Wicket AIO DNA60 Limelight Mechanics

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419,90 €
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Discover the little latest from the Serbian modder Limelight Mechanics, the Wicket AIO. An all in one and high-end bow with irreproachable finishes. To enhance the AIO mod you will find the famous DNA60 which allows the personalisation of the very fine chipset for a vape depending on your preference? The Wicket AIO is compatible with the 18650 format batteries. 

The Wicket AIO is very light and has several similar finishes of the Wicket range. Of POM, military grade in 2 colours black (Gloom) and white (Bliss). The front is maintained by 4 magnets which assures the security and firmness. The different settings are effectuated by the buttons which situated behind the front, same placing as the reservoir. Under the box you will discover the screen which pilots the DNA60 chipset.

This high-end Wicket AIO box can be assimilated with the reservoirs type Billet Box, generally called Boro. This brings excellent polyvalence with the existing bridges. There are 2 sections with 3 airflows are visible of one part to another with the Wicket AIO to offer excellent ventilation of your coil and chipset.

The Wicket AIO is a superb all in one box, machined with finesse and passion by the modders who have nothing to prove.

The Wicket AIO is made in Serbia by Limelight Mechanics.

Batteries not included.

Height 85 mm
Length 50 mm
Width 29 mm
Weight 140 gr
Material POM / Stainless Steel
Battery 18650
Power 60 W
Compatibility Boro
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      Présentation de la Wicket AIO Limelight Mechanics

      Limelight Mechanics, renowned modder presents its new piece of art, the Wicket AIO. An all-in-one box is compatible with the Boro Tank of the Billet Box for maximum polyvalence. The finishes are on par with the previous boxes by the manufacturer, with military grade POM plastic for resistive to all tests. Particularly with the Wicket AIO, the chipset is fully sealed with several joints which are correctly placed, no reason to be worried of slight leaking of e liquids near the reservoir.

      In the Wicket AIO, the modder has decided to place one of the best chipsets on the market, a DNA, in a 60 version for 60 watts, max. The personalisation of this system allows you to obtain a fine vape as desired. The settings are effectuated via the USB port included on the side, placed behind the battery tube. To crown all, the Wicket AIO is associated with the reservoirs and Billet box bridges which proposes a multitude of possibilities for the coils, reconstructable or not.


      Design de la Wicket AIO Limelight Mechanics

      AIO or All-in-One as the reservoir and coil are directly integrated in the box. The design of the Wicket AIO is in the line of its big sisters with finishes which are always perfect. Entirely made in POM and stainless steel, the Wicket AIO resembles a small block which does not show anything once the reservoir is installed. The screen can be found under the mod and the setting buttons to regulate the chipset under the front before being maintained by the 4 powerful magnets.


      switch de la Wicket AIO Limelight Mechanics

      Limelight which is innovative for a switch with an “on air” connection, no wires (visible) or specific connection, with the integrated circuits and pogo pins. This system allows the possibility to connect different façades, switch on the top (included) or switch in the middle ( not included).


      Chipset de la Wicket AIO Limelight Mechanics

      In the Wicket AIO you will find the famous DNA chipset, on a 60 version. A chipset which is one of the most personalised on the market and is capable of handling a plethora of resistive wires (KA1, Ni80, Ni90, SS316, Titane, etc.). Diverse modes are accessible via the Escribe software (Evolv) with a quantity of options to obtain YOUR vape. The connection of the chipset is effectuated with the micro-USB, offers as a spare with the Wicket AIO. For the connection you will need to remove the battery tube (unscrewable) which leaves place for a connection of 5 pins which inserts the USB Port.


      Reservoir de la Wicket AIO Limelight Mechanics

      The manufacturer has decided to render the Wicket AIO compatible with the Billet Bow, generally named “Boro Tank”. This possibility allows you to choose the type of vape that you desire with a profusion of tanks available on the vaping market. It also compatible with all the existing bridges, reconstructable or not.

      Find the AIO Tank Reservoir by Limelight Mechanics here.


      Logement des accus de la Wicket AIO Limelight Mechanics

      The Wicket AIO accepts the 18650-format battery, large enough for a vape between 5 and 60 watts. The recharge of the batteries can uniquely be charged by an external charger, the micro-USB port is reserved as the personalisation of the chipset.

      Subtlety light, with the Wicket AIO if you have a problem with the tank connection, Limelight indicates that it is not necessary to touch the positive pin situated under the reservoir, which is not adjustable. All you have to do is tighten the battery cap for a firmer connection and all is in play.  

      Features of the Wicket AIO Limelight Mechanics :

      Dimensions de la Wicket AIO Limelight Mechanics

      Dimensions 85 x 29 x 50 mm Power  5 to 60 watts
      Material POM / Acier Inoxydable Battery 18650

      The Wicket AIO is made in Serbia by Limelight Mechanics.

      The Wicket AiO is included with :

      Contenu de la Wicket AIO Limelight Mechanics

      • 1 Wicket AiO
      • 1 Micro USB connector

      Discover the Packaging of the Wicket AIO Limelight

      Packaging de la Wicket AIO Limelight Mechanics

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