AG2R   50€/year
APRIL 50€/year
Assurance santé 30 €/year
AVIVA 75€/year
CNM santé  75€/year
Euro-assurance 50€/year
Generali 40€/year
Groupama 50€/year
la mutuelle générale de Paris 30 €/year
LMDE 50€/year
MAE 50€/year
Maxance santé 50€/year
Matmut 50€/year
MEP 70/year
Mutuelle de France plus 100€/year
MVS 50€/year
Myriade 75€/year
Mutuelle j'adhère 50€/year
Mutuelle MGC  50€/year
Neoliane 75€/year
Radiance 50€/year
Smeno 150€/year


Don't hesitate to contact us to update the table with your health insurances that are not listed or if you notice any errors or missing information.