SubTank OCC vertical coil

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Range of Utilisation

Advised E-Liquid

Type Of Vape

Temperature Control

Occ 1.20 ohm

From12 to 25 Watt (Roughly)

Rate of Low Glycerine   (<60%)

Soft on Direct Inhaling 

No Temperature Control

Occ 1.5 Ohm

From 10 to 20 Watt (Roughly)

Rate of Low Glycerine(<60%)

Soft On Direct Inhaling

No Temperature Control

Occ 0.50 ohm

From 15 to 60 Watt

Rate of High Glycerine(>50%)

Direct Inhaling

No Temperature Control

OCC ni200 0.15 ohm

From  20 to 45 watt

Rate of High Glycerine(>60%)

Soft On Direct Inhaling 

Temperature Control on NI


OCC (Organic Cotton Coils) vertical Coil  are dual coils with organic cotton that have excellent flavour restitution, close to that of rebuildable atomizers. 

These vertical coils can handle higher wattage than the original Horizontal OCC coils.

Sold by the unit with a choice of 0.5, 1.2 and 1.5 ohms.

Made by Kangertech.

Material Coton organique
Type of Vape Inhalation indirecte
Temperature Control Ni
Manufacturer Kangertech

Kanger OCC Vertical Coil

OCC vertical coil are compatible with the SubTank, SubTank plus, Subtank mini V1 and V2 and SubTank nano clearomizers. The use of bio cotton as a replacement for silica or normal glass fibre improves capillarity (avoiding burnt flavours even at high power settings) and offers flavour restitution close to that of rebuildables.

The coils are available in a choice of 0.5 ohm, 1.2 ohms or 1.5 ohms.

Warning: the SubTank clearomizer must be used with highly adapted equipment which supports a continuous discharge current of at least 8.5 amps. We recommend their use on mechanical mods, fitted with two suitable batteries with a working resistance of more than 8.5 amps or with electronic mods with a working resistance of between 0.4/0.5 ohm. 

List of compatible electronic MODS on line on our website:

Sigelei 50 W box V2
Bec pro
IPV3 150 W box
IPV2 S 60 W box
Sigelei 30 W
Xpro BT 50 box
iTaste SVD 2
IPV Mini


User's notice for filling the SubTank

  • Unscrew the lower base (after having turned the SubTank upside down first)
  • Fill the tank with e-liquid by pouring it on the internal face (drip tip still facing downwards): don't let any liquid get into the central tubes
  • During the first filling, it is recommended to soak the cotton of the coil in e-liquid.
  • Screw the lower base back on
  • Leave the SubTank standing for about 5 minutes before vaping.

Changing the coils:

User's notice for changing the coil of the SubTank

  • Unscrew the lower part
  • Unscrew the coil from the base
  • Screw the new coil back onto the base
  • Fill the SubTank with e-liquid by turning it over (drip tip facing down)
  • Screw the base (+ coil) back under the clearomizer Leave the SubTank standing for about 5 minutes

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Qualité conforme et constante
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Parfait , conforme pour ma vap
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conforme à mes attentes
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  • publié le 31/01/2020
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Très bien, conforme à mes attentes, je recommande !
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  • publié le 25/01/2020
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Produit de qualité
  • P. Emmanuel
  • publié le 20/01/2020
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Parfait , simple d'emploi , toute fois un peu cher
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