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Choosing well the coil for the Melo 3 : 


Range of utilisation

Advised E-Liquid

Type of Vape

Temperature Control


EC 0.50 Ω

From 30 to 100W

Rate of High Glycerine (>50%)

Direct Inhaling 

No Temperature Control

EC 0.30 Ω

From 30 to 80W

Rate of Low Glycerine (>50%)

Direct Inhaling

No Temperature Control


The celebrated Melo 3 clearomiser is finally available in the 4ml version. The Melo 3 clearomiser is the most reliable on the market which now has a tank with a capacity level of 4ml. The Melo 3 possesses the filling from the top which is very practical and very compatible with numerous coils. The Melo 3 clearomiser is delivered with 2 coils in Kanthal - 0.30 ohms and 0.05 ohms for a vape with cloud. 

The Melo 3 clearomiser is made by Eleaf. 

Height 65 mm
Diameter 22 mm
Capacity 4 ml
Material Steel
Type of Vape inhalation directe
Coil EC2


Presentation Photo of the Melo 3

The Melo 3 clearomiser is a sure value. Very reliable, it does not have realise the leaking the e-liquid and has the filling from the top system which is clean and practical. The 4ml Pyrex Tank allows a vape with good autonomy and the compatibility of numerous coils allowing you to test a number of vape. 

See below the Melo 3 associated with an istick pico.

Association of the Melo 3

Clean Filling

Oblong holes allow the filling of the Melo 3.

The new Melo 3 can be filled from the top of the tank by unscrewing the top cap. A system which is rapid, efficient and most of all clean. The 4ml tank promises a vape for a good moment.

Tank of the Melo 3


Coils of the Melo 3

The Melo 3 is a clearomiser which is very surprising as it remains compatible with all EC type coils. The coils of all clearomisers from the Melo range can be utilised with the Melo 3. This allows a consequent choice of coils with Direct and Indirect inhaling and the different resistive wires for a vape in Temperature Control.  

The Melo 3 is supplied with the following coils:

  • EC 0.30ohm head in Kanthal for a utilisation from 30 and 80 watts.
  • EC 0.50ohm head in Kanthal for a utilisation from 30 and 100 watts.


Airflow of the Melo 3

The Melo 3 clearomiser owes its reliability to the Steel structure and the solid hermetic joints. With the adjustable airflow, which is relatively discreet, the clearomiser does not leak any e-liquids. The airflow proposed by Melo 3 leaves you the choice from a tight to an aired pull. A good balance !

Features of the Melo 3 clearomiser :

Height 65 mm Diameter 22 mm
Material Stainless Steel Capacity 4 ml
Filling  From the Top Types of Coils EC Head/Ccell/Triton

The Melo 3 clearomiser is made by Eleaf.

The Melo 3 is delivered with:

Composition pack of the Melo 3

  • 1 Melo 3
  • 1 EC Head 0.30 ohm coil
  • 1 EC Head 0.50 ohm coil
  • 1 Set of rechangeable joints
  • 1 notice

Filling the Melo 3 Clearomiser

  • At first use of a new coil, you must initiate the coil
  • Unscrew the inferior part of the tank Melo
  • Fill the tank with e-liquid pouring it along the internal wall. Do not fill any e-liquid onto the central tube.
  • Screw back the inferior part
  • Let the tank up for about 5 minutes before vaping.

Changing the coil of the Melo 3 Clearomiser

  • Unscrew the superior base of the Melo 3.
  • Unscrew the coil from the chimney.
  • Screw in the new coil.
  • Screw back on the base. 
  • Initiate the new coil. 
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La première résistance était HS mais ça peut arriver, pour le reste impeccable
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Remplissage facile et pas de fuite.
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Parfait pour mon utilisation
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C0nteneur de 4 ml... parfait!
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