In reason of the Regulations from 20.05.2016,from the 01st January 2017, E-liquids will uniquely be availble in 10ml. To assure this transaction, certain e-liquids which are conditioned in a vial more than 10ml may not be available before this date. 

The Law have restricted the sale of e-liquids more than 10ml containing nicotine aswell as bases containing nicotine, this decision was taken into effect the  20th of May 2016 in France and all across Europe. 

This Law constitutes the application by the Tobacco Product Directive 2014/40/UE voted by the European Union on the 03rd April 2014. 

Also, manufacturers may sell their products considered now as "non standard", manufactured before 20th May 2016 to retailers, and this is until 19th November 2016. Retailers can still sell products until 31st December 2016 inclusive.