iStick Pico X and Melo 4 Kit

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The famous box iStick Pico is back with the its inseparable Melo Clearomiser. The iStick Pico X is a complete kit for an efficient vape in all circumstances. The kit proposes the iStick Pico X, a modern version which is functional and more ergonomic. Functioning with 1 x 18650 battery it offers a maximum output power of 75 Watts.

The iStick Pico proposes in association one of the best Clearomisers on the market, the Melo 4. The D22 Version offers a capacity of 2ml for e liquid and the filling from the top system with a retractable top cap. The iStick Pico X introduces a new EC Mesh of 0.15 ohm to discover the new sensations.

The iStick Pico X remains one the Electronic Cigarettes which is very simple to use, with ergonomics adapted for a good hold in the hand, especially for a relatively compact size, which is practical for vaping everywhere. The Pico X has a robust coated finish, with a soft and agreeable touch.

The iStick Pico X is made by Eleaf

Batteries Non-Included

Height 112 mm
Longueur 50 mm
Width 31 mm
Diameter 23 mm
Capacity 2 ml
Battery 1 x 18650
Power 75W
Coil EC Melo


The iStick Pico Kit is the modern version of the famous Electronic Cigarette on the market. The iStick Pico X and the inseparable Melo 4 Clearomiser which is light and ergonomic. Very smart, the box proposes intelligent recognition and a coil which automatically supplies the best power to the clearomiser.

With a soft and robust covering, the iStick Pico X has a new figure so it can be very ergonomic as possible. The buttons can be regulated under the mod to gain space and the 18650 battery (non-included) is installed by the top of the box gracious to the screw cap.

Loyal to the Melo 4 range, the Melo 4 D22 Clearomiser is polyvalent, practical and simple to use. The aeration is ample and can be entirely regulated depending on your preferences. With the iStick Pico X, you can use the EC-M coil, with the mesh and in 0.15 ohm. It offers intense rendering of flavours with a good production of vapor.

To whom addresses the iStick Pico X ?

The iStick Pico X is convenient for all vapers in need of an Electronic Cigarette, compact and performant. The presence of the battery allows you to gain in autonomy, simple enough to replace the battery has discharged, with a fully charged battery.

The iStick Pico X can also please for its versatility. With a number of coils which is compatible, the Melo 4 D22 offers in effect varied sensations in direct and indirect inhaling. To finish, the lightness of the iStick Pico X is the ideal companion to vape everywhere.

Pico X

 Pico X Box

You will find all the features of the famous Pico in this iStick Pico X version. Functioning with 1 x 18650 battery (non-included), it can reach up to 75W in power and preserves the battery of the buttons situated under the box. This change comes from the new figure which is ergonomic and the new soft coating in smooth and non-slip. With the new design, the iStick Pico X is even more compact than before.

Intelligent Watts

Screen of the Pico X

The newness which is very much appreciated, you will discover with the iStick Pico X the intelligent wattage system. The iStick Pico X also proposes the best output power in watts depending on the coil which is installed. For this, the Melo 4 D22 with a new coil and the Pico X displays “new coil”. By responding with the + button the Pico X will automatically set itself to 55 Watts for example, the EC-M 0.15 ohm which is installed.

With this innovation you can avoid any deterioration of coils, if the output power in watts is strong. There is a bonus power recommended for the atomiser, which you have the possibility to adjust, of course.

Polyvalent Box

Even the iStick Pico X is a simple model, and can be vaped using the different modes such as: Bypass, Temperature Control in Ni, SS, Ti or TCR with 3 programmable profiles. The box of the iStick Pico X keeps the OLED screen of 0.96-inches which displays the number of puffs inhaled, voltage, duration of inhaling and of course many others.

Melo 4 D22

Melo 4 D22 of the iStick Pico X


As known, the Melo 4 D22 Clearomiser is one of the best clearomisers on the market. The Melo 4 of the iStick Pico X remains compatible with all the EC Coils from the Melo range. The Clearomiser has a capacity of 2ml in e liquid and a filling from the top (via the reservoir) with the retractable top cap.


Airflow of the Melo 4 D22

The clearomiser of the iStick Pico X which we call a double airflow. Which means, 2 arrivals of air are situated under the base of the clearomiser. The pull can be aired in an open position. It is suitable for amateurs in direct inhaling and large clouds. With the adjustable ring of the Melo 4 D22 it is possible to reduce the flux of air for an indirect inhaling vape with a tighter pull.

 HW-M Coils

Coils of the Melo 4 D22

The iStick Pico C introduces the new EC Mesh coil in 0.15 ohm. With a structure in mesh, it produces an interesting heating surface and offers an intense and savory taste. The EC-M 0.15 ohm can be used from 30 Watts to 75 Watts.

Features of the iStick Pico X :

Dimensions of the iStick Pico X


Dimensions of the Kit

112 x 31 x 55 mm


75 watts

Dimensions of the Kit

73 x 31 x 50 mm



Dimensions of the Clearomiser

52.5 x 22 mm

Range of Coils

0.10-3.0 ohms


2 ml


EC Melo

Connection Diameter

22 mm

Drip Tip


The iStick Pico X is made by Eleaf.

The iStick Pico X Kit is delivered with

Contents of the iStick Pico X

Contents of the iStick Pico X

  • 1 iStick Pico X Box
  • 1 Melo 4 D22
  • 2 EC-M 0.15 Coils
  • 1 Changeable Joints Kit
  • 2 Utilisation Notices
  • 1 QC USB Cable


Discover the Packaging of the iStick Pico X

Packaging of the  iStick Pico X


Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 136
  • Average Grade : 4.5 /5
  • V. Elisabeth
  •  the 13/11/2019
  • 5/5
le premier que j'avais reçu était défectueux, le deuxième est simple d'utilisation, agréable au toucher, joli, efficace
  • H. Clément
  •  the 08/11/2019
  • 5/5
  • R. Patricia
  •  the 05/11/2019
  • 5/5
  • L. Alexa
  •  the 05/11/2019
  • 5/5
Je voulais exactement ce modèle qui me convient parfaitement.
  • H. Maxime
  •  the 31/10/2019
  • 3/5
La résistance déjà installée dedans de mauvaise qualité car s'est dégradée très malgré une bonne utilisation de ma part
  • H. Bruno
  •  the 24/10/2019
  • 5/5
Produit parfait. Je recommande
  • T. Valentin
  •  the 22/10/2019
  • 3/5
le produit en lui même est bon juste un défaut au niveau du compartiment de l’accus
  • H. Caroline
  •  the 04/10/2019
  • 5/5
Agréablement surprise ! J’avais peur que ce soit un peu faible en comparaison des modèles que j’utilise habituellement mais non ! Du coup je pense à m’en prendre un deuxième
  • K. Aline
  •  the 25/09/2019
  • 5/5
super outil fiable
  • J. Lucas
  •  the 22/09/2019
  • 5/5
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