod disposes of a Refresh function which keeps the coil of the atomiser soaked with e liquid. The FØ itself, uses the new technology for a vape in Hertz. The mode also protects the coil when boosting in flavours.

The Coolfire Z80 is also an elegant mod with finishes in leather and suede as well as a coloured screen of a good size. To access the battery is effectuated with a unscrewable plate, no mechanism, no hinges, and a gage of durability. To finish, the mod benefits with a USB-C connection to effectuate a recharge of the battery if needed.

The Coolfire Z80 Box is made by Innokin.

Batteries not included.

Height 84 mm
Length 38 mm
Width 27 mm
Diameter 26 mm
Weight 86 gr
Material Zinc, Leather, Suede
Battery 1 x 18650
Power 6W - 80W
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    Présentation de la Box Coolfire Z80 Innokin

    Elegant and comfortable in the hand, the Coolfire Z80 by Innokin proposes a polyvalent vape for your atomisers. Functioning with a 18650 battery (not included) is dotted with a comfortable power (80 watts), the Coolfire Z80 will satisfy vapers in direct or indirect inhaling. The box is also modern with innovative functions and Innokin is associated with Fourier Tech to invent new ways to maintain the coil. The goal is to preserve the flavours as well as the coil for as long as possible. Simple to use.

    With a diameter connection, the Coolfire Z80 box allows you to use a number of atomisers, clearomisers and reconstructables. It accepts coils between 0.1 and 3.5Ω. It has a maximum output power of 80 watts. On the design side and finishes the Coolfire Z80 has good ergonomics. Made with light zinc alloys, you will find the handle in leather or suede depending on the mod. The mod also has a USB-C connection which updates the software of the mod or for a complete recharge of the battery if needed.

    Association of the Coolfire Z80 Box Innokin with the Nautilus GT

    Coolfire design !

    Design de la Box Coolfire Z80 Innokin

    You will find with the mod a typical design of boxes, Coolfire by Innokin and its round figure for a comfortable hold in the hand. The Coolfire Z80 is made in tune with the times. With a frame made in zinc alloys, light and robust. You will find the leather coating or in suede around the handle. At the top, a diameter connection of 26mm, gold plated for excellent connection.  

    Watts or Volts

    Chipset de la Box Coolfire Z80 Innokin

    On the power side, the Coolfire Z80 box allows a vape between 6 and 80 watts. Or in volts, between 1 and 75 Volts, with coil recognition between 0.1 and 3.5Ω with a diameter connection of 26mm, the box can be associated with a large number of atomisers.  


    Innovation de la Box Coolfire Z80 Innokin

    In collaboration with Fourier Tech, Innokin proposes different modes and functions. For example the FØ function. This uses an alternative current for heating the coil. It sends a current on both sides of the resistive coil, so it preserves a longer and quality vape and longevity of the coil.

    The Refresh function also uses an alternative current. During a short instant, 40% of power is delivered with the coil. The resistive wire remains soaked with e liquid and the coil is protected with dry-hits for a longer life.

    Tip : Press on both setting buttons which allows you to access the menu of the Coolfire Z80 box. For a vape in direct inhaling, the FØ can also be regulated between 20 and 50 Hz. For a vape in indirect inhaling, between 51 and 100 Hz.

    Battery and USB-C

    Charge USB-C de la Box Coolfire Z80 Innokin

    To install the 18650 battery (not included), a simple plate unscrews under the box of the Coolfire Z80. No mechanisms, this plate ensure greater longevity to the mod. The USB-C on the front of the box allows a rapid recharge of the battery if needed.

    Features of the Coolfire Z80 de Innokin :

    Dimensions de la Box Coolfire Z80 Innokin

    Dimensions 84 x 27 x 38 mm Power 6 - 80 W
    Material Zinc Alloys/ Suede or leather  Battery 1 x 18650
    Connection 26 mm Range of coils 0.1 Ω - 3.5 Ω

    The Coolfire Z80 Box is made by Innokin.

    The Coolfire Z80 Box is delivered:

    Contenu de la Box Coolfire Z80 Innokin


    • 1 Coolfire Z80 Box
    • 1 USB-C cable
    • 1 User notice

    Discover the Packaging of the Coolfire Z80 by Innokin

    Packaging de la Box Coolfire Z80 Innokin

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    • B. Yoann
    • publié le 25/06/2022
    • suite à une commande du 17/06/2022
    • 5/5
    Une box facile à régler jolie et qu'on ne veut plus lâcher
    • A. Marie Christine
    • publié le 18/06/2022
    • suite à une commande du 10/06/2022
    • 5/5
    Géniale rien a dire
    • G. Jean-Daniel
    • publié le 18/06/2022
    • suite à une commande du 08/06/2022
    • 5/5
    Vraiment au top
    • L. Julien
    • publié le 09/06/2022
    • suite à une commande du 01/06/2022
    • 5/5
    Je l’adore ! J’en ai 2 comme ça
    • H. MARIO
    • publié le 02/06/2022
    • suite à une commande du 20/05/2022
    • 4/5
    D'après ma belle mère, très bien! Le simili cuir est doux et tient bien en main.
    • ". Pascal
    • publié le 14/04/2022
    • suite à une commande du 02/04/2022
    • 5/5
    "Dommage à quelques euros près j'aurais dû prendre le kit ... Sinon rien à redire c'est de l'innokin"
    • ". Sylvain
    • publié le 22/02/2022
    • suite à une commande du 11/02/2022
    • 5/5
    "Vape compact"
    • T. José-Marie
    • publié le 18/02/2022
    • suite à une commande du 10/02/2022
    • 5/5
    "Parfait c’est innokin"
    • G. Jean-Daniel
    • publié le 18/02/2022
    • suite à une commande du 06/02/2022
    • 5/5
    "Très bonne petite box je la recommande"
    • A. Louisette
    • publié le 25/01/2022
    • suite à une commande du 16/01/2022
    • 5/5
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