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The Q14 Clearomiser is compatible with the Q14 by Justfog, as it has the EGO/510 connection. This Q14 Clearomiser is 14mm in diameter and is specially made for indirect inhaling. It is delivered with the OCC Bottom-coil in 1.60 ohm with organic cotton. 

The Q14 reservoir has a capacity of 1.8ml and the filling is effectuated by unscrewing the top cap. The drip tip is 510-standard for the restitution of fine flavours. The Clearomiser has the anti-projection protection wt the top of the chimney. 

The aeration of the Clearomiser is adjustable with the help of the ring at the base of the tank. This is a Clearomiser which has a tight pull and is particular efficient with flavours. 

The Q14 Clearomiser is made by Justfog. 

Height 71.6 mm
Diameter 14 mm
Capacity 1.8 ml
Coil Justfog


Présentation du Clearomiseur Q14 Justfog

The Q14 Clearomiser by Justfog juggles flavour and simplicity. Sized for indirect inhaling, the pull remains adjustable for the convenience of the vaper. The Q14 Clearomiser is delivered with the OCC coils of 1060 ohms which is adapted with e liquids with a low rate of Vegetable Glycerine and a high rate of nicotine and nicotine salts. The reservoir of 1.8ml in capacity is hermetic gracious to the 2 joints which are situated at each end of the tank. To finish, the Clearomiser is also equipped with the anti-projection protection at the top of the chimney. The Q14 Clearomiser has the type EGO/510 connection. 

Robust and Economic

Drip-tip du clearomiseur Q14 Justfog

Made in Brass with a Chrome finish, the Q14 Clearomiser also has a Pyrex reservoir. The drip tip is fine and elegant standard 510, which refines the rendering of flavours. The connection is compatible with the type EGO/510 batteries such as the Q14 Kit by Justfog. 

Diamètre du Clearomiseur Q14 Justfog

Filling at the Top

Remplissage du clearomiseur Q14 Justfog

The Clearomiser is filled via the top of the reservoir, simply by unscrewing the top cap. The reservoir can hold up to 1.8ml in e liquid of your choice. At the top of the chimney, the Clearomiser has a protection in the form of a star which avoids the projection of e liquids due to the heating of the coil. 

Anti projections du clearomiseur du Kit Q14 Justfog

Tight Aeration

Airflow du Clearomiseur Q14 Justfog

The Q14 Clearomiser is equipped with an airflow at the base of the reservoir which allows you to regulate the pull which has a tendency towards tightness with vape in indirect inhaling. For the rendering of flavours, the Q14 Clearomiser also has a drip tip, long and fine, 510 standard which refines the flavours of e liquids. 

Filling of the Q14 Clearomiser:

Remplissage du Kit Q14 Justfog

  • Unscrew the metallic top cap
  • Pour directly the e liquid in the reservoir avoiding the central tube
  • Screw back on the top cap
  • Wait until the coil is completely soaked before the first utilisation.

OCC Bottom-coil


The Q14 Clearomiser is delivered with a coil "Organic Cotton Coil/Bottom Coil" of 1.60 ohms which has excellent restitution of flavours. The position at the base of the reservoir maintains the soaked fiber in e liquid, avoiding the "dry-hits". The OCC Bottom-Coil is in Nichrome and Organic Cotton which is 100% Bio. 

The OCC Bottom-Coil 1.60 ohm has a range of utilisation between 3.2V and 4.4V, around 6 to 12 watts. 

Replacing the OCC Bottom-coil :

Changement de résistance du Kit Q14 Justfog

  • Unscrew the Q14 Clearomiser of the mod
  • Unscrew the inferior base of the Clearomiser
  • Screw in the new coil
  • Soak the coil with a few droplets of e liquid to soak the cotton fiber

Features of the Q14 Justfog Clearomiser :

Height 71.6 mm Capacity 1,8 ml
Diameter 14 mm Coils OCC Bottom-coil Justfog
Material Brass/Pyrex Drip-Tip 510

The Q14 Clearomiser is made by Justfog.

The Q14 Clearomiser is delivered with:

Contenu du Clearomiseur Q14 Justfog

  • 1 Q14 Clearomiser
  • 1 OCC Bottom-Coil 1.60 ohms 

Discover the Packaging of the Q14

Packaging du clearomiseur Q14 Justfog

Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 3
  • Average Grade : 5 /5
  • L. Léa
  •  the 14/08/2019
  • 5/5
Produit parfait. Alors que j'ai cassé celui initial fournis dans le kit Q14. Just frog très bonne marque
  • B. Carole
  •  the 11/06/2019
  • 5/5
Très très bien , tirage mtl à la limite du direct ...
  • D. Christel
  •  the 28/05/2019
  • 5/5
Très bien