ELFA Elf Bar Battery

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9,90 €
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This Elfa battery allows you to vape with the pre-filled Elfa cartridges which are sold separately. The Elfa battery offers an autonomy of 500 mAh and can be recharged with the USB-C connection, contrary to disposable electronic cigarettes. More economic and more ecological, the Elfa battery offers longer utilisation than a disposable puff. 

With the Elfa battery, you will have a choice of colours but especially a choice of fruity and fresh flavours. The Elfa battery and the Elfa cartridge have a capacity of  2ml, and you will have an autonomy of around 600 puffs. 

The Elfa battery is the simplicity of a disposable cigarette with the possibility of longer use thanks to the USB-C recharge. No settings, the cartridge is magnetically installed to the battery and the inhaling can be automatically produced by aspiration

The Elfa 500 mAh battery is made by Elfbar.

Cartridges are sold separately

Height 104.2 mm
Width 19.1 mm
Weight 23 g
Autonomy 500 mAh
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      Présentation de la Batterie ELFA Elf Bar

      Unlike the usual disposable disposable electronic cigarettes, the Elfa battery can be used with the pre-filled Elfa cartridges and can be rapidly recharged via USB-C. The battery is reusable and allows you to vape in indirect inhaling with a choice of flavours. 

      The Elfa battery has a capacity of 500 mAh and offers an automatic pull which is started by aspiration. With the Elfa cartridge (sold separately), you will have abn autonomy of around 600 puffs and 2 ml in e liquid. There are several propositions with the pre-filled and disposable cartridges. 

      The Elfa battery is more economical with the USB-C recharge unlike a disposable electronic cigarette. The Elfa is also available in different colours.

      Simplicity before all

      Prise en main de la Batterie ELFA Elf Bar

      With the cartridge, the Elfa is a real small compact pod and is easy to live with. Devoid of any buttons or settings, the Elfa automatically provokes the inhaling of e liquid with an automatic pull. Totally intuitive, the Elfa pod is adapted to vapers of all levels, including beginners.


      Charge USB de la Batterie ELFA Elf Bar

      More pod than a disposable electronic cigarette, the Elfa allows you to economise with the possibility of recharging it several times with the USB-C connection. It also allows you to vape with an interesting autonomy with a capacity of 500 mAh. The battery, once at the end of life, is recyclable and can be disposed of at the correct collection point for small electronic devices.

       Elfa cartridges

      Cartouches de la Batterie ELFA Elf Bar

      Sold separately, the Elfa cartridges propose varied fruity flavours with notes of freshness. Each cartridge offers 2 ml in e liquid and a dosage of 20 mg/ml with nicotine salts perfectly adapted to all types of material and hemps with smoking cessation.

      Features of the Elfa battery:

      Dimensions de la Batterie ELFA Elf Bar

      Dimensions 104.2 x 10.5 x 19.1 mm Autonomy 500 mAh
      Weight 23 g Cartridges Elfa

      The Elfa 500 mAh battery is made by Elfbar.

      The Elfa Battery is included with:

      Contenu de la Batterie ELFA Elf Bar

      • 1 Elfa battery
      • 1 User notice

      Discover the Packaging of the Elfa Battery

      Packaging de la Batterie ELFA Elf Bar

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