iTank X Clearomiser Vaporesso

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-18 If you do not smoke, do not vape

Use correctly the coils of the iTank X Vaporesso


Range of Utilisation

Advised E Liquid

Type of Vape


GTX Regular 1.2 Ω

8 - 12 W

For an e liquid with a low rate of VG  (< 50%)

Indirect vape (production of low vapor

Consumption of moderate e liquid

GTX Mesh 0.6 Ω

20 - 26 watts

For an e liquid with a medium rate of VG  (≈ 50%)

Polyvalent Vape (production of medium vapor)

Consumption of medium e liquid

- +
17,90 €
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The iTank X is polyvalent, simple, and compact clearomiser, ideal for beginners and for those who wish to have an everywhere set-up. The iTank X clearomiser is part of the Gen 40 Kit by Vaporesso and has a rounded tank with a capacity of 3.5ml. The filling from the top is secure and simple. The iTank X has a long and thin drip tip which concentrates on flavours and has a precise airflow ring which leaves you the choice more or less restrictive.

The iTank X Clearomiser is included with the GTX Regular 1.2 Ω coil specially made for a restrictive pull with a low rate of VG, and a second coil in GTX Mesh 0.6, for a strong vape in direct inhaling. It provides excellent restitution of flavours and consumption of e liquid which is reliable to moderate depending on the utilisation.

The iTank X Clearomiser is made by Vaporesso.

Height 52.5 mm
Diameter 20 mm
Capacity 3.5 ml
Utilisation MTL
Filling From the Top
Coil GTX
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    iTank X Clearomiser Vaporesso

    Présentation du Clearomiseur iTank X Vaporesso

    Vaporesso proposes a compact and performant clearomiser for lovers of MTL, indirect vape to more aired. With the rounded tank of 3.5ml and filling from the top, the iTank X Clearomiser is easy to live with and can be with your everywhere. This Gen 40 Kit is a compact and performant set up.

    The iTank X is ideal for e liquids with a strong rate of nicotine, CBD or even nicotine salts. The GTX Regular coil in 1.2Ω is made for a pull in MTL and the 0.6 0.6 Ω coil is made for a polyvalent vape in direct pull. The coils benefit with an excellent concentration of flavours which can be regulated by the airflow.

    Association of the iTank X Clearomiser Vaporesso with the Gen Fit 40 Vaporesseo

    Compact and performant

    Tirage MTL du Clearomiseur iTank X Vaporesso

    With a height of 52.5 mm and a width of 20 mm, long drip tip, the iTank X clearomiser is made for the rendering of flavours. Compact it is the ideal companion for all small boxes and mods such as the Gen 40 as associated. Axed towards MTL, the iTank X accepts e liquids with a low rate of VG, strong in nicotine and is ideal for nicotine salts or CBD.

    Good capacity

    Contenance du Clearomiseur iTank X Vaporesso

    The iTank X Clearomiser has a rounded tank which can hold up to 3.5ml of your preferred e liquid. The filling remains simple and rapid by unscrewing the top cap and inserting the tip of the bottle into the holes on the side. A simple quarter turn allows you to effectuate the operation in complete security.

    Filling of the iTank X Vaporesso :

    Remplissage du Clearomiseur iTank X Vaporesso

    • Unscrew the top cap
    • Pour in the e liquid by passing from the side of the reservoir
    • Screw back on the top cap.

     GTX coils

    Résistances du Clearomiseur iTank X Vaporesso

    Two GTX coils are included with the iTank X. It has excellent restitution of flavours, reliable consumption of e liquid and power for 1.2Ω coils, and direct utilisation in 0.6 Ω coils. It can also be used with CBD e liquids or even nicotine salts.

    Replacing the coil of the iTank X :

    Changement de résistance du Clearomiseur iTank X Vaporesso

    • Unscrew the base of the clearomiser
    • Remove the used coil
    • Install the new coil into the center of the reservoir
    • Screw back on the base of the clearomiser and wait a few minutes sot h coil is completely soaked with e liquid

    Features of the iTank X Clearomiser :

    Height 52.5 mm Capacity 3.5 ml
    Diameter 20 mm Coils GTX Coil
    Material Steel/Glass Drip-tip 510

    The iTank X Clearomiser is made by Vaporesso.

    The iTank X Clearomiser is included with:

    Contenu du Clearomiseur iTank X Vaporesso

    • 1 iTank X
    • 1 GTX Regular 1.2 Ω
    • 1 GTX Mesh 0.6 Ω
    • 1 Straight Pyrex 2 ml
    • 1 Changeable joints sachet
    • 1 User notice

    Discover the Packaging of the iTank X Vaporesso

    Packaging du Clearomiseur iTank X Vaporesso

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