Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS Mod

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340,00 €
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The Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS is a double barrel battery mod for a vape with the 2 x 18350 batteries. The Juxta V2 is made in Titan grade 2. A light and resistive titan, extremely solid and has an oxide protection. The deck, connection and activation button are made in brass. TheJuxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS is 100% meca and the 2 x 18350 batteries and is dedicated to a vape in indirect inhaling (MTL) and coils equal or superior to the value of 0.85 Ω. 

The Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS has a 510 connection for atomisers of 24mm in diameter. On the side, the engraved switch is magnetic and lockable. In effect it is equipped with 2 neodymium magnets, which provides a pleasant stroke and secures the mod with a quarter turn.

The Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS mod is also available in a version to be used with the 18650 batteries.

The Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS Mod is made in France by Wheels & Time.

Batteries Not Included.

Height 96 mm
Width 49 mm
Diameter 24 mm
Weight 222 g
Material Titan / Brass
Battery 2 x 18650
Material reserved for informed public A Mechanical Mod destined for experts with excellent knowledge in Ohm law It is strongly advised to use this type of product with:

Des résistances ayant une valeur supérieure à 0,20 ohm

Des accus de qualité et en parfait état de fonctionnement


The Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS is a meca mod of great quality made with the greatest care and light materials: titan grade 2 and in brass to make the mod last a long time and against wear and tear. The Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS has 2 barrels so it can be vaped with 2 x 18350 batteries (not included). This mod is made for a vape with coils equal or superior of 0.85 Ω.

The Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS also has a magnetic switch which is magnetic and lockable but also has a 510 connection which can be adjusted for a comfortable vape and in security with atomisers which have a diameter of 24mm maximum. The repulsion magnetic switch is equipped with 2 neodymium magnets which offers an agreeable stroke.

Juxta V2 18350

The Juxta V2 18350 has an original design and benefits with perfect machinery. It is compatible with the 18350 batteries which offers an agreeable and compact size. The Juxta V2 18350 has 2 tubes in titan, light, resistive and extremely solid. It also has an opxide protection. It is also made in brass for the deck part, the connection and switch. This is engraved with the Wheels & Time logo.

Double battery

With two tubes, the Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS allows you to vape with excellent autonomy. You can benefit with the 2 x 18350 batteries (non-included) which can be installed in series inside the box. With an 8.4 volts, fully charged then Juxta V2 is mechanical and is addressed to vapers who have already mastered this type of box and its functioning. It is advised to use coils equal or superior to 0.85 Ω. 

Top box !

At the top of the Juxta Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS box you will find a connection for atomisers of 24mm in diameter. A connection dotted with aeration vents to dissipate the heat. You will also find the famous magnetic repulsion switch. Equipped with a pair of neodymium magnets, the switch is lockable and is comfortable.

Put in place your Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS

  • Only use identical and fully charge batteries (flat top) and in good condition.
  • Unscrew the connection (superior top-cap)
  • Screw the atomiser to the 510 connection
  • Insert the batteries
  • Screw the atomiser and top cap on the tube
  • Unlock the switch and the mod is operational.

Features of the Juxta V2 Titane 18350 :

Dimensions   67 x 24 x 49 mm Battery 2 x 18350
Material Brass / Titan Connection 510 / 24 mm

The Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS Mod is made in France by Wheels & Time.

The Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS Mod is delivered with:

  • 1 Juxta V2 mod
  • 1 Signed authentication certificate
  • 1 Long screw
  • 2 Replacement magnets
  • 2 wraps Wheels & Time
  • 1 Utilisation notice

Discover the Packaging of the Juxta V2 Titane 18350 Pro-MS

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