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-18 If you do not smoke, do not vape
What cbd level is right for you?

For a slight effectmay be used regularly

less than 300mg

For a striking effectmore casual use

FROM 300 to 600 mg

To boost a e liquidto be diluted in a liquid or a base

More than 600mg
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21,90 €
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CBD N+ Booster.

A booster containing CBD, to be mixed in a PG/VG base and aromas of your choice or your preferred e liquid without nicotine. The CBD N+ Boosters is conditioned in a preparation of 80/20 PG/VG in a 10ml Bottle.

Available Dosage: 500mg/10ml (50mg/ml) and 1000 mg/10ml (100mg/ml)

The CBD N+ Booster is not a Psychotropic or Medication.

CBD N+ is Made in France by Neopro France.

The CBD Booster must not be added to an e liquid or base with a superior rate of 50% in PG/VG. Also, it must be vaped with a Coil superior of 1 ohm.

Capacity 10 ml
Origin France
PG 80
VG 20


With the CBD N+ Booster you can prepare your DIY E Liquids or embellish your favourite E Liquid with CBD. The CBD N+  Booster is to be mixed in a PG/VG base or with a few drops of aromatised e liquid, with no Nicotine. The CBD N+ Booster is known for vaping and is proposed in a 10ml Bottle with 2 doses: 500mg/10ml (50mg/ml) and 1000mg/10ml (100mg/ml). With a PG/VG rate of 80/20%. The CBD N+ Booster is an efficient way to have a dosage which is convenient for you. 

The CBD N+ Booster is not a Psychotropic or Medication. It does not lead to addiction. You can find useful information on CBD with our CBD Guide.

The CBD Booster must not be added to an e liquid or base with a superior rate of 50% in PG/VG. Also, it must be vaped with a Coil superior of 1 ohm.

Features of the CBD N+ Booster:

Composition PG 80%/VG 20%/CBD Capacity 10 ml
Type of Bottle  PET/Secured Cap/Pourer Origin France

The CBD N+ Booster is made in Fance by Neopro France.

Which CBD dosage to choose?

The feeling effect you have when inhaling CBD are varied depending on the person. There a no general rules and all depends on the sensibility of each person, as well as the usual consumption or not of cannabinoids. It is therefore important to take your time to discover the product and adapt yourself to the consumption in function with the sensations. 

The dosage of your CBD E Liquid can also depend on the Electronic Cigarette which you utilise. If it is to vape with large quantities of liquid, you should opt for a low dosage. 

The dosage of your CBD E Liquid may or finally depend on how you want to consume it:

  • A low dosage (inferior or equal to 10 to 15mg/ml or 100, 150mg/10ml) can have a light effect and is adapted to punctual and repetitive use for a long duration of the day. 
  • An average dosage (around 30mg/ml or 300mg/10ml) will have a stronger effect. It is recommended for vaping sessions spaced out over time. 
  • A high dosage (around 50mg/ml or 500mg/10ml) is reserved for very occasional use. 

Can we add Nicotine to CBD E Liquid?

It can be done but it is not really interesting. The association of Nicotine (stimulant) and CBD (calming) can start to lose effect of the 2 molecules. It is advised to differentiate the consumption of Nicotine E Liquid and CBD E Liquid. 

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Booster correct
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Très bien
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